Elder Class

Welcome to Year 6, Elder Class.


Don’t forget the presentation by Andy Prestoe from Sybil Andrews Academy on Monday 25th September at 6pm in Elder classroom.

Final reminder for reply slips for our visit to the theatre to watch The Tempest please.

Remember to wear your home clothes and bring some money for a donation and for our after school Macmillan cake stall on Friday 29th September 2017.

Mr Walker and Mr Gower from King Edward VI Upper School are holding a parents’ meeting at All Saints’ on Wednesday 4th October at 5pm. All welcome.

The week in brief:

This week in maths we are learning to:  Solve multiplication and division problems; solve long division; find factor pairs to help solve divisions.

This week in English we are learning to: understand the difference between direct and indirect speech; write a newspaper report based on The Tempest.

This week in science we are learning to: to make predictions and draw conclusions.

Our week in brief:

Science was all about nappies today! We dissected a nappy to find the hydrogel crystals inside and then investigated how much water they would absorb and the effect on the volume of the crystals of adding different amounts of water. We used cooperation and independence to read and follow the instructions. We recorded our results in a table and then put the data into a line graph before drawing a conclusion from our graph.

Elder class had a great workshop this afternoon with Annie from the Theatre Royal. In groups, they had to freeze-frame phrases from The Tempest like ‘brave vessel’ and ‘wooden slavery’. They showed fantastic creativity.

The Elders were amazing at working out which lines, that Annie gave them, belonged to which character from the play. They acted in character, moving and speaking in role. They practised using iambic pentameter to say their lines.  It was a great afternoon and we are all very excited about our project!

We were using our knowledge of place value and rounding to solve a bar model problem in maths today. We worked in pairs and showed superb cooperation and stickability. A special well done to Owen and Aiesha who found the solution to this tricky problem and explained their reasoning beautifully.

Well done to Owen who was the  player of the year for Bury Cricket Club Falcons under 11s team. A great achievement!

In English we began our Shakespeare project and acted out the story of The Tempest (a 20 minute version). We put our scenes together to make a play.

In art we investigated the effect of using different patterns in our work. We think our final pictures look really effective.




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