Elder Class Archive

September 2018

In PE we are doing rugby with Tom this half term. We made a great start to our lessons with a passing and interception game this morning.

Elder class had their first ‘Lawshall Mile’ session today. We ran/walked around the field for ten minutes to boost our fitness levels. We will be doing this every Wednesday.

Elder class impressed me with their great French this afternoon. They recapped the vocabulary they had learnt last year and even sang a song for me. Superb motivation!

We had a great afternoon with Explore  Outdoor playing some games and trying to solve some problems as a team. One of the groups solved all of the problems set for them Рgreat cooperation. Elder class will be developing their communication skills over the coming weeks.

Freya wrote a fabulous description of a picture stimulus I needed English. She had a strong authorial voice and keen sense of audience – great work.