Elder Class

Welcome to Year 6, Elder Class.


Good luck Elder class – show your new schools what you are capable of and have a great summer! We will miss you all.

Have a great summer, Elder class!

The week in brief:

This week in maths we are learning:

This week in English we are learning: 

This week in science we are learning:

Our week in brief:

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful Elder class parents for the bench they kindly bought for our school to commemorate our first every year 6 class. It is fabulous and will act as a lasting reminder of an amazing class.

Friday – last day for sixteen of our Elders. We all had a great Forest School session with Acorn class in Frithy Wood. There were lots of memories and laughs and some discoveries (Madeleine’s chair in the shed!)

Elder class then spent some time looking through their fabulous year books (kindly purchased by the PTA) before getting their t-shirts and year books signed. After lunch it was time to prepare the food for our barbecue including Eton mess, guacamole, coleslaw, vegetable kebabs and lots more.

All too soon the end of school arrived and our barbecue began with a class game of football on the field before we ate chicken burgers and hot dogs, ice creams and Eton mess. A great time was had by all before our final goodbyes.

Good luck Elder class – show your new schools what you are capable of and have a great summer! We will miss you all.

Thursday – we had our long awaited trip to the play area in the village (postponed from the end of SATS week)! It was great fun enjoying the play equipment and football in different surroundings with the whole class. We even fitted in some lemonade and biscuits – yum!

After the play area, some of the class visited The Willows Residential Home in Lawshall to hand over the ‘twiddle blankets’ that we had made with Mrs Bigg in DT. It was lovely for the children to share their work with the residents and to explain how they had made them.

At long last the day of our performance dawned. Elder class you were all amazing and we are so proud of each and every one of you. You did yourselves and us proud – you are all superstars!

Wednesday – our  final dress rehearsal for the leavers’ play went brilliantly – we are ready and raring to go tomorrow night. Here’s a sneak preview of some scenes …..

Posy did a DT-based extended project.  She renovated an old chair and painted and used decopage to make it look shiny and new. It was  amazing and her accompanying PowerPoint explained the process beautifully. Great creativity, Posy.

Superb Powerpoints on the physiology of the horse (Sophie) and Alcatraz (Tilly). Fabulous curiosity and motivation – well done!

Ailments of the horse


Sophie told us all about the Little Princess Trust and explained how she is going to have her hair cut so she can provide hair to this charity to be made into wigs for children who have undergone chemotherapy as part of their cancer treatment. Well done, Sophie – you are a star!

A special thank you to Mrs Copping for our fabulous leavers’ lunch today (Tuesday). We all sat together and shared a final school dinner specially chosen by the children. It was delicious!

Elder class enjoyed a final visit to Golden Wood today (Monday) when they had a memory walk through all of the activities they have undertaken during their seven years of taking part in the Seed to Tree Programme. We looked at William’s tree on our school field, the tree nursery at school, the ancient oak tree at the entrance to Golden Wood, Kaku’s yew tree, our coppicing, the maze, the new hedge, the trees we planted in year 4, the wind haus and the wild flower meadow. We had a great time completing a nature themed treasure hunt too and had a picnic. It was a great morning. Special thanks to Elizabeth and her helpers Wendy and Lucy. Thank you for the lovely whistles made from hazel wood that every child was given – they loved them!

Friday saw the final activities of our health and fitness week. There was some great cooperation at playtime with the building of a huge speed stack pyramid!

Elder class had a ‘farm to fork’ talk from Hollow Trees Farm. They investigated the ingredients that make up pizzas – what they are and where they come from. Then we made a human pizza!

Sports day was fantastic! Elder class showed themselves to be competitive but great ‘sports’ too.  Well done.

Thursday saw Elder class all dressed up and raring to go on the fancy dress walk. They looked fabulous and showed amazing motivation when participating in the walk. Well done!

Wednesday has been a fun day too! Elder class had a sports day practice and then chilled out by making dips for our vegetables and smoothies to drink. We had mango and banana and strawberry – yummy!

In the afternoon we did orienteering, parachute games and archery.

Tuesday – we started the day with Aurelia leading the whole school in a ‘Wake and Shake’ session supported by Eliza and Tilly. Great job girls! Everyone had a fabulous time.

After the session, the year 6 girls showed the whole school the dance Aurelia had choreographed and taught Elder class in PE. They showed fantastic cooperation, motivation and creativity. You did yourselves and us proud.

Elder class did an investigation into the effect of different activities on our heart rates. We had to find our resting pulse rate and then measure it again after a minute of high intensity exercise.

What a great start to Health and Fitness Week! Elder class were busy, busy, busy today doing all manner of sports activities from speed stacking to handball to circuits and basketball and yoga. It was great fun!

Elder class had a fabulous Forest School session in Frithy Wood with Acorn class today. It was wonderful to see the oldest and youngest children in the school coming together and sharing such a positive experience. Well done Elders for supporting the younger children and showing yourselves as such positive role models. We look forward to our next session on Friday 14th July.

Thank you to Stephen Larner for organising our second work skills session. Elder and Willow classes interviewed seven adults about their different jobs – from an airline pilot to a fashion buyer and an author! The children thoroughly enjoyed asking questions and finding our more about the skills involved for different occupations.Please may we thank all of the professionals who gave up their time to make the morning such a success.

Henry, the Thomson Holidays pilot, sent this feedback of his experience to one of our governors: “I thought everyone there was lovely – I was very impressed with the children they were very polite and very engaging. Whatever you guys are doing there you are doing it well!” What lovely feedback to receive – well done upper key stage 2!

We are investigating mould! In groups the children have planned an investigation to find out factors that influence the rate that mould grows on bread. Our classroom smells like a bakery at the moment – not sure it will still smell so pleasant after a few days. We have dry bread, damp bread, bread in the dark and bread under pressure. On Friday we will compare our results.

Elder class enjoyed their session with the Junk Orchestra today. I hadn’t realised what amazing musicians and dancers they are! Great moves! Who knew you could make such a great tune out of old rubbish – go shaker boy and tube girls!

Aurelia did a great job teaching the class a dance she had choreographed herself in  PE today. Great creativity! Well done to the rest of the class for listening so carefully and following instructions so well.

Greetings from sunny Kingswood !

We have been recapping adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators, including those that gave an answer exceeding one whole. Watch the video clips to remind you how to do it.

We have learnt how to multiply fractions. Watch the clip to remind you what to do.

Here are Sophie and Maxwell, our head girl and boy.


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Well done to Adam, Conor and Sophie for the impressive achievement of gaining 100% attendance last academic year – fantastic!