Elder Class Updates

Welcome to Elder class, year 6


The children all received their log in information for Times Tables Rockstars this week and it is great to see how many of you are using the games to practise your times tables. A special well done to our two ‘Rock Stars’, Freya and Joey, and our ‘Headliners’, Imogen, Ryan, Chloe, Olivia and Leo! Superb motivation and stickability! Remember quick recall of times tables helps in lots of areas of maths including fraction work.

The week ahead

In maths we are learning to: translate shapes in all four quadrants; reflect shapes in the x- and y-axes.

In English we are learning to: research a topic and write notes; write an argument text.

In science we are learning to: investigate our sense of smell.

This week

Elders enjoyed making decorating their Christmas cakes for decoration morning. They topped the morning off with a lovely cup of hot chocolate.

Elder class loved playing SPaG definition heads-up. There were some great clues being given and super understanding.

Well done to Freya and Joey, the first two ‘rock legends’ in year 6! Those are impressive speeds from both of you on your times tables (1.94 seconds per question and 1.97 seconds per question respectively). You have made amazing progress too- just shows how practice makes perfect!

Well done to Issy and Leo, who have set up a lunchtime art club for Early Years and KS1. Today it was Acorn’s turn and they did some fabulous colouring of some festive pictures. A good time was had by all and the other year 6s were super-impressed with the Acorns’ colouring skills.

Cameron has completed a super project on Mount Snowdon . He made a fabulous model and has a factual report too. Super motivation and curiosity.

Freya, Imogen, Issy, Lexi, Rosie C and Rosie W were great ambassadors for the school today when they went to a YST Girls Active activity day. They took part in some games and also reflected on PE provision in school as well as planning a marketing campaign to encourage girls to be more active.

A special well done to Sebastian who received a Blue Peter badge for his poems that he sent in to the programme – super independence and creativity.

Elder class enjoyed making their Christingles with Rev Parsons and his helpers. They then led the Christingle service in the church.

Elder class did a science investigation to discover which parts of their bodies were the most sensitive to touch. We found that the tips of our fingers were the most sensitive and our lower backs the least sensitive.

Freya wrote a fabulous letter home from the trenches, which really shows the character of the writer and includes some excellent description of the settings.

We had a great time at the pantomime!

Well done to the Elders who took part in the indoor athletics at SAA.  You were superb representatives of the school.

Elder class have been writing letters in character as a soldier in The Great War. Today they peer edited their letters. Superb cooperation – we’ll done.

Elder class have been busy rehearsing their song for the Christingle service next week. They are singing ‘Make me a light’ and are sounding fabulous. The harmony at the end is quite tricky but with stickability we will get there!

In science we planned and undertook an investigation into the size of pinnas and the effect on the volume of sound we hear. There was great cooperation and motivation to be seen throughout the class.

Elder class made their mini-Christmas cakes ready for icing and decorating on decoration morning. There was a lovely ‘Christmassy’ smell in the classroom afterwards. Special thanks to Rosie and Chloe for washing up duties and Mrs Bigg for cooking all of the cakes. They look fabulous!

In hockey this week with Jerry, Elders learned how to tackle! They practised block tackles and jabs. Freya showed her skills by getting the ball off Jerry much to the delight of the rest of the class!

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