Elder Class

Welcome to Year 6, Elder Class.


Friday 25th May is a PD day and the school will be closed for all pupils.

The week ahead:

This week in maths we are learning to: solve problems.

This week in English we are learning to:  write a non-chronological report.

This week in science we are learning to: plan an investigation about thermal energy.

Our week in class:

Elder class made scones for our whole school street party, then enjoyed sharing the food prepared by the other classes. We had a great time playing games like duck, duck, goose, splat, wink murder and heads down thumbs up on the field.

Day 4 and it’s the end of SATs for Elder class 2018. Well done for showing excellent motivation and stickability. You have done yourselves proud – we think you are fantastic!

Day 3 over and done with. We had a pitch invasion during our celebration football match,

Second day of SATS over and done with and we are all still smiling. We thought we would share our celebration of today’s test being completed with you! Elder class certainly celebrate in ‘style’!!

First day of SATS over and done with! Twenty – three smiling children in Elder class. Great positivity!

Elder class had a very busy Friday. They completed their nature-inspired art pictures and began some pattern pictures based on Islamic art. A lot of very careful pencil and ruler work was required.

Elders had an arithmetic treasure hunt on the field and the playground. There was some great cooperation and lots of motivation to be seen.

A great deal of excitement was caused by games of Million Pound Drop based on maths reasoning questions and SPaG questions. We had no maths millionaires but an impressive five SPaG millionaires – well done!

What a talented bunch of artists we have in Elder class. Take a look at these nature inspired drawings.

In science we were investigating thermal energy. We discussed why our spiral twirled when a candle was placed below it and predicted what would happen when an ice cube was placed on plastic and metal tiles – which would melt the quickest and why.

Isabelle and Rebecca hosted an assembly about bullying. They prepared a Powerpoint and chose an appropriate video clip and even answered some questions – well done girls.



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Home help

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A video on finding percentages of amounts:

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