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Teacher: Mrs Marsden

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Witthuhn and Mrs Jackson

Notices & Reminders

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P.E will take place on Monday.

Show and Tell on Friday- Harry, Arthur, Neive and Luke

This week we are learning…..

Literacy- This week, we will be focusing on what a list is. We will learn about the features of a list and have a go at reading lists and trying to write them using our phonic knowledge.

Maths- This week we will be learning how to measure and order by length. We will be comparing the length of a variety of objects and introducing the language of ‘long’ and ‘short’.

Phonics- This week, we are starting learning the digraphs (two letters that make one sound) sh, ch, th and ng.  We will be introducing these through Jolly Phonics actions and songs. We will also be introducing tricky words (words that cannot be sounded out). We will be learning they and all.

Topic- This half term’s topic will be ‘Celebrations’ where we will be learning about how different cultures and traditions are celebrated. This week we will be focusing on birthdays and preparing ourselves for a very special birthday in class!

Look at what we have achieved this week…

This week we have been celebrating Diwali as part of our ‘Celebrations’ topic. We had such a fun day learning about how Diwali is celebrated and the story of Rama and Sita. We made rangoli patterns with coloured rice, made coconut sweets, drew medhni patterns and created clay diva lamps!

In P.E, we practised our climbing and balancing skills. We explored lots of different apparatus experimenting with climbing onto or over them and even jumping off a few.

In Maths, we have been learning how to find 1 more than a given number. We used the idea of ‘people’ getting on buses to help us. We played a game where we had to pick a number card and put that amount of bears on the bus. We then pretended the bus had stopped and we had to work out how many bears would be on the bus if 1 more got on! We even acted it out with our own big bus in the outside area!

On Friday, we learnt about Remembrance day and why the poppy is significant on this day. We made our own poppy pictures using collage materials and we had a go at making poppies using loose parts. We also had a talk from Captain Spike (Peggy’s uncle), who came in to talk to us about life for the soldiers in the trenches in WW1.

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Acorn Class Newsletter- Autumn 2

Class Timetable

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Class Timetable Autumn term 2018

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