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Teacher: Mrs Marsden

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Witthuhn and Mrs Gomersall

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P.E will take place on Friday

Show and Tell this week- Lacey, Frank and Imogen

This week we are learning…..

Literacy- This week we will be learning about what a sentence is and beginning to think about where a full stop would go in a sentence.

Maths- This week we will be continuing using the addition sign to make addition number sentences. We will adding sets of objects together to find the answer to an addition question.

Phonics- This week we will be learning the digraph er and trigraphs ear, ure, air. We will also be introducing sight words which are words that can be sounded out but see all the time so therefore try to learn by sight.

Topic- This week we will be looking closer about what people who help us need for their jobs. We will be focusing on firefighters and the job they do.


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Look at what we have achieved last week…..

We have been learning about addition this week in Maths. We have learnt what the add sign looks like. We then learnt how to add two sets of objects together by pushing them together and counting them all. Eventually we moved on to using objects to build a addition number sentence. This led to us exploring it in our busy time- making number sentences using magnetic letters and using groups of dinosaurs to add together. Next week we will be looking at writing number sentences and using objects to help us.

In Music we have been learning about volume and the difference between loud and quiet. Some of us had a turn at being a conductor to lead the group in singing a song. We lifted our arms when we wanted them to sing loud and put our arms low when we wanted them to sing quietly. It was a popular game!

We have been enjoying our new role play area- a cafe! We have been taking orders, cooking food and even washing up! Mrs Marsden and Mrs Witthuhn have had endless cups of ‘tea’ and cakes- yum!

During busy time this week, the children have shown some interest in magnets. It started by discovering the magnetic letters stick to each other so we went searching for some real magnets. We talked about why we think it happens and then started to search for other things that were magnetic. We even played a game collecting paper clips and counting how got the most on their magnet. One of the children showed us a magic trick they had learnt with the magnets and demonstrated it to a group of others.


In P.E this week we started a new topic of ‘Co-ordination and Control’. We talked about being able to move our bodies around objects and people without bumping into them!

We played a game called tidy-up which is Mrs Marsden’s favourite! Mrs Marsden made a REALLY BIG mess and we had to tidy it up. Each team had one set of objects they had to pick up and return to their box and the rule was they only could pick up one object at a time. We had to be really careful not to tread on any of the objects or bump into anybody else- lots of control required!

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Acorn Class Newsletter- Spring 1 2018

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 Class Timetable- Spring Term 2018