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Teacher: Mrs Marsden

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Schofield

Notices & Reminders

You will find important information, reminders and upcoming dates in this section.

We will be having our final P.E lesson on Tuesday morning. I will then send home P.E kits.

Show and Tell on Tuesday- Kitty, Imani, Olivia and Leyton

Transfer Day on Wednesday- Acorn class to come to classroom as usual but will be greeted there by Mrs Bolton.

This week we are learning…..

This week we will be ….

In Maths, we will be learning about number bonds.

In Literacy, we will be writing about our memories of Acorn Class.

In Phonics, we will be recapping all the Phase 5 sounds we have learnt over the past half term.

In Topic, we will be talking about what our plans are for the summer holidays!!

Look at what we have achieved last week…..

Final Week as Acorns!

We said goodbye to our beloved Mrs Schofield this week- Acorn class decided to have a surprise tea party to show her how much we adore her!

We also invited the Year 5’s over to read with us this week- we loved having visitors!

This week, we have been learning about time! We have been finding out how long a minute is and what we could do in one minute. We found out Dylan A could do 20 starjumps and Dylan B could walk all the way around the classroom with a bean bag on his head.

We then tried to see how many times we could write our name in one minute. We made predictions first, started the timer and set about writing. Mrs Marsden has never witnessed such concentration. Here we are showing our results.

In topic, we have been talking about travel and holidays. We had a travel agents role play to set  up and wrote our own postcards. As part of our rainbow challenges, we all made paper airplanes and then decided to test them out on the playground. It took a few efforts as we had to keep trying different directions due to the wind but we had lots of fun trying!



Health and Fitness week has started with a bang!

Monday- Today we joined the whole school in a carousel of activities throughout the day. The activities included circuits, parachute games, basketball, speed stacking, athletics and yoga!

Here is Acorn class doing some yoga moves with Mrs Marsden!

On Tuesday morning, Acorn class took part in the Seed to Tree Programme by walking to Golden Wood. We learnt all about the special link the village has with Papua New Guinea and the 2 trees planted at school and in Golden Wood. We then had a special snack and a scavenger hunt before we headed back home.

On Tuesday afternoon, we joined Oak and Ash class to learn about and try out lots of playground games. We tried clapping chants, skipping, hula hooping and tag games. Finally we played a giant game of ‘Fishes’ and ‘Grandmothers Footsteps!’.

On Wednesday, we started off the day talking about healthy eating and tried some healthy food. We tried some smoothies and vegetables with different dips- big thumbs up on the hummous!

We then tried our hands at archery. We listened to the instructor and then gave it a go. It was a bit tricky but we were pretty chuffed to get our arrows on the targets!


Finally, we tried some orienteering. We got into groups of 3 and looked at a map of the school. We then had to follow the map to find all the numbered cards around the school grounds and record what we found.

Thursday was Fancy Dress Sponsored Walk! Look at how amazing we all looked….

In the afternoon we joined the rest of the school for a picnic and parachute games.

Finally our week ended with Sports Day and what a day that was! Acorns were AMAZING and really could not have made us any prouder!


This week has been busy, busy, busy! We started the week with a drama workshop about the performance of ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’. It was so fun- we pretended to be all the different characters and tried acting out parts of the story. We talked about settings, characters and scenarios!

On Tuesday we had our seaside enrichment day. We were excited to find our very own beach in the outside area complete with paddling pools and lots of sand. We enjoyed making sandcastles, playing in the water, making flags, tasting ice cream and going on a scavenger hunt! (I don’t know why these are uploading the wrong way round-sorry!)

Lastly, we went to the woods on Friday with Elder Class. We had lots of fun!

Last week has mostly been about sunshine! We have been enjoying the outside area and been pretty creative in finding the shade…..


There has been a keen interest in building models this week- we have used big bricks, wooden bricks, small bricks, waffle bricks….


We have also brought the creative area outside in our wooded area.


In P.E this week, we practised the cross country race which is one lap around our track. All the boys raced first and then all the girls. It was lovely to see how everyone cheered each other on.


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