Acorn Class Archive

Acorn Class 2018-19

Autumn 1

On Transfer day, we made puppets of ourselves for a class display. We had to think about our hair and eye colour and what we will wear when we start school! In the afternoon, we decorated our magical me boxes ready to take home over the summer holidays.

Our first day as official Acorns was a complete success! We learnt about the school rules and spent time exploring our new learning environment.

Wow, what a first week as Acorn class! Mrs M and Mrs W have been so so proud of our little Acorns for settling in to school life so well. We have learnt new routines and battled tiredness but we did it!

Here we are with our best line yet! Thumbs up all round!

We had our first ever P.E lesson where we practised our throwing and catching skills with bean bags.

We enjoyed our first music lesson with Dr Noble-Jamieson with lots of singing and dancing!

We have been exploring our new learning environment and have already made some great discoveries. We spent a day making coloured bubbles with scrubbing brushes. We discovered what happens when we put a magnet near paperclips. We created our own dinosaur world and we enjoyed stories such as ‘Pete the Cat’ and ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’.