Elder Class Archive

Summer term 2017


Maxwell gave a superb (and very detailed) explanation of stars for his extended project. He presented his work to the class and we all learnt lots of new facts. There was even audience participation! Well done, Maxwell – great research project!

Years 5 and 6 took part in a ‘work skills’ session led by some of our governors. We are designing and completing a set of ‘Top Trumps’ style cards with different occupations on them and we need your help! A letter will be coming home with full details.

We held our own election in Elder class after reading the manifestos of the different parties.  The vote went to the Green Party.

PCSO Grant  Skeggs came to visit us today. He talked to us about keeping safe online. He also talked about our move to secondary school. Check us out on Twitter at




Elder class had a fabulous (if not ‘slightly’ damp) visit to Park Farm today. They risk assessed the farm for pupil visits, worked out the profit from a field of crops, matched the names and prices of farm machinery to the items in the barn, put together and decorated a boot jack and fed the lambs and chickens. Thank you to Alice for your wonderful hospitality and also to Carol Willcocks and Katie Haselhurst for your help during the day.

Elder class are planning a film trailer about a super-hero with Mrs Bennett. They are working in pairs to plan their super-hero. It was great fun!

Elder class had another great cricket lesson with Tom – made even better due to the beautiful, sunny day. They played mini-games and we saw some great batting, bowling and fielding skills.

In geography, Elder class are learning about trade, imports and exports. In order to understand the importance of trading to countries, we played a game where groups of pupils (acting as a country) had various resources but a common goal to try to maximise their profit. They had to negotiate and trade with other groups in an attempt to get hold of valuable (and limited) resources. We discovered that Josh is a ‘wheeler dealer’ but a good diplomat too! It was noisy and exciting – great fun!

In maths we enjoyed problem solving and developing strategies to ensure we could win every time! there was some fabulous mathematical thinking going on!

Spring term 2017


Summer’s over but Elder class had a great rugby lesson with Sam today. They worked on their core strength before playing a game. Elder class really focused on stopping the opposition from getting the ball through great catching and movement.

Elder class did their own version of the ‘haka’ too!


It was proper cricket weather today and Elder class enjoyed a new version of the game. It was fast and furious and there were some great batting and fielding skills to be seen.

In maths Elder used used their knowledge of probability to try to give them a tactical advantage in a dice adding game to 100. It was fun!

SATS are OVER!! We can relax and enjoy the sunshine!

To celebrate the end of SATS, Elder class had a fun day on Friday. We made a picnic lunch including chocolate chip cookies, watched a film, had a picnic, used our coding skills with Lego Wedo and played rounders! A fun, busy day!


Monday morning…….The stage was set…..

Breakfast top-up available……

Working memory booster in place  (you never know it might help)…..

Elder enjoyed their English/ICT lesson with Mrs Bennett once paper one was done and dusted!

Elder class did some grammar revision by completing a SPaG treasure hunt! It was good fun and got quite competitive. We know our prepositions from our subordinating conjunctions!

Sophie wrote an excellent response to an image they had for early morning work. She build up tension well and used personification to good effect.

In science we were looking at Venus Fly Traps. We tested what happened when we touched the inside of the leaves and then researched them on the ipads and wrote notes. Finally we wrote reports about Venus Fly Traps.


In PE, Elder did rugby with Sam and cricket with Tom this week.


Elder class practised their observation skills during science by drawing observational drawings of leaves and then using a microscope to look in close detail and make further observations. Some of the Elders even looked at their eyelashes and hair under the microscopes!

For early morning work, Elder class had a picture of a baby orangutan hiding under a leaf in the rain. Tilly and Maxwell wrote these descriptions:

Elder class had a fantastic first PE lesson with Sam from Bury Rugby Club. They focused on core strength, passing and avoiding losing the ball when defenders were in place. It was great fun and Sam praised the class for their excellent behaviour too – well done!

Aurelia, Eddie and Eliza took part in the Chadacre Challenge during the Easter holiday. You all did an amazing job – well done!


Elder class proved you are not too old in year 6 to enjoy a good Easter egg hunt. A special well done to the kind members of the class who shared their find with others who were less successful at searching.

Elder class had a great time at the Science Roadshow – there were lots of bangs, flashes and squeals of delight! Well done Mrs Bigg for your participation too!

Cooking was the order of the day in the morning to make Easter themed cupcakes – yum!

Elder class had a great time at Crucial Crew on Friday afternoon and learnt lots of useful information about keeping safe in a variety of situations. A special well done to the silver circles for their special mention for being enthusiastic, knowledgeable and focused learners during the session.

Elder class thoroughly enjoyed acting scenes from the Shakespeare play Macbeth. They used cooperation, creativity, independence and motivation and demonstrated some excellent acting abilities! Well done for working showing such enthusiasm.

In science, Elder class were looking at changes in mass during a chemical reaction. We tested paper and found it lost mass but wire wool gained mass. Can you explain why?



Elder class had a great time during the whole school science enrichment day on Friday. It was fabulous seeing the year 6s supporting the younger pupils and showing themselves to be such great role models.



In PE we are improving our boxercise skills every week.

In science we were testing whether surface area had an effect on the speed of a chemical reaction. We had to use careful observation skills (which was quite tricky) to see exactly when the reaction was completed. We drew graphs of our results and wrote up the full investigation.

In science we were investigating the speed of chemical reactions. We found the nail in the water was a slow reaction whereas the methylated spirit and flame was very quick. We tested whether if we doubled the amount of methylated spirit, the time taken for the chemical reaction to complete also doubled. The icing sugar ‘explosion’ was a bit less spectacular than we were anticipating! Good job we had a film of Mr Hepper practising to watch too!

Well done to Aurelia and Madeleine for organising a jumble sale to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. You raised an impressive £78.92 – well done. Thank you to everyone who donated items for the sale (they were much appreciated). Any items remaining were taken to a variety of charity shops including Mencap and Sue Ryder so all donated items will raise funds for charitable causes. You did a great job girls – superb motivation, cooperation and creativity! We are proud of you!

Elder class had a very busy day on Thursday celebrating World Book Day and visiting Golden Wood for their step 7 Seed to Tree session. In the woods Elder class were undertaking formative pruning, felling and lopping. There was some excellent cooperation, motivation and stickability to be seen. An extra special thank you to Elizabeth and Grenville Clarke together with the Forest for our Children helpers and our wonderful parent helpers. Well done Elders, you did us all proud!

We had some great costumes for World Book Day – which characters can you spot?

Elder class had a lovely time reading with the Acorns. It was fantastic to see the positive relationships between the oldest and youngest pupils in the school. Thank you Acorn class for letting us visit – we promise we will come again soon!

We have been reading short stories written by Shaun Tan and did a drama improvisation based on ‘No other country.’ It was good fun and our performances were very different but all fabulous (and very Shaun Tan!)

Elder class have a class pet! Not the furry type or the swimming kind but one that needs feeding and keeps growing daily. Even better, he is one that we can eat at the end of the week although he won’t die. Meet Bob, our sour dough pet! Keep checking back to this page to watch him grow……


Tuesday….Bob had grown over night (and was a bit more pungent too). Sophie kindly fed and watered him and we left him alone to do his thing….

Thank you Elizabeth for feeding and watering Bob today (Wednesday).  He is growing by the day and we are enjoying watching him change.

D-day for Bob arrived and, after one last meal, we shared him out and made him into bread rolls! Then we cooked him and enjoyed eating him with jam and butter! We like chemical reactions with food: they are yummy!




Elder class had a fantastic time on Shrove Tuesday taking part in pancake races with the test of the school. Well done for supporting the younger children and making sure that everyone had a great time!

In science, Elder class looked at exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions. We had a demonstration and had the opportunity to feel the effect of the endothermic reaction. Then we did our own investigations and took careful measurements before presenting them in a table and then by means of a line graph, which showed the continuous data perfectly.

Elder class had a superb PE lesson with Tom doing ‘boxercise’. At last the weather was warm and dry enough to go outside on the playground.

In science we were investigating whether different metals reacted with different acids. Then we did a class demonstration of hydrochloric and sulphuric acids with magnesium so we could truly appreciate the ‘hydrogen pop’!

Elder class are busy making collage pictures in art. They look great!


Elder class have been learning about algebra in maths this week. We wrote formulae for the nth term of a sequence Andy our tuner had to offer draw the first three terms of that sequence.


We have been writing introductions to discussion texts thinking about stating what we are going to discuss without expressing our opinion. It is quite difficult! We thought about using rhetorical questions as a hook to encourage our reader to continue to read our texts.

Well done to the year 6 Singstar girls – Aurelia, Eliza, Lucy, Madeleine and Tilly. Your group performed two songs in assembly today and wowed the audience. You have organised the club from the first session through to the final performance and have showed great independence, cooperation, creativity, motivation and stickability – you should be very proud of yourselves.

Eliza and Lucy impressed us all with their dance routine to Little Mix’s ‘Shout out to my ex’, which they had choreographed themselves (with some help from Tilly). Great moves girls! You showed creativity and independence.


Today Elder class wrote their own discussion texts. The topic for discussion was whether Michael’s family (from Kensuke’s Kingdom) should sell up and set sail around the world. We had to think about the good things about sailing the seven seas and the bad things too before coming to a reasoned decision in our conclusion.

Elder class enjoyed baking ready for the NSPCC bake sale. They used superb cooperation in their groups. This cooperation together with motivation and stickability was also evident in the maths relay challenge. When the problems got tough, Elder class rose to the challenge, stuck at it and tried and tried until a solution was found. We are proud of you all! A special mention to our relay winners Alice and Tilly, Posy for her fabulous work on the chess board problem and Archie for his enthusiasm throughout all of the activities.


Our wet playtime games that we bought with the profit from our ‘Make £5 Grow’ enterprise scheme have arrived! Bring on the rain!

img_3064 img_3065

Elder class wrote a class poem called ‘Lesser known but not less important’ based on a poem by A F Harrold. We had to think of disgusting creatures which do jobs that help humans. We really enjoyed writing our poem!


We wrote some poems based on the poem Stephen Slowcoach by A F Harrold. We recited them to the class.

img_3051 img_3052 img_3054 img_3055

Our project homework for this half term was to investigate a physical geographical feature in the UK and then present our findings to the class. Here are some of our projects for you to enjoy.





In science we started our chemistry topic by doing the ‘whoosh bottle’ investigation. We joined with year 4 to watch the demonstration. Elder class used their scientific observation skills to confirm a chemical reaction had taken place. Your challenge Elder class (if you wish to accept it) is to explain what happened and more importantly why it happened to someone at home.


Elder class used their hand at matching grammatical terms to their definitions or to examples. It made grammar more fun!

Madeleine shared her presentation about Antoine De Lavoisier with the class. It was well planned and she even has lollies for prizes! Great research, Madeleine.


Our year 6 book club/shop opened for business today and trade was brisk. Lots of books were sold and several children started their savings plans towards buying a book they really want. Don’t forget to come along on Wednesday lunchtimes to see the books we have for sale or to start saving towards a new book.


In science we were testing the speed of diffusion of different oils – sandalwood, orange blossom and lavender. We had to see how long it took for the smell of different scented oils  to reach our noses!  We collected data and tried to draw a conclusion from the data we had. We discovered that there were too many variables and so our data was invalid. Elder classroom did smell lovely though!

We wrote poems about our dreams and the new made dream catchers.

Lucy impressed us all with her  talent for knitting. Her grandma had taught her and she had knitted a whole blanket and even made Pom poms for decoration! Fantastic!

Elder class had a great day celebrating Chinese New Year. They enjoyed making lanterns and dragons, writing Chinese letters, tasting Chinese food, learning the story of how the years were named and cooking chow mein and spring rolls.


Well done to Lucy and Eliza for showing excellent independence and organisational skills in organising a cake and book sale.

Elder class had a fabulous time at Howard  Primary School learning badminton skills with Anthony Clarke, an Olympian! We learnt new skills and enjoyed playing against a pro! Our behaviour was excellent and we did All Saints’ proud.

Autumn term 2016


We finished the term off nicely with whole school bingo and a visit from the man in red! Have a great Christmas, Elder class.

img_3113 img_3114 img_3115 img_3134 img_3135

Aurelia demonstrated her dancing prowess with  a display to years 3, 5 and 6. A very polished performance – well done!

img_3072 img_3074

Elder had a busy morning making cookie jar gifts and reindeer shortbread.

img_3057 img_3059 img_3060 img_3061

Our stalls at the Christmas Fayre were a great success and we made a profit of £103.23! We are going to spend this money on games to play during wet playtimes as, at present, we don’t have any games/toys in our new building. Thank you to everyone who supported our stalls and helped us to make wet playtimes less boring!

Elder class had a fabulous time at the pantomime -oh yes they did! They did a great job helping to look after the pupils in Acorn and Oak classes. Well done.

img_2872 img_2874 img_2879 img_2881 img_2882 img_2883

We had a great time asking our table decorations as part of Christmas decoration morning.  We think they look fabulous! Light the candle at your own risk!

img_2829 img_2830 img_2832 img_2833 img_2841 img_2845 img_2848

After making table decorations, Elder class had last minute baking and preparations for tomorrow’s Christmas Fayre.

img_2863 img_2864 img_2865 img_2866 img_2867 img_2868

Even singing club had a festive theme that is week – lots of Christmas songs and fun actions too!

img_2869 img_2870

Well done to Adam and Maxwell for a superb performance in assembly with year 4 and the year 5 ‘play on’ pupils.

img_3108 img_3109

On Thursday we had Mike Chumbley in to help us with our Christingle making. Then, in the afternoon, Elder class led the Christingle service at the church. The whole school sang beautifully and special thanks go to Mr Noble-Jamieson for playing for us too.

img_2785 img_2786 img_2789img_0956img_0957img_0958img_0959img_0960img_0962img_0964

Madeleine presented her research on the River Deveron to the class as part of her geography homework project. Superb presentation – well done!


Elder class had a great time making rockets in science – it actually was ‘rocket science’! We made the rockets and then tested whether the angle of projection had an influence on the distance the rocket travelled. We collated our data and found the average distance rockets travelled at each angle tested.

img_2766 img_2770 img_2772 img_2775 img_2781 img_2796img_2797img_2800img_2812img_2815



We have received the official Hamlet photos from Georgina – they are fantastic. The video is still being edited but I will let you know as soon as we get a copy. Here is a message from Georgina too:

Thank you so much for all those beautiful letters, I enjoyed reading them so much. I loved working with your kids, they’re a credit to you, your school and all the great work you do.

yh2-1 yh3-2 yh5-1 yh6-1 yh7-1 yh8 yh9 yh10 yh11 yh13 yh14 yh15 yh16 yh17

A massive well done to our head girl, Sophie, for organising and holding a bake sale for Children in Need. Sophie raised a fantastic £140.30 for this worthy cause. A fantastic achievement!

children-in-need-2016-036-1 children-in-need-2016-035


Well done to Alice, Sophie and Sophie who performed to the whole school in assembly on their guitars. This is part of their Saints’ Award – showcasing a talent. They were brilliant and  very polished performers.

img_2654 img_2656

Elder class took part in the BBC Get Scientific Live Lesson today. It was all about electricity (our new science topic). After the live lesson, we tested whether things conducted electricity with a special light up buzzer stick kindly lent to us by Mr Hepper.  We made lots of predictions based on our existing scientific knowledge and then we tested our clothing and different body parts – it was great fun!

img_2632 img_2633

img_2634 img_2639 img_2647 img_2650

Our cake sale was a great success – thank you to everyone who came along and supported us. We raised an impressive £41.00! Special thanks to the year 6 girls who stayed behind to help run the sale – you did a great job!

img_2739 img_2740 img_2741 img_2742

Elder class had a fantastic session this morning getting prepared for the cake stall tomorrow. They used lots of cooking skills as well as demonstrating various learning behaviours: motivation, independence, cooperation, creativity and stickability. Some of them even showed their super washing up skills!

img_2664 img_2667 img_2669 img_2673 img_2675 img_2676 img_2680 img_2681 img_2683 img_2684 img_2685

In science we investigated the effect of air pressure. We used our prediction skills and then our observational skills. Adam and Sophie enjoyed getting hands on experience!

img_2693 img_2699 img_2712 img_2716 img_2726img_2744

Well done to Posy for being joint winner of the  aged 9 and 10 years aggregate cup at Felixstowe dance festival –  you are  a star!


In English today we held a debate on the topic of: junk food should be banned. We had researched arguments for and against and we presented facts and our opinions too. At the end of the debate we had a vote. Next week we will be debating: social media should be banned for all people under 13 years old.

img_2601 img_2602 img_2605 img_2611

In geography we were learning about the different types of weathering. We did investigations to see the effects of physical, chemical and biological weathering.



Aurelia was on Chris Evans’ show on Radio 2 this morning giving a shout out for our Hamlet performance. Listen at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0819yg6 (about 59 minutes in!)

Aurelia received a signed postcard from Chris Evans for appearing on his show!

img_2594 img_2595


img_2554 img_2555img_2558 img_2559

The stage is set; Elder class are ready to go………


We are having our final rehearsals for Hamlet and the performance is looking great! Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect on Monday.

img_2508 img_2515

img_2518 img_2527 img_2533 img_2538img_2541 img_2548

In science we were investigating air resistance by designing parachutes to deliver an egg safely to the ground.  We discovered that the larger a parachute the greater the air resistance and therefore the slower the object falls to the ground. We had to use co-operation when designing the parachutes and making them.  Then we used our observation skills when carrying out the experiment.

img_2562 img_2563img_2566 img_2572img_2578 img_2579

Alice did a fantastic job entertaining Elder class with her guitar playing. Her performance was brilliant! She is going to join with Sophie and Sophie and perform to the whole school during an assembly soon.

img_2504 img_2505

Elder class wrote some word problems of their own. Some of them were very challenging. Mrs Kemp was super impressed with our questions so we are going to use them in our next maths lesson to practise our problem solving skills.


In science we investigated how hydrodynamic different shaped objects were. We used our prediction skills and then our observation skills.

img_2498 img_2501 img_2502


Well done to Adam, Archie, Lucy and Maxwell for completing their times tables grids in under 5 minutes. Special congratulations to Archie for being the fastest ‘times tabler’ in Elder Class.


In science we were investigating angles of incidence and reflection. We used our maths skills to measure the angles using a protractor. We used cooperation when working in our groups.

img_2425 img_2426 img_2427 img_2429

We also made colour wheels which was great fun!

img_2478 img_2479 img_2481

Elder class had a great time manning the stalls at our enterprise event as part of the whole school ‘Harvest Celebration’. Superb cooperation and excellent motivation were needed to be successful. We will count our takings after half-term and calculate profit so far. Elder class will then plan their activities for their stalls at the Christmas Fayre based on what sold best this time. Thank you to everyone who visited Elder class and helped to make this event a success.

img_2483 img_2486 img_2489



We wanted to say a huge thank you to Mr Williamson from all of us in Elder class for coming in and showing us how to make apple juice as part of our harvest event. It was a fantastic experience and the juice was delicious!

img_2438 img_2443 img_2452 img_2461 img_2468 img_2473 img_2475 img_2477

Maxwell wrote an excellent short story. He has a keen sense of his audience demonstrated through his dialogue with the reader. Maxwell kept me intrigued until the end and the superb ‘finish’ left me wanting more! What more could you want from a story?


Elder class are busy getting ready for their ‘enterprise sale’ on Friday after school at the Harvest Event. They are making cat cupcakes, friendship bracelets, tea-light jars, paper aeroplanes, cinnamon leaves and much more! Please come along to Elder class after school on Friday to support the children and sample their wares!

img_2387 img_2388 img_2392 img_2420 img_2421

More of our class has done presentations of their homework projects this week. They have used curiosity with their research and motivation too as the work has been done independently. Completing a presentation is one of the strands on our Saints’ Award.

img_2371 img_2411

A few parents have asked for support in helping their child with division at home so I have put together a short video tutorial of the method they have learnt in school. I hope it helps!






In science we investigated pulleys and pivot points and Sophie and Posy wrote up their findings with diagrams to support their writing.

img_0238 img_0239

Tilly wrote a superb contemporary dialogue based on a scene from ‘Hamlet’. She used accurate speech punctuation, and commas to mark additional clauses and parenthesis.


Sophie wrote a fantastic description of a setting from a short film. She created atmosphere through her use of expanded noun phrases, precise vocabulary and punctuation.


We joined with Willow and Lime classes to see the effect of using pulleys when trying to lift different objects with very different masses. Initially, Tilly lifted a bucket using her own strength and then tried again using a pulley. She discovered it was easier when she used the pulley especially when she moved away from the pivot point. Mrs Millyard tried to lift the picnic bench with one pulley and it was very hard work! Sophie made it look easy when there was two pulleys. We discovered that two pulleys halved the force needed to lift the bench. Using three pulleys made it even easier!

img_2353 img_2355 img_2358

In science this week we used our knowledge of friction to build balloon powered vehicles. We took photos of each stage and made an iMovie of our progress and final design. We used lots of cooperation working together and sharing ideas and stickability too as being a vehicle designer proved quite tricky.


img_2333 img_2337 img_2338 img_2345

Some of the children in Elder class did presentations of their homework to the rest of the class. Their homework task was to research a famous scientist and present their findings in whatever form they wanted. They had the option to do a formal presentation to the rest of the class (which counts for the ‘presentation strand’ of their Saints’ award). We learnt more about Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Edward Jenner, Elsie Widdowson and Ivan Pavlov from some excellent presentations.

img_2323 img_2326 img_2328 img_2329img_2307

Elder class are making a great job of being ‘Circle Time Leaders’ across all classes in the school. They visit their given class every other Friday and lead a circle time session within that class. So far they have had a ‘getting to know you’ session and a session where they discussed what everyone likes best about All Saints’.  It is lovely to see the oldest pupils in the school taking on these additional responsibilities and leadership roles.

img_2308 img_2309 img_2311 img_2312


Science was great fun this week! We used force-meters to measure the forces needed to push and pull objects. Mrs Kemp became a magician and pulled a cloth from beneath a glass beaker without any breakages! Finally we made iMovie films about friction.

img_2262 img_2264 img_2271img_2276img_2282img_2300


Well done to Sophie for performing some tunes on her guitar for the class. We were all most impressed! Sophie’s fantastic music skills demonstrated her motivation and stickability with her extra curricula music lessons. Well done.


Eliza and Lucy did a presentation to the class of their homework, which they had prepared together. They used  the whiteboard and explained all about Marie Curie and her life. Well done, girls – great cooperation and motivation.


Elder class had a brilliant time at the Theatre Royal where they watched Hamlet. It has given them an insight into how to stage the play ready for their response piece. After the performance, Elder class had a question and answer session with the cast.  Well done Elder class for superb behaviour and fabulous enthusiasm.

image image imageimg_2237


Elder class had a wonderful time during their science lesson this week. They carried out an experiment to see what happened when they put a vitamin C tablet in a canister and inverted it. Elder class were then challenged to try and make the canister go higher by changing one of the variables. They tried the amount of tablets and the amount of water. It was great fun watching the canisters ‘pop’ and shoot into the air. The ipads were used to film the investigations and we then watched them back on the whiteboard. Finally the children presented their findings in a short video clip.

img_2166 img_2167 img_2171 img_2187

img_0041 img_0046



Elder class began their rehearsals for their performance of Hamlet. Georgina came in to tell us all about the staging and we learnt about ‘stage left’ and ‘stage right’ and the other features of the stage at the Theatre Royal. We went through our scenes and annotated our scripts with additional stage directions and notes to help us remember what to do. There is lots to remember but we will show stickability and motivation and ‘it will be all right on the night!’


Well done to Adam on the achievement of his Chief Scout’s Silver Award. Adam had to complete several challenge activity badges including his global and global conservation badges.  Great motivation – well done!


In history we learnt about Danegeld. We read a poem that Rudyard Kipling wrote about Danegeld and then some of us acted out the poem whilst others wrote our own version of a Danegeld poem.

img_2245 img_2247


Well done to Daniel Marshall for taking part in the annual Historic Church Sponsored Bike Ride event again this year. Daniel cycled a little over 40 miles during his 7.75 hour ride and managed to visit an impressive 28 churches – a fantastic achievement! We are very proud of you Daniel for showing superb motivation and stickability, whilst supporting local churches.


Elder class had their first session with Georgina from the Theatre Royal this morning as part of our exciting Hamlet project. The children listened to a short story version of Hamlet and then had to freeze frame key scenes and relationships from the play.

img_2221 img_2223 img_2227 img_2232

Well done to Adam Osborne and Maxwell Lyon who both passed their grade 1 cornet exam over the summer. Both boys began playing the cornet in year 4 and continued last year, participating in our ‘play on’ scheme. Adam and Maxwell are continuing their music tuition this year but switching to the French horn. Good luck boys!


Elder class had a great day celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. We had some fabulous costumes, which we paraded to the rest of the school. Later on we made frobscottle, using raspberries, sorbet, ice-cream, cream, lemonade and popping candy. It was delicious – cheers!

frodscottle img_2113 img_2116 img_2118 img_2126 img_2128

The staff did a great job of dressing up as characters from Roahl Dahl stories too!

img_2109 ks1 staff

We solved maths problems involving the characters from Roald Dahl books and then planned some characters whose appearance did not match their appearance, like the BFG.

img_2134 posy-and-mikhim

In science we were looking at forces and discovering the effects of gravity and air pressure. Although gravity was pulling the plastic square in a downwards direction, air pressure was working against this and it stopped the plastic falling off!

IMG_2021 IMG_2028

It was impossible to pull the Magdeburg spheres apart as the air pressure was too great. We gave it a good go though!


The greater air pressure outside the flask then inside it caused the egg to be pushed into the flask.  We had to heat the flask to raise the pressure inside to get the egg out again!

IMG_2091 IMG_2099


Elder Class enjoyed a game of tchoukball this afternoon with Tom in our PE lesson. We had three attackers and one defender and the attackers had to try to bounce the ball off the net and catch it without the defender intercepting it.

IMG_1968 IMG_1971 IMG_1973