Elder Class Archive

July 2018
June 2018

In science we were investigating sound and how we could change the pitch of a sound. Luckily it was sunny so we could practise our sound-making outside as it was quite noisy (sorry other classes)! It was quite tricky to get our straw flutes to make a sound but some of us got the hang of it and then there was no stopping us!!!

In history we have been looking at crime and punishment through the ages. This week we are focussing on Victorian prisons. We learnt about hard labour and tried out some activities to simulate what it would be like for a prisoner doing hard labour. We discovered that some jobs were really boring and others very physically hard. Some of Elders thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of the prison officer!!

A massive well done to Aiesha and Hollie for achieving third place for their duet at a majorette competition at Lowestoft on Sunday.  Aiesha also gained first place in her solo routine.

In science we did an investigation to discover the effect of temperature on the brightness of glow sticks. We found out that glow sticks put into hot water glowed brighter than those put into iced water.

Our book jacks have now been painted and varnished – we think they look amazing!

We had a drama workshop today by Beth from the Theatre Royal as part of the Once Upon a Festival. Elders did freeze framing and made soundscapes – it was great fun! Superb listening, motivation and cooperation.

Elder class thoroughly enjoyed our Graffiti Classics session. We learnt lots about stringed instruments in a fun and interactive way. We weren’t too sure about the cat gut string though!!

Activities week: Friday

Elders started the day with a sunny game of rounders, followed by food preparation for our ‘cookery club’ lunch. We then moved on to making films on the ipads before all sitting down together for a massive lunch of chilli, pizza, potato wedges, salad and coleslaw all followed by Eton mess and pancakes, washed down with chocolate milkshake and mango and orange smoothies. A massive thank you to Mrs Bigg for organising all of the food. After all that yummy food and a very hectic week we relaxed watching a film together. What a great week we have had!

Activities week: Thursday

Elders had a fantastic day making memory zines with Jacquie and Heidi from Rojo Art. It was lovely hearing all of the children’s memories and there was some fantastic printing and art work. A special thank you to Becky for helping us during the morning.

Activities week: Wednesday

Elder class went to Park farm at Shimpling and had the best day! We shared our memories of all of our visits, played a machinery guess who game, completed a maths profit challenge (we were amazing at that) and did some weeding and some sketching – all before lunch time! After lunch, we made and decorated our very own boot jacks. We finally bottle fed some lambs and collected eggs from the ‘rescue’ chickens. A special thank you to Alice for our amazing day and also to Catherine and Jo for helping on our trip.

Activities week: Tuesday

Elder class had a special day celebrating all their work over the years with the Seed To Tree programme. We visited Golden Wood and checked on the work we had done in the past like the osiers we coppiced, the hedge we planted and the trees we felled. We did a treasure hunt and found wild orchids and butterflies. Elders enjoyed a picnic in the wood too.

We even managed to fit in a visit to the play area on the way back to school. It is so much fun when all your friends are there!

Activities week: Monday

Elder class did team building activities and problem solving. They had to move a bomb, get across a maze, flip a sheet while standing on it and lots more!

Later on they made catapults, rockets, went geocaching, made fires to boil a kettle to make hot chocolate and completed puzzles blindfolded! Superb motivation, cooperation and stickability.

Watch the impressive bottle rockets!

IMG_7829 IMG_7831 IMG_7834

In science, Elder class planned their own investigation to answer the question: why do elephants squirt water on themselves? There was some great scientific thinking evident and superb cooperation.

Elder class are into their final half term at primary school. Rehearsals for our leavers’ play have started! Our performance will be on Tuesday 17th July at 6pm – keep the date free!

In maths we have started using a calculator in preparation for our move to secondary school. It’s definitely fun maths (at last!)

May 2018

Elder class thoroughly enjoyed their secret SATs treat trip to Bury St Edmunds. We watched ‘Wonder’ at the cinema, had a picnic in the Abbey Gardens and had a game of bowling. The weather was perfect and we had lots of smiles.

Elder class made scones for our whole school street party, then enjoyed sharing the food prepared by the other classes. We had a great time playing games like duck, duck, goose, splat, wink murder and heads down thumbs up on the field.


Day 4 and it’s the end of SATs for Elder class 2018. Well done for showing excellent motivation and stickability. You have done yourselves proud – we think you are fantastic!

Day 3 over and done with. We had a pitch invasion during our celebration football match,


Second day of SATS over and done with and we are all still smiling. We thought we would share our celebration of today’s test being completed with you! Elder class certainly celebrate in ‘style’!!


First day of SATS over and done with! Twenty – three smiling children in Elder class. Great positivity!


Elder class had a very busy Friday. They completed their nature-inspired art pictures and began some pattern pictures based on Islamic art. A lot of very careful pencil and ruler work was required.


Elders had an arithmetic treasure hunt on the field and the playground. There was some great cooperation and lots of motivation to be seen.





A great deal of excitement was caused by games of Million Pound Drop based on maths reasoning questions and SPaG questions. We had no maths millionaires but an impressive five SPaG millionaires – well done!

What a talented bunch of artists we have in Elder class. Take a look at these nature inspired drawings.

In science we were investigating thermal energy. We discussed why our spiral twirled when a candle was placed below it and predicted what would happen when an ice cube was placed on plastic and metal tiles – which would melt the quickest and why.

Isabelle and Rebecca hosted an assembly about bullying. They prepared a Powerpoint and chose an appropriate video clip and even answered some questions – well done girls.


April 2018

Elder class had a great time at Crucial Crew in Sudbury. They worked their way round different scenarios covering all aspects of personal safety. A special well done to Joseph, who was picked out by the group leaders for outstanding contributions, and to Freddy, Isabelle, Rebecca and Red, whose group was identified as having all members being well-behaved, highly involved and providing excellent contributions during the sessions.  I was delighted to be told by another volunteer at the session that the All Saints’ children were a credit to the school – well done, Elders!

In science we were planning an investigation about pendulums. The children worked brilliantly in their groups to decide what to do and how to do it! There was superb cooperation and motivation evident.

Having planned their investigations, Elder class were ready to actually get down to the nitty-gritty and do their experiments. The pendulums were made and the data collected. Some groups decided that if they were to repeat the investigation they would make some adaptations to improve the accuracy of the data. Super scientific thinking evident and (once again) great cooperation.

Daniel did a fantastic presentation to the class all about his trip to Australia.

My trip to Australia

It’s the summer term so it must be time for cricket!

Elder class made the most of the sunshine by enjoying a SPaG treasure hunt. There was some fabulous cooperation and motivation to be seen. I overheard some fantastic discussion about the merits of relative clauses and what defines a passive construction! You never cease to amaze me, Elders.

Isabelle impressed me with her superb description of the setting at the beginning of our visual literacy text. Her use of figurative language to build atmosphere and suspense is quite exceptional. Well done!

In art Elder class were looking at the work of Henri Rousseau and began their own art inspired by his pictures.

In science we began looking at energy and thinking about different types of energy. We had great fun with the potential elastic energy in our ‘spring toys’.

Finally we planned an investigation thinking about independent variables, dependent variables, predictions, equipment, instructions based around an investigation question. We discovered liquids in tins lose energy quicker than solids in tins, which wasn’t what most of us expected.

Well done to Rocky, Christopher, Lana and Isabelle for representing the school at the BSP Archery Event at Nowton Park.

March 2018

Elder class enjoyed Sport Relief Day today. Between us, Elder class did 434 laps, which we calculated was 86.8 miles! Impressive.

Well done to Elle and Isabelle for hosting the Sport Relief assembly. Great creativity and cooperation.


Elder class had their final primary school class photo. They had the traditional class picture as well as individual ‘leaving’ pictures. The sun proved tricky but we got there in the end. I am looking forward to seeing the proofs.


In English we have been using imagery to create detailed descriptive writing about events and settings within a short film called Alma. Joseph and Elle blew me away today with their fabulous writing. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Our final enterprise event was a great success thanks to the hard work of Mrs Bigg and the children. There was some great cooperation evident and a special thank you to those children that stayed behind and helped to clear up.

Elder class had a visit to KEUS as part of science week. We went into a planetarium, did taste and smell tests, discovered new and interesting animals and learnt about food chains and poo! The children’s behaviour was excellent. We used our learning behaviours of curiosity and cooperation.

World Book Day was amazing! We had some fantastic costumes and it was lovely to see the year 6s reading with the year 3s. All of the children were incredibly focussed and their behaviour was excellent.

In English we wrote biographies about famous people.

After our experience of snow last week, we wrote newspaper articles about ‘the Beast from the East’.

Daniel completed  a very informative poster about deep sea mining for his geography project. Excellent curiosity and motivation.




Elder class had a great time at Golden Wood cutting down trees and  snedding. We made a dead hedge fence and animal habitat piles.

Elder class made Mother’s Day cards in art this week. They looked at some examples and then designed their own. We think they turned out brilliantly – hope you liked them!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were snow days! I hope you had a fun time in the snow!

In PE we had a fun but cold hockey lesson.

In art, Elder class did careful observational drawings of flowers.

February 2018

Izzy wrote two amazing poems at home over the half-term holiday that I wanted to share with you all.

In PE, Elder class began a unit of work on dance with a focus of the solar system. This week we thought about the circular movement of planets and the way this could be depicted through dance movements. The children worked with their talk buddy to devise a short routine showing circular motion using different levels, dynamics, body parts and a variety of spatial circle orientations. The routines looked really effective when three pairs performed together.

Elder class staged their second ‘enterprise event’ this afternoon. There were stalls selling popcorn, cookies, fruit smoothies, bracelets, milkshakes, chips, bookmarks……the list goes on. The event was extremely well attended and many items sold out. Well done Elders for your great teamwork demonstrating our learning behaviour of cooperation. There was plenty of motivation too.

Here’s Christopher’s research homework on Alexander Fleming, which he presented to the class.

Alexander Fleming

Elder class enjoyed a very exciting, highly competitive game of rugby in the winter sunshine. Great skills evident.

PCSO Grant Skeggs came in to speak to the class about internet safety and using social media safely. The session was very informative and prompted lots of questions. A leaflet about keeping safe has gone home with the children tonight.

Isabelle made a video documentary about Jane Goodall, a primatologist and biologist, for her homework. Enjoy!

Elder class had a fantastic French Day on Friday. There were some fabulous costumes and all the pupils enjoyed their morning of French activities including bingo and a French cafe. In the afternoon they studied the work of Georges Seurat and produced their own pointillism paintings.

In science this week we were looking at muscles: how they work, why they are necessary and why different people purposely develop different muscles. We had a hypothesis that girls are stronger than boys and then tested it. We completed various activities from a hand grip test to press ups and then worked out an average for boys and an average for girls for each activity to test our hypothesis. Our results proved our hypothesis was right – for the children in Elder class, girls proved to be stronger than boys.



January 2018

Elder class watched a demonstration of smoking and its effects on your lungs. The children could clearly see the tar that was deposited on the filter paper that represented the lungs.

We finally had to succumb to the weather and do our rugby lesson indoors. Elder worked on their defending and attacking skills on a one-on-one  and a two-on-one basis. There was some fantastic dodging and weaving to be seen and some very competitive groups.

Well done to Lana and Poppy for hosting our whole school assembly today on the theme of friendship. There was lots of audience participation with everyone thinking about what makes a good friend and things we could do to be a better friend. A special thank you to Freya, Chloe, Isaac and Leo for facing the quiz questions about their best friend. An excellent assembly!

I have had a lovely time reading Elder class’s short stories based on traditional tales but with an environmental twist. Here are Joseph’s and Izzy’s for you to enjoy too.

Elder class have written short stories in draft form and have been busy editing using editing stations to really focus their improvements. There was some fabulous cooperation evident throughout the class. I am looking forward to reading the final stories.

Rugby was fun (and muddy) again! Today we played stuck in the mud with the ‘stickers’ touching their peers with the ball to stick them; bulldog with the catchers having to tag the runners as hey passed by; and a game which involved passing five times and then trying to score a try before the opposing team tagged the person with the ball. There was a real competitive edge to the game with some great passing and team tactics.

We had an interesting science lesson today focussing on the respiratory system and the function of different elements of this system particularly the lungs. We made a working model of a lung and then evaluated its effectiveness. There was fantastic motivation and cooperation to be seen across the class.

Elder class have been investigating recycling and designed persuasive posters to try to get their message about the importance of recycling across. We thought about using bright colours, a play on words, snappy sentences and factual information.

Elders had a great rugby session with Dmitri from Bury Rugby Club. They practised passing and intercepting the ball. We saw some excellent tries scored and some fabulous dodging too despite the muddy conditions! I think we are all looking forward to the next session.

Elder class are practising tchoukball in PE with Tom in preparation for the BSP festival.

Three more fabulous presentations on geographical features – well done, Owen, Freddy and Joseph.

Fred’s Fens Project

Blakeney Point OY Dec17 Owen

Josephs project powerpoint

More super Powerpoints: this time from Red, Christopher and Lana. The standard of your research is fantastic and it was a pleasure watching you present your findings to the class.

Blue John cavern – Lana Doggerland Red White Cliffs of Dover Christopher

We had another fabulous project; this time it was from Aiesha about Cheddar Gorge.

We had some more brilliant presentations. Superb creativity evident. Well done Darcy and Izzy.

December 2017

Elder class had indoor PE due to the snow. They enjoyed speed stacking with Tom. It got quite competitive!

Well done to  the ‘play on ‘ Elders for a great performance in assembly on Thursday.

Elders enjoyed making Rudolph peppermint creams. Great cooperation, Elder class.

Elder class had a brilliant trip to the pantomime! We shouted, sang and danced and laughed a lot too. It  was great fun!

In science we did an investigation into the effects of water and acetic acid on wire wool. We had to follow instructions and take measurements in our groups.

Well done to Daniel, Poppy and Thomas for presenting your research projects about physical features of the British Isles to the class today. You have a tick next to your ‘presenting to the class’ criteria of your Saints’ Award. Great job!

Poppy Giants Causeway

The Cairngorm mountain project Daniel

Tom Waterfalls (High Force)

Elder class had a fantastic trip to KEUS to watch Phantom  the Opera. The performance was amazing and, although  bit scary at times, we all loved it!

Elder class had a great afternoon making table decorations for their Christmas tables. There was lots of stickability and motivation and  bit of cooperation too. We were super impressed with our results. Elders celebrated with a hot chocolate.

Elder class wrote thank you letters to Annie for helping us with our performance of The Tempest. Here is her email reply:

Dear Mrs Kemp and all the AMAZING Elders! 

I picked up my envelope from the Theatre Royal yesterday and have been reading my beautiful letters. Your kind and generous comments  have moved me beyond words. Our 6 weeks together were a joy. YOU all brought Shakespeare’s play to life with commitment, confidence and creativity – a very talented company of Players! Shakespeare himself would be SO proud of you!

Have a fabulous Christmas and I hope we meet again!

Love Annie x

Today is our Christingle service at the church so this morning Elders have made their Christingles ready or the service.

In science we did an investigation involving mixing potassium hydroxide, glucose and water and then adding methylene blue and ethanol. The solution went blue but when we left it to stand it went colourless again. We shook the bottle again and the solution went blue again but quickly returned to a colourless solution.

In art, Elder class are designing and making some collages based on the work of landscape artist Ansel Adams. We started today and our pictures are starting to take shape already.

Isabelle and Rebecca did a great job as playground leaders today organising activities for key stage 1. Well done girls!

After only two full lessons the handbell group are doing an amazing job! It takes a lot of concentration and a huge amount of cooperation too.

And what an incredibly busy week it has been….

Our enterprise event was a roaring success! Well done to everyone for your hard work in planning, preparing and  running your stalls. We will calculate profit on Tuesday. A special thank you to Mrs Bigg for organising the event.


Well done to Owen, Red and Elle for achieving the highest three results in Elder class in the Primary Maths Challenge. Great job!

In maths, ELder class were solving a fraction jigsaw puzzle. There was great cooperation and stickability evident.

Elder class, you were amazing! We are all so proud of you all for getting up there and nailing it! Your words were clearly spoken and your acting fantastic – you should feel very proud of yourselves.

Annie emailed me after the performance:

It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with you and your lovely Elders! I shall miss them but hope we can keep in touch. I have to say I had a little tear in my eye at the end of that performance tonight. Young people never cease to amaze me! 
Thank YOU for all your support.
Annie x



November 2017

Our dress rehearsal is complete and Elder were fabulous! Not long now…..

Our tech run through was amazing!

In PE Elder class had the apparatus out and made great use of it. They showed their courage and skill at climbing and balances; some could even balance upside down at a height! From now until Christmas, PE on Tuesday and Wednesday will be outside so please ensure your child has their full outdoor PE kit in school on those days.



In chemistry today, we did the ‘soda snake’ demonstration. We added sodium hydrogen carbonate and icing sugar to a beaker containing sand saturated in ethanol and observed what happened. The mixture ignited and we saw the icing sugar begin to caramelise and ‘snakes’ grow out of the beaker. This was most certainly an irreversible change.

With only a week to go before our theatre performance, Elder class had their final in-school rehearsal with Annie. We have thought about how our characters will enter the stage in character. We are really getting good with our lines. It’s getting exciting…

Seven of our year 6s have been chosen by Mrs Blythe to learn to play the hand bells ready for a performance at the Christmas Carol Concert. They had a superb first lesson today and could play a recognisable version of Good King Wenceslas by the end of their session. Great work!

In English Elders were debating the topic of detentions in small groups. There was some great use of  ‘dare to disagree’ openers and opinions presented as facts. Some serious-looking faces were evident in the désire to present the best argument


October 2017

There was great hilarity during our rehearsals this week when the drunken gaberdine scene was in progress. It’s all coming together.

In PE with Tom this term we are doing gymnastics. Today we had to plan and execute a routine in pairs. The routine needed to involve a roll, a balance and a travelling move. Good cooperation and listening skills were needed.

In maths we wee looking at fractions that added to make one whole one. We used fraction cubes to help us and then looked for patterns in the numbers. We discovered the denominators often shared common factors/multiples.

These fractions didn’t share factors but still added to one because the fractions with common factors/multiples totalled a half each. Si 1/5 + 1/5 + 1/10 = 1/2 and 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/8 = 1/2.

However these fractions didn’t work:

We thought about how we could change the 2/10 so the fractions added to 1 and discovered that replacing 2/10 with 1/8 and 1/12 meant we reached the target total of one – great stickability and cooperation demonstrated.


We had a great time today with Mr Williamson (helped by Mr Fuller) pressing apples to make apple juice. We learnt some types of apples and used our strength to juice the apples. We even ate some of the pulp. It was all delicious! Thank you to Mr Williamson and Mr Fuller for giving your time to Elder class and helping us do something new.

Our rehearsals of The Tempest are going well. Annie was so impressed with how we had got on with our tableaux. ELder were fantastic during today’s rehearsal for scene 2: great listening skills and enthusiasm. I am very proud of you all.

We had the best science lesson ever today: we had to taste chocolate! We looked at the texture, colour and brittleness and also checked the smell and taste when the chocolate was solid, melted and re-solidified. We tested ‘Cadburys buttons’ and chocolate candy buttons. We discovered the candy buttons had a higher sugar content and were more ‘grainy’ when re-solidified. The change was a reversible change but the taste did change.

Oh my goodness! I have been overwhelmed by the brilliance of the projects produced by my class. They had to research a famous British person and present their findings. Have a look at this sample of wonderful ideas – such creativity!

Science was great fun this week! We were looking at reversible and irreversible changes and we had a morning of flames and colour.

Elder class had a great afternoon with Annie rehearsing scene one of The Tempest. The children had some amazing ideas of how to stage their production. We will have lots of rehearsing to do before next Wednesday when Annie comes again.

In English we are learning to use colons and semi-colons in lists. Here are some of our first efforts.


Diwali Day was great fun! It was lovely to see the year 6s supporting the younger children and showing themselves to be great role models during the different activities. A special thank you to Izzy and Hollie for great washing up skills to make sure our classroom looked neat and tidy at the end of the day.

In science Elder class learned about electro-plating and managed to copper plate an iron nail using a copper pin and copper sulphate solution. We are practising writing up investigations too.

Our amazing Elder cross country runners at the BSP event. A great team!

Elders had a fabulous trip to Conservatoire East to watch The Tempest. The actors portrayed their parts brilliantly and we got lots of tips ready for our performance. There were some very funny scenes too, which we all enjoyed – a true Shakespeare comedy.

Elder class enjoyed the autumn sunshine during their rugby lesson today. They demonstrated good passing skills and excellent teamwork.


Well done to Lana, Elle and Poppy for organising the fundraising for Macmillan activities. The cakes looked amazing! A fantastic £401.04 was raised – absolutely brilliant!

In history we acted out the poem ‘Danegeld’ by Rudyard Kipling.

In maths we made ‘the sieve of Eratosthenes’ to investigate prime numbers.

In science this week we were looking at combustion. We soaked paper in water and then set light to it. It didn’t burn. We then soaked it in ethanol and it ignited immediately when we put a flame to it. We soaked Mrs Bigg’s £5 note in a mixture of water and ethanol and it ignited immediately but then the flame quickly went out and the money was unharmed!

September 2017

Mr Mason and two ex-pupils, Aurelia and Mikhim, came in to speak to Elder class about Sybil Andrews today. The children In Elder asked some very good questions in their attempts to find out more about their possible secondary school. Sybil Andrews have an open evening on Wednesday 27th September at 6.30pm – all welcome.

Science was all about nappies today! We dissected a nappy to find the hydrogel crystals inside and then investigated how much water they would absorb and the effect on the volume of the crystals of adding different amounts of water. We used cooperation and independence to read and follow the instructions. We recorded our results in a table and then put the data into a line graph before drawing a conclusion from our graph.

Elder class had a great workshop this afternoon with Annie from the Theatre Royal. In groups, they had to freeze-frame phrases from The Tempest like ‘brave vessel’ and ‘wooden slavery’. They showed fantastic creativity.

The Elders were amazing at working out which lines, that Annie gave them, belonged to which character from the play. They acted in character, moving and speaking in role. They practised using iambic pentameter to say their lines.  It was a great afternoon and we are all very excited about our project!

We were using our knowledge of place value and rounding to solve a bar model problem in maths today. We worked in pairs and showed superb cooperation and stickability. A special well done to Owen and Aiesha who found the solution to this tricky problem and explained their reasoning beautifully.

Well done to Owen who was the  player of the year for Bury Cricket Club Falcons under 11s team. A great achievement!

In English we began our Shakespeare project and acted out the story of The Tempest (a 20 minute version). We put our scenes together to make a play.

In art we investigated the effect of using different patterns in our work. We think our final pictures look really effective.



In English we wrote a dialogue between two characters and made sure our speech punctuation was accurate and that we interwove narrative to make it more interesting. We were really impressed with Izzy’s writing.

In English we were using pathetic fallacy to build tension and create mood in our writing. We watched a film clip called ‘Wing’ and then wrote an opening to the story. Joseph and Elle were ‘super-proud’ of their opening.

Our first Empiribox science lesson of the year went with a bang and some impressive green fire! We were great at remembering how to spot a chemical reaction and there were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ when the reaction happened. We made an amazing discovery about hair gel too.


Elder class had a visit from Mr Walker and Mr Gower from King Edward VI Upper School to talk about transition. They listened really carefully to the information given and asked some really interesting questions. All of the pupils were invited to attend the open evening at King Edwards on 12th October from 6pm to 8pm and the ‘super science Saturday’ on 23rd September between 10am and 2pm.

In PE we are practising our rugby skills with Tom this half term.

In science we learnt about how light helps us to see objects. We used cooperation to plan and make a short educational film to explain the process.

IMG_0860 IMG_1022 IMG_1187

Elder class had their first session as Circle Time Leaders on Friday afternoon. It was fantastic to see the year 6s taking  on new responsibilities and interacting so positively with the younger pupils.