Elder Class

Welcome to Year 6, Elder Class.


King Edward VI Upper School are running ‘Move up Monday’ sessions. Your child had a flyer about these sessions in November. If you are interested in your child taking part in these sessions, please contact Debbie Dunning at KEUS: DD@king-ed.suffolk.sch.uk

Move Up Mondays sessions

KS2 French day is on Friday 2nd February. The children will be taking part in some French themed activities throughout the day. Children may dress up as a famous French person or wear the colours of the French flag to school.

The week ahead:

This week in maths we are learning to: find percentages of amounts.  Solve problems involving percentages.

This week in English we are learning to: write a short story based on a known traditional tale with a twist.

This week in science we are learning to: understand the effect of exercise on breathing and the dangers of smoking.

Our week in class:

Elder class have written short stories in draft form and have been busy editing using editing stations to really focus their improvements. There was some fabulous cooperation evident throughout the class. I am looking forward to reading the final stories.

Rugby was fun (and muddy) again! Today we played stuck in the mud with the ‘stickers’ touching their peers with the ball to stick them; bulldog with the catchers having to tag the runners as hey passed by; and a game which involved passing five times and then trying to score a try before the opposing team tagged the person with the ball. There was a real competitive edge to the game with some great passing and team tactics.

We had an interesting science lesson today focussing on the respiratory system and the function of different elements of this system particularly the lungs. We made a working model of a lung and then evaluated its effectiveness. There was fantastic motivation and cooperation to be seen across the class.

Elder class have been investigating recycling and designed persuasive posters to try to get their message about the importance of recycling across. We thought about using bright colours, a play on words, snappy sentences and factual information.

Elders had a great rugby session with Dmitri from Bury Rugby Club. They practised passing and intercepting the ball. We saw some excellent tries scored and some fabulous dodging too despite the muddy conditions! I think we are all looking forward to the next session.

Elder class are practising tchoukball in PE with Tom in preparation for the BSP festival.

Three more fabulous presentations on geographical features – well done, Owen, Freddy and Joseph.

Fred’s Fens Project

Blakeney Point OY Dec17 Owen

Josephs project powerpoint

More super Powerpoints: this time from Red, Christopher and Lana. The standard of your research is fantastic and it was a pleasure watching you present your findings to the class.

Blue John cavern – Lana Doggerland Red White Cliffs of Dover Christopher

We had another fabulous project; this time it was from Aiesha about Cheddar Gorge.

We had some more brilliant presentations. Superb creativity evident. Well done Darcy and Izzy.


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A video on finding percentages of amounts:

A video on adding fractions with different denominators:

Here’s ¬†quick video on using prime factors for division:

Here’s a quick video on long division. I hope it is helpful.