Elder Class

Welcome to Year 6, Elder Class.


Don’t forget our parent presentation by Sybil Andrews Academy on Tuesday 25th September at 6pm.

A letter has gone home about our Shakespeare Takeover project. Please send your reply slips in to me by Friday 12th October.

A letter has gone home about your child’s transition to secondary school and the application process with key dates included. Please check your child’s bookbag as action needs to be taken by 31st October and full details are in the letter.

The week ahead:

This week in maths we are learning to: solve fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions involving addition and subtraction.

This week in English we are learning to:  compare characters within Henry V; write an alternative ending to a story.

This week in science we are learning to: understand and compare the life cycles of animals, insects and plants.

Our week in class:

Elder class have begun learning about Henry V ready for our Shakespeare Takeover project. We used the key lines from the play to do a brief synopsis of the whole play with freeze frames and actions. We are all looking forward to our first session with Annie on Monday.

Elder class had another great session with Explore Outdoor. They had to use their cooperation and communication skills to solve various problems including crossing a river on lily pads, crossing a minefield and helping ants to cross a lake!

Elder class had a visit from Mr Gower and Mr Walker from King Edward VI Upper School this week. Isabelle and Lana (pupils from last year’s Elder class) also came along to answer questions too.

In maths, Elder class thoroughly enjoyed playing a ‘Yahtzee’ style game which involved place value. There was lots of healthy competition going on as well as some excellent place value knowledge. Superb motivation and cooperation, Elders.


Newsletters and timetables:

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