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Summer 2 Term 2017

This week has mostly been about sunshine! We have been enjoying the outside area and been pretty creative in finding the shade…..


There has been a keen interest in building models this week- we have used big bricks, wooden bricks, small bricks, waffle bricks….


We have also brought the creative area outside in our wooded area.


In P.E this week, we practised the cross country race which is one lap around our track. All the boys raced first and then all the girls. It was lovely to see how everyone cheered each other on.

We have been very lucky this week to experience two theatre performances. We went to see ‘The Tiger who came to tea’ at the Theatre Royal and then we had a travelling theatre group come in to perform  ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’.  We enjoyed both so much and were able to compare the performances and write about them. It was so lovely to see how stories can come to life- we have been performing them in our own theatre role play area!

In our topic, we had a bubble investigation! What a fun morning- we explored how to make different shapes, colours and what equipment we could use to make them! We even was able to make a giant one using the hoop and the tuff tray.

Welcome back Acorns to our final half term together. Mrs M has been so proud of how grown up and independent the class has gotten. They have come back full of enthusiasm.

This enthusiasm was seen for our new role play area- a Theatre! Acorn class has enjoyed taking turns performing on the stage and pretending to work in the ticket office. We have talked about how a theatre works and the children have made up their own shows. They explored the puppets and musical instruments- it has been a very noisy classroom this week!

We had a special visitor this week- Imani’s mummy brought in 2 of their new puppies. We loved learning about how to care for them and enjoyed have a cuddle with them- especially Mrs Marsden!!

We have continued to explore the Beebots this week. We talked about directions and took some time practising giving directions to get through a maze. We are very good at our left and right! After this, we then used these skills to direct the beebots on a beebot mat. We worked in pairs to give instructions. Some of us had a go at the beebot game on the Ipad- we worked our way through the levels and helped each other where we could.

Finally we talked about our trip to a real life theatre next week to see ‘The Tiger that came to Tea’. We read the story and decided to have a tiger themed morning. We wrote invitations to the tiger, made tiger masks, drew tigers, made tiger stripe pictures and even had our own tiger tea party!

Last week we learnt about Food around the world and focused on Italy. We learnt about the different traditional food that Italians eat and made our own pizzas! We talked about what a recipe was and followed a recipe to make the pizza. Later on, we enjoyed eating our pizzas on the field in the sunshine.

Our rainbow challenges took a new role this week as we were earning money to spend at Acorn Class shop at the end of the week. We were learning about adding money in maths and for every rainbow challenge we did this week  we had earned different coins to add to our purse. These rainbow challenges included programming a beebot around a maze, write some thing kind about a friend, make 10 with the numicon and write a silly question.

On Thursday we added how much we had each earned over the week and then got to spend it in the shop. It was lovely to see such good understanding of money and how much each coins cost and how much it could buy them.

After a visit from the school nurse last week, she had given us a book about Opticians. It inspired a whole role play outside, where several of the girls took charge of testing every one’s eye sight!

In Maths this week we have been learning how to use the tens frames to find answers to takeaway questions. We played games where we learned to recognise the number patterns on the tens frames using counters and pebbles. After we were given takeaway number sentences starting with 10 and learning to takeaway the amount to find the answer.

We have been reading the story SuperTato this week which led to some rather exciting things happening in Acorn class. We arrived one morning to a message from the school kitchen… we went to visit Mrs Copping and she told us all about a very strange package she had found in her freezer. We excitedly took it back to the classroom and read the letter. It was from the Evil Peas- they had frozen the poor carrots. Acorn class helped get the carrots out the ice and some of them children in the class set them up in the ‘carrot hospital’ to make them feel better! We went on a big search for the Evil Peas around the classroom and the children wrote letters to Supertato to come and help! We set up traps to capture them too!

Eventually Supertato appeared and helped us capture the Evil Peas. We spent the rest of the day making sure those pesky peas stayed put- we took it in turns to keep an eye on them!

The following day, Supertato asked us to make more Super Veggies to help him keep the world safe- we set to work making our own Supertatos! We then set off creating our Supertato adventures and keeping an eye on those Evil Peas!

Last week we went on our class trip to Shimpling Farm Park. What a day! WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!! We counted sheep, we fed baby lambs, we played with puppies, we fed the chickens, we went on a scavenger hunt, we went on a trailer ride and we had an indoor picnic!! We were so so proud of how well Acorn class behaved- they did us proud!

This week we have been learning how to record using tally marks. We went a bit wild making tally charts for lots of different questions! We saw lots of this method of recording in their play throughout the week which developed into lots of maths talk!

We read the story Handa’s Surprise this week and really enjoyed learning about the exotic fruits in the story. Mrs M brought in a collection for us to explore. We thought of describing words for their look, feel and taste. We then chopped them using a variety of skills from peeling to cutting and got to taste them. We talked about our likes and dislikes and recorded them on a tally chart.

We linked some of our rainbow challenges to our story focus!

Estimating how many seeds are in the passion fruit- turns out over a 100!

Writing a shopping list for Handa!

Order fruit by weight

Balancing a fruit basket on our head like Handa does and completing Mrs Schofield’s obstacle course!

Last week we have been learning all about the difference between 2D and 3D shapes and been learning the names of all the different shapes. We used a variety of resources to explore the shapes throughout the week.

As part of our food topic, we have been talking about sandwiches this week. We made egg and cress sandwiches earlier on in the week and ate them together on the school field. We used the cress that we had grown over the Easter holidays. We also planted the beans and carrots we had grown in our outside area.

Week Commencing 19th April 2017:

Welcome back Acorns after the Easter Break!

This week, we have been showing off our inner gardener and brought back our Sow and Grow homework we had over the Easter break. We were impressed by how much they had grown. We compared the heights of the beanstalks, found evidence that baby carrots were definitely growing and tasted our cress. We talked about the changes that had happened and what we had given our plants to grow. Next week, we plan to take them out of their pots and plant them in our outside growing tyres.

We also spent a day this week transforming our role play area into a café. We made signs, price tags, orders and menus. We made food items using salt dough and painted them so we could use them as food in the role play area. Alfie and Jack made a coffee machine using a cardboard box. We even made sandwiches using coloured paper and sponges. We can’t wait to enjoy visiting the café this half term!

Week Commencing 27th March 2017

What a week full of Easter fun!

We received our box from the Innocent Sow and Grow challenge and went to work planting our cress, baby carrot and runner bean seeds. We will be taking them home over the Easter holidays to look after and see whose can grow the most! We can’t wait to be seeing the results after the holidays.

We made Easter nest cakes one afternoon! Yum!

On Wednesday morning, we had some visitors! We invited our parents in to make Easter bonnets with us. Once we had finished creating our spectacular bonnets, we went on a parade around all the classrooms to show everybody our mornings work. We did a little stop in Mrs Lambs office to see if we could all fit in and managed to get a picture too! Thank you to everyone who came!

To end our Amazing Animals off on a high, we had a visit from Zoolab on Thursday. We were able to learn about lots of different animals and got to stroke and hold several too. We had Colin the Corn Snake, Pickles the Hedgehog, Ralph the Guinea Pig, Amber the Lizard, Rosie the Tarantula and George the Tree Frog.

Finally, we finished the week with a Easter Egg hunt with Oak and Ash class. We were each given a colour and we had to search the school grounds for 2 cubes of the colour. We had to collect 50 cubes before the Easter Bunny could deliver our eggs. Luckily we worked as a team and found them all and found our eggs in a basket in the class!

Happy Easter to all my Easter Bunny Acorns- have a lovely holiday full of chocolate, rest and fun!

Week Commencing 20th March 2017

In Maths this week, we have been learning about capacity. We learnt the difference between full and empty and experimented with water, sand and beads to order containers by capacity.

In Rugby this week, we practised our passing skills whilst moving around the space.

As part of our Amazing Animals topic, we focused on sea creatures this week. We learnt about the different sea creatures that live in the sea and talked about the similiarities and differences. We had an exciting visitor for the day- Archie the Terrapin! We learnt lots about the care needed for this type of animal and wrote messages to him and his owner, Mr Hepper to find out more.

Week Commencing 13th March

We have made the most of the sunshine this week in Acorn class and enjoyed lots of time in our outside area. We have been learning about instructions and used these to help us plant seeds for our garden area. We are going to grow sunflowers and see how tall they will be. It will be exciting to see them grow over the next term.

Here is some of the other fun we had in the outside area too!

A flower shop!
Basketball challenges!
Creating a ‘roadblock’ due to a ‘pipe burst’. We had to make a diversion sign!
Setting up our own obstacle course!
Discovering real worms!
Minibeast hunting!

On Friday, we had a whole school science enrichment day where we took part in a variety of different science experiments. In Acorn classroom, Mrs Marsden led the ‘All Saints Biscuit Dunking Challenge’. It was so lovely to see lots of co-operation and curiosity amongst the children.


Week Commencing 6th March

In Maths, we have been learning about doubling and went a bit doubling mad! We started by doubling people and objects, then we started doubling numicon and dice and finally we ended up doubling ladybird spots. We thought about ways to record the double number sentences and tried to do this independently.

We were lucky to have two P.E coaches this week. On Tuesday we had Tom Bigg who helped us work on our ball skills by giving us lots of challenges with the tennis balls. We had to move them through our legs, round our heads, bounce and catch and even spin and catch! On Wednesday, Sam the Rubgy coach came again and we practised our passing skills with the rugby balls.

We developed our curiosity learning behaviour this week. A group of children were determined to make ‘thick oozy mud’ like the mud in the bear hunt story and decided to find out if they could by digging an area outside and adding water. It was extremely messy and ended with up with a few muddy uniforms but the children had so much fun and was really engaged that we just kept going! So for those walking through our outside area next week, beware of the big muddy swamp in the middle of it!

Finally, a shout out to Sienna who lost her tooth this week right in the middle of our literacy carpet input! The excitement and questions were incredible from this one event! It was our first tooth lost in school so definitely deserved a celebration!

Week Commencing 27th February

This week has been very busy! On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday. We invited Oak class to join us and we opened up our very own All Saints Pancake café! Each child wrote a pancake order and then they took it in turns to pick an order and make it for their friend.  We also had a pancake flipping competition in our outside area- we took it very seriously!

In the afternoon, we took part in a whole school pancake race- go Acorns GO!!

On Wednesday, we had our first P.E session with a rugby coach from Bury Rugby Club. We loved it! We learnt about how to pass the ball, how to get the tags off our opponent and even tried out playing a game! We look forward to learning more next week!

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day! It was so much fun wearing our pyjamas and book character costumes! We were a bit surprised to find Elsa from Frozen teaching us for the day. We enjoyed a day of story time and book challenges. Elder class came to visit and read to us. Finally in assembly we performed to the whole school telling the story of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt!”.

Week Commencing 20th February.

We have come back after half term to a new role play area inspired from some of the children’s play last half term- a Hairdressers! It has gone down a storm ! Even Mrs Schofield made a visit and tried out a new hair colour! It has been lovely to see so much communication in this area and it has been really good for fine motor skills.

On Wednesday, one member of Acorn class came in to school talking about an exploding potion she wanted to make. This led to lots of experimenting with different ingrediants to see if we could make it explode including using vinegar and salt. We went to ask Key Stage 2 if they knew what we would need and this led to us borrowing some of their special science resources. Mrs Marsden took on the role of Head Scientist and we completed a science experiment in the tuff tray outside. It was so exciting to see it explode!! We are looking forward to science enrichment day in a few weeks time!

In Literacy we have been learning how to retell the story of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt”. We have learnt to retell using actions- we make very good bear sounds and particularly enjoyed the squelchy mud!! We cut out and made our own character masks and learnt about different bears and their habitats. We read some other bear stories this week too and decided to make sandwiches with either marmalade or honey in for our snack!

Week Commencing 6th February

This week, Marvin the Monkey finally came home! He didn’t make it easy for us though- he set us a maths treasure hunt. We had to answer the maths questions to find the next number. In the end the clues led us to Marvin hiding under the creative table- what a cheeky monkey he is!

In Maths, we have been learning about ordinal numbers. We set up a race car challenge to see which car would get first, second, third, fourth and fifth. When we went for round two, there was lots of tactical thinking to work out which was the fastest car!

We had a lovely last forest school session- it has been lovely to see the children grow in confidence over the last few weeks.

Week Commencing 30th November

The adventures of Marvin the monkey have continued this week. The children had the idea of making treasure maps for Marvin and leading him to treasure around the classroom. We had so much fun making the treasure maps and writing messages for Marvin to find. We were SO excited when he made a treasure map for us to follow one morning. It led us to a message from Marvin and some banana cake he had made us! Yummy! We continued to write messages to him and linked it to our learning in Literacy about questions. We wrote questions to Marvin and left them in the tin he gave us. We were very happy to discover his replies the next day.

In Maths, we have been learning about money. We talked about what we use money for and learnt about the different British coins. To implement our understanding, we started a snack shop this week. Each day, the snack on offer in the morning and afternoon were given a price. The happy helpers for the day ran the shop and took the money. Some of the children made signs for the shop which we attached to the table. Each child had to read the prices and select the correct coin to pay for their snack. By the end of the week the children were much more confident with their coin recognition. We developed it further to open up a toy shop in Acorn class too!

We made biscuits shaped like numicon this week for Number Day’s bake sale. We had such fun cutting out the shapes and led to lots of communication and negotiation skills being displayed.

Washing up!

Some of the fun in the outside area this week included a car wash,  a safari animal hunt and the discovery of the bubble wands! We had a competition who could pop the most bubbles!

Week Commencing 23rd January 2017

We took part in a school enrichment day this week celebrating Chinese New Year. It was so lovely to see the Acorns spending time with the other children and they thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Chinese traditions, cooking,  food tasting, dragon making, drama and the chopstick challenge.

In Maths, we have been learning about weight. We have been exploring the weighing scales and comparing objects by measuring their weight. Here we are finding items around the room that is heavier and lighter than Ziggy and The Gingerbread Man. We then recorded our results.

In Phonics, we have been practising writing words using the new digraphs we have been learning. Here we are writing captions of what we could see in the picture on the interactive whiteboard- lots of lovely concentration, focus and stickability. This made Mrs Marsden smile so she had to take a picture!!

We have had a bit of an exciting week in our role play area- Marvin the monkey has gone missing and keeps causing mayhem in our classroom when we are not there! One day, we discovered he had a left a bag of monkey nuts. We decided to taste them for our afternoon snack- we had far too much fun cracking the shells!! The cleaners were not happy with Acorn class that day. Look out for more Marvin adventures next week- we have not caught him yet!

Finally, we made it to the woods again this week for another Forest School session with Willow class. The theme this week was climbing- I think we had been inspired by all the ‘monkeying’ around of Marvin this week.

Week Commencing 9th January 2017

In Maths this week, we have been learning about addition. We have been learning to put two sets of objects together and then count them. We then moved on to creating our own addition number sentence using objects and number cards. We found the numicon and the duplo really good resources to add with!

In Literacy, we have been learning about letters, words and sentences. All the Acorns have been given the challenge to learn the differences between them! One of the days we were word builders all day long and Mrs Marsden had set up challenges for them to complete. Here is the mystery word game that we played. We had to make the words by matching them with the magnetic letters. The 3 letters left we had to move around to make the mystery word. If we whispered it to Mrs Marsden or Mrs Schofield and it was right- we got a team point!

Friday was a very exciting day! We started the day in a bit of a snow storm and then in the afternoon we went on our first Forest School session with Willow class. The snow had melted by the time we had reached the afternoon, but the cold was still there! We bundled our little acorns up in layers, hats, gloves and scarves and off we set over the field to Frithy wood. We explored the dens, a swing, a see-saw and wrapped wool around sticks. We look forward to what Willow class have planned for us next week!

Week Commencing 5th January 2017

Welcome back Acorns! We introduced them to a new topic and a new role play area chosen by Acorn class last term! We had great fun playing in the zoo role play area and painted pictures of Zoo animals to add to the display.

We have a new P.E focus this half term- Co-ordination and Control. Today we played a game of ‘Tidy Up!’ It’s Mrs Marsden’s favourite because she gets to make a big mess and each team has a challenge to collect their item the fastest.

Week Commencing 12th December 2016

On the last 2 days of school we have enjoyed a Christmas party, whole school bingo, a visit from Father Christmas and the Christmas Carol Service in the church. Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to….

When Father Christmas said he had brought presents! The excitement on their faces!!

december-2016-005 december-2016-010 december-2016-011 december-2016-012 december-2016-014

Well, we thought last week was busy, until we got to this week!

On Tuesday, we performed our Christmas Nativity ‘I spy Christmas!’ to the rest of the school in the morning and then to our families in the afternoon. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

december-2016-009 december-2016-010 december-2016-013 december-2016-014 december-2016-015 december-2016-016 december-2016-017 december-2016-019 december-2016-020 december-2016-021 december-2016-022 december-2016-023 december-2016-025 december-2016-026 december-2016-027 december-2016-029 december-2016-030 december-2016-032 december-2016-035

december-2016-036 december-2016-037 december-2016-039 december-2016-042 december-2016-043 december-2016-047 december-2016-051 december-2016-054 december-2016-055 december-2016-056 december-2016-057

On Wednesday, we had discovered Father Christmas had left us a present again! He asked us to make reindeer dust for his reindeers, to make sure they knew where to stop on Christmas eve. We set about making our reindeer dust making sure the make a special wish at the end !

december-2016-078 december-2016-079 december-2016-081 december-2016-082 december-2016-083 december-2016-084 december-2016-085 december-2016-086 december-2016-092

On Thursday it was our Christmas Lunch! We were joined by the grown ups at our tables and got to pull crackers and wear very silly hats!

december-2016-280 december-2016-281 december-2016-282 december-2016-283 december-2016-284 december-2016-285 december-2016-286 december-2016-287 december-2016-288 december-2016-289 december-2016-290 december-2016-291 december-2016-292

Week Commencing 5th December 2016

Wow, what a week! We will have some very tired Acorns this weekend!

On Monday, we had our first Forest School session. We joined Lime Class in the woods and they showed us what to do. We used independence, stickability, curiosity and creativity! We can’t wait to go again next term!

december-2016-017 image2 woods-1 woods-2 woods-3 woods-4 woods-5 woods-7 woods-8 woods-9 woods-10 woods-11 woods-12 woods-13 woods-14 woods-15 woods-16 woods-17 woods-18

On Thursday, we took part in the school’s Christmas Decoration Morning. It was madness but we loved every minute! Especially all the glitter!! It was so nice to have our families join us for the morning too- thank you to those that came!

img_2464 img_2465 img_2466 img_2467 img_2469 img_2471 img_2483 img_2492 img_2493 img_2494

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, on Friday we went to the pantomime with the whole school. It was our first ever school trip and to say we were excited is an understatement. Mrs Marsden was extremely proud of how well behaved we were- we all got on the rainbow when we got back to school.

december-2016-021 december-2016-023 december-2016-024 december-2016-025 december-2016-026 december-2016-027 december-2016-028 december-2016-029 december-2016-030 december-2016-031 december-2016-032 december-2016-033

Week Commencing 28th November

We have been feeling particularly wintery this week! We have had a few frosty mornings and one of the children suggested we see what happens to water if we leave it outside. We were excited to discover that it turned into ice. We had lots of fun exploring the ice and making it crack on the ground. We used sieves to drain it from the water and transport it to the tuff tray.

december-2016-011 december-2016-012 december-2016-013 december-2016-014 december-2016-015 december-2016-016

On Thursday, we celebrated Christingle and made our very own Christingles. We learnt about the meaning and followed each instruction. Mrs Marsden was so proud of Acorn class for how patient and polite they were whilst making their Christingles!

december-2016-021 december-2016-022 december-2016-023 december-2016-024 december-2016-025 december-2016-026 december-2016-027 december-2016-032 december-2016-033 december-2016-034

We discovered something very strange this week! One day we came into the classroom to discover some snowy footprints and a package left for Acorn class. Mrs Marsden had to check her classroom spy cam to see who it was! Low and behold, we discovered that Father Christmas had visited our classroom in the night and left us a advent calendar!!!

To thank him, we decided to send him our Christmas lists. It was a very serious task as we most certainly didn’t want him to get our presents mixed up!

december-2016-053 december-2016-054 december-2016-055 december-2016-056 december-2016-057 december-2016-058

Finally, we decided to change our role play area into a Santa’s Workshop. It was a very popular place to be today! We pretended to be elves and reindeer, wrote Christmas cards and took a masterclass led by Mrs Marsden in how to wrap a present. We will be experts in no time- take note parents!!

december-2016-038 december-2016-039 december-2016-041 december-2016-042 december-2016-043 december-2016-046 december-2016-047 december-2016-048 december-2016-049 december-2016-050 december-2016-051

Week Commencing  21st November

We started the week looking at the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and had lots of fun acting it out! The story seems to have appeared in all aspects of learning this week- from Maths to Science!

We made playdough Gingerbread Men first and used our role play oven to cook them. We used different beads to make the eyes and the buttons. After we decided to make our very own gingerbread men- we love a cooking task in Acorn class!

november-032 november-036 november-037 november-047

The day after we developed the interest formed last week of icing by using an icing bag. We got to show off many of our dough gym moves in this activity as there was lots of squeezing and pinching! Look at how fantastic they turned out!

november-062november-2016-048 november-2016-050 november-2016-052 november-2016-053 november-2016-054 november-2016-055

Luckily no sly foxes around to eat them- we managed to eat them ourselves yum yum!

We also had a science experiement this week. We asked the class what do they think would have happened if the Gingerbread man had tried to swim over the river?

We discussed the following questions:

Will the gingerbread man change colour?

Do you think he will get bigger and smaller?

How do you think the gingerbread man will change?

After some discussion, we carried out our experiement and monitored the results over 10 minute periods. It turned out the colour and size  didn’t change but it got very soft and squidgy!

november-2016-029 november-2016-033 november-2016-037 november-2016-038 november-2016-039 november-2016-041 november-2016-042 november-2016-043

Our cheeky Gingerbread man also got up to some mischief by keeping hiding around our classroom! We had to use positional language to describe where he was in order to find him.

november-2016-024 november-2016-028 november-2016-030 november-2016-031

Also, a big event happened in Acorn class this week! We had a wedding! We had been learning about weddings as part of our celebration topic and decided to act out our own wedding ceremony. Each child had their own role in the wedding.

november-2016-001 november-2016-002 november-2016-004 november-2016-005 november-2016-007 november-2016-009 november-2016-011 november-2016-012 november-2016-013 november-2016-024november-009 november-011 november-013 november-014

Week Commencing  14th November

Well this week has been a big one in Acorn class- it was Ziggy and Gilly’s 5th birthday. Acorn class wanted to throw them a party, so we made to do list of what we needed to do and set to work! We made cakes and iced them, made some birthday bunting and cards to give them on the day.

november-2016-005 november-2016-008 november-2016-017 november-2016-020 november-2016-021 november-2016-024

The day finally came for the party! We had so much fun- we played musical statues and pass the parcel. We danced on our dance floor. We sang happy birthday and gave presents and cards to Gilly and Ziggy. Finally we finished with blowing out the candles and enjoying our yummy cakes!

november-2016-030 november-2016-031 november-2016-062 november-2016-066 november-2016-069 november-2016-072 november-2016-106 november-2016-119 november-2016-120

We really enjoyed putting the icing on the cakes and loved making a drippy gloopy mess so we explored this further by experimenting with flour and water. Fantastic for muscle exercising!

november-2016-001 november-2016-002 november-2016-003

We call Friday lunchtimes ‘Have a go Friday’ in Acorn class. This means we give it a go independently at cutting up our lunch- look how good we are getting at it!

november-2016-006 november-2016-007 november-2016-008 november-2016-010 november-2016-013 november-2016-014 november-2016-015 november-2016-016 november-2016-017 november-2016-018 november-2016-019 november-2016-020 november-2016-021 november-2016-022

Week Commencing 7th November

This week we have been celebrating Bonfire Night! We talked about the fireworks we had seen at the weekend and tried to make our own firework noises. We made firework pictures with yes, you have guessed it- more GLITTER!

november-2016-029 november-2016-031 november-2016-033 november-2016-035 november-2016-036 november-2016-040 november-2016-041 november-2016-042

We even made our own bonfire collage in the outside area!


In P.E, we pretended to be the different types of fireworks and explored the different shapes and sounds they make. Our rockets were incredibly noisy!

november-2016-001 november-2016-002 november-2016-003 november-2016-004 november-2016-005 november-2016-008

Last week, Mrs Marsden had read the story of the Room of the Broom during story time. There was a lot of discussion that followed during busy time and we saw lots of the story in our role play. This week, we added props to our role play and had lots of fun retelling and acting out the story. It fitted perfectly into our maths focus this week of one more too as we had to keep adding one more animal to the broom!!

november-2016-010 november-2016-012 november-2016-013 november-2016-019 november-2016-022

Week Commencing 31st October 2016

We have a new topic this half term- Celebrations! This week we have been celebrating Diwali. We have learnt about who and how it is celebrated. We made Diwali sweets, Rangoli patterns and Diva Lamps. We modelled our ball of clay into a bowl shape and used different tools to make patterns on the clay. It was fantastic for strengthening our finger muscles!

november-2016-030 november-2016-031 november-2016-032 november-2016-037 november-2016-038 november-2016-042 november-2016-048 november-2016-053 november-2016-055

Once the clay has dried, it was time to decorate them! We painted them in bright colours and then used sequins and glitter to make them sparkle! It is official- Acorn class LOVE glitter… watch out Christmas, here we come!!

november-2016-077 november-2016-080 november-2016-082 november-2016-083 november-2016-090 november-2016-095 november-2016-096

In Maths  this week we have learnt about length. We have learnt how to describe and order items by length. Our first challenge was to find items around the classroom that was longer and shorter than our paper snake- here is what we found!

november-2016-006 november-2016-012 november-2016-014 november-2016-015 november-2016-026 november-2016-028

Later on in the week, we tried measuring how long our paper snakes were using the multilink cubes- we loved this activity and evolved into fantastic conversations about measuring and length!

november-2016-104 november-2016-105

In P.E this term, we are learning about how to travel using our bodies. This week we were travelling like animals. Can you guess what animals we were being?

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We were bouncy Kangeroos, Jumping Frogs, Slithery snakes, Crab Crawlers, Cheeky monkeys and Galloping horses!

Week Commencing 17th October 2016

This week has been all about Autumn. We have learnt about the seasons and went on an Autumn walk to see if we could spot signs of Autumn! Although we got a bit soggy we had a fabulous time exploring the school grounds for conkers, acorns, leaves and squirrels!

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We have been comparing sets of objects this week in maths by using the vocabulary ‘more’ or ‘less’. Here we are playing a game where we had 30 seconds to collect as many objects as we could and then we had to see who had the most!

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We are always looking for ways to improve our gross motor skills. This week Mrs Marsden set us a challenge to sweep the soapy water from one side of our outside area to the other. It took some force, but we got there in the end!

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Week Commencing 10th October

This week we have been learning how to count objects from a large group. We have been practising using objects around our classroom. Mrs Marsden gave us shopping lists and we had to count out the correct number of objects that she needed. It was a rather strange shop full of dinosaurs, cars and bears…..

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Every week we complete a variety of funky finger challenges to exercise our fine motor skills. This week we loved moving the conkers using the tweezers- it kept us busy all week! What a fantastic use of the conkers we have been collecting! october-2016-009 october-2016-011 october-2016-014 october-2016-016

In topic, we learnt about our country. We talked about London and visited the sights on our very own Acorn bus! We made our own union jack flags and even made our own tube train line!

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Week Commencing 3rd October 2016

We have gone repeating pattern mad this week in Acorn class! We have used a variety of resources to make repeating patterns from multilink cubes, compare bears, chalks and even made our own repeating pattern fruit kebab!

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Mrs Marsden introduced us to phoneme frames this week which help us spell words. We used our phoneme fingers to segment the sounds and spell the words. Look at how amazing we are!

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We have been talking about being ‘Experts’ this week and we looked for people who are experts at putting their coats on. For those of us that find it tricky, we search for the Experts to help us! Have a look at all the happy experts we found…

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Week Commencing 26th September 2016

In Maths,  we have been concentrating on matching numerals to amounts of objects and placing numbers in order. We have done lots of practical activities and used a variety of objects from around the classroom to help us.

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On Wednesday, Acorn class got the cleaning bug! It started with cleaning the dolls house that had got a bit muddy in the outside area and led to our outside area turning into a washing machine! The children spent time brushing, scrubbing, wiping anything they could find- we even had a car wash and a train wash set up!

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In Topic this week, we talked about our homes. We talked about parts of a house and the materials that we could use to build a house. Mrs Marsden challenged us to build a house for Gilly and Ziggy that was strong enough not to be blown down by the Big Bad Wolf! It was fantastic to see such good team work and thoughtful creations!

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Week Commencing 19th September 2016

This week we have been learning to retell the story of The Three Little pigs. We used actions to remember the story and made a story map to help us. It inspired mask making, stage building and puppet shows.

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In topic, we have been learning about how we grow from babies to adults. We brought in our baby photos and played a game of guess the baby!

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We had a baby clinic role play which was so busy, we extended it into Acorn class doctors. It was lovely to see lots of mark making!

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Mrs Marsden introduced us to our school’s learning behaviours this week. We talked about co-operation and how we could show it in our classroom. We worked together in groups to build a puzzle – lots of lovely teamwork!

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Week Commencing 12th September 2016

We experienced our first Enrichment day this week as the whole of All Saint’s celebrated Roald Dahl day.  Acorn class were invited to come to school in costume and we had some fantastic creations!

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We focused on the story of The BFG and decided to make our very own dream jars. We had lots of fun experimenting and exploring colour mixing and water pouring!

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In the afternoon, we discovered a letter and presents from The BFG himself. He gave us some Frogscottle and some Snozzcumber crackers to try! They were scrummy!

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Week Commencing 5th September 2016

Wow what a first week at ‘big’ school! Acorn class has settled in fantastically and has made Mrs Schofield and I really really proud! We have been practising lining up- the first few days were a bit sketchy but by Wednesday we had the perfect line!


We have been enjoying exploring our new classroom and outside area. We are learning how to select resources independently and put them back correctly.

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We had a classroom treasure hunt to get to know where all the resources are.

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Our first P.E lesson went well too! Here we are playing the ‘beans’ game.

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