Acorn Class Archive

Autumn Term 2017

This week we changed our role play area to a post office. We learnt what goes on in a post office and the journey of a letter. It proved to be very popular- post is delivered very fast in Acorn class. We especially enjoyed sending letters to our friends and posting them through their ‘doors’.

In Maths, we have been learning about money. We talked about and learnt how to recognise the different coins and started to understand their worth. We sorted the coins first and then we decided to set up our own shop. Some of the children decided what would be sold in the shop and then Mrs M gave them purses with money in. We made price tags and then took it in turns to be shop keeper and customer. Mrs M was very impressed by the shop management- the shelves were restocked very quickly! This was so popular, we will continue next week.

n Literacy this week, we have been looking at the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have been learning how to retell the story using actions and Mrs Marsden introduced the class to how to draw a story map. We have had a variety of Gingerbread Man activities to explore during busy time including mask making and baking.

We celebrate big achievements in Acorn class and look for children who are experts at different things in order to help those that are still practising. This week we focused on doing up zips. Here are our experts- well done guys!

We had made some Gingerbread men this week and on Friday we decorated them with icing, smarties and raisins. We used piping bags which really challenged our fine motor skills! At the end of the day we got to enjoy them for snack. Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!!!!!!

This week, we discovered something very exciting ! A fairy door appeared in our outside area!! We left several letters to see if the fairies would see and the next day we received a letter back!! We were SO excited! Our new neighbours are a fairy called Bluebell and a Elf called Midge. We look forward to getting to know them over the next few weeks.

In Maths, we have been learning how to find one more. We used objects and physically put one more object into a set and then counted them. This helped us understand that one more meant adding one more object on. We then used the number line to understand how adding one more means jumping up the number line- it is the next number.

On Friday, we had a PARTY! We spent all week planning it. We made to do lists, wrote cards and invitations and even made some yummy cakes. We were celebrating Lionel and Turbo’s 5th birthday. We thoroughly enjoyed our party. We danced, played games and ate cakes. Yummy, yum, yum!

This week we have been celebrating Bonfire Night. We made our own bonfire and enjoyed role playing around it.

We also explored different tools to make our own firework pictures. We watched a firework display and talked about the shapes, patterns and colours. We then used this to make our pictures. Mrs Marsden also brought out the glitter- exciting!!!!

Finally, we made some pizza catherine wheels ! We had to kneed the dough and practised some dough disco moves! We then made the dough into a curly whirly shape and then added the toppings. We then enjoyed eating our pizza wheels for our snack. 

Acorn Class have enjoyed their first week back after half term. We have had a new role play area to explore – A birthday party. We have been learning about our new topic ‘Celebrations’ and the role play area has been a fantastic introduction. It has led to lots of role play and writing- very exciting stuff!

We have been learning about measuring length this week. We talked about the vocabulary ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’. We compared some ‘snakes’ with objects around the room and tried to order them by length. We then decided to see how many cubes long our snakes were.

We have been focusing on the story ‘Room on the Broom’ this week. We acted out the story using props and enjoyed exploring some pumpkins. We decided to make potions at the end of the week and enjoyed experimenting with colours, petals and bubbles.

In Literacy, we have been learning how to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs. We got into character by making pig and wolf masks. It was lovely to see all the skills the children learned from cutting, hole punching, threading and tying string from this. Lot’s of stickability! We also had the puppet theatre out to act out the story- lot’s of huffing and puffing!

Mrs Marsden gave the class a challenge to use their creativity (and co-operation) to work as a team and build a house for Gilly and Ziggy. It had to be strong enough to survive the huff and puff from the Big Bad Wolf.

We visited the church for the first time this week for the Harvest Celebration service. We were SO SO proud of how well behaved the children were and how much they joined in with the songs. Thumbs up Acorns!

This week we have been learning how to make and recognise repeating patterns. We found lots of different ways to make the patterns including using actions, compare bears and even ourselves. Mrs M’s favourite game this week was to put a group of children in a line order and the class had to guess what the pattern was!

This week, we have been learning how to blend to read. We say the letters in the word and then blend them to read the word.  We have been working really hard all week- Mrs Marsden is very proud!

Amelie had brought in giant sunflower head that she had grown. We enjoyed investigating and exploring it. We talked about plants and how to grow. We especially enjoyed taking out the seeds using tweezers and counting them! Brilliant finger gym activity!

Some of the children in Acorn showed lots of interest in puzzles this week. It became a bit of a game where Mrs Marsden kept finding harder puzzles for them to complete! They were pretty amazing and we saw lots of co-operation to build each  puzzle.


On Friday, we celebrated Diwali in a whole school enrichment day. We took part in several different activities including food tasting, making Diwali sweets, Diwali dancing, making diva lamps and creating rangoli and mehndi patterns.

In Literacy and Phonics this week we have been learning how to segment sounds to spell words. We have been using our phoneme fingers and phoneme frames to help us do this. We really got into the swing of it and now are beginning to spell words independently much to the excitement of Mrs Marsden!!!

In Maths, we have been concentrating of counting sets of objects from a large group. We have learnt that putting items in a line as we count helps us avoid miscounting and touching each object and saying the number name helps too!

The learning behaviour we have been learning about this week is Independence. We talked about what it means to be independent and what we could do at school. We tried really hard at getting changed for P.E as independently as possible. Mrs Marsden challenged us to try cutting up our fish and chips at lunch independently. Acorn class rose to the challenge!


This week in Maths, we have been learning how to use our counting to match to numerals and sets of objects. We have been jumping along the number track, recognising dice dot patterns and counting out objects.

Mrs Marsden introduced the class to our school’s Learning Behaviours. We found out about what ‘Co-operation’ and how we can use it in our classroom. Mrs Marsden gave us the challenge to work as a team to build a puzzle. We all did so well we all got a star on our learning behaviour wall ! Well done Acorns!

This led to quite a puzzle making craze in Acorn Class and lots more acts of co-operation throughout the week!

Finally, we have been starting to handle our pet snails. We have learnt how to hold them carefully and safely and that we have to be patient waiting for them to come out of their shells!

We had some new class members this week!!! Acorn class now have 2 new pets- Giant African Land Snails called Lionel and Turbo! They are not very giant yet but we have spent the week learning about how to care for them. They are already very popular and lots of questions and interest has been seen this week.

In Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes and using mathematical terms to describe them. We made shape faces using different shapes and then had to describe them to another person using our new mathematical language. We also enjoyed our shape finger gym challenge to make shapes using the geoboards and started to make shapes in other areas of the classroom too!

On Friday, Elder class came to read to us- it was really nice to meet them all and we enjoyed a bit of quiet story time at the end of the day.

This week we have been continuing to practise our new routines and explore our learning environment. We have been practising our sharing and also our tidying!

On Tuesday we made our own mini-mes for a classroom display. We had to describe ourselves to each other and looked at our hair colour and eye colour in the mirror.

We call our child initiated play time ‘busy time’. Here is us getting busy!!


Well done Acorns- we had a brilliant first day at big school!! We have been learning about our class routines and exploring our new learning environment. Here is a few pictures of what we got up to…

Lining up for lunch!
Learning how to line up after playtime!

We also had our first P.E lesson. We practised getting changed into our P.E kits and then we went to the hall for some games!

We have been enjoying our afternoon snack- Mrs Marsden says this is the most peaceful time of the day!