Elder Class

Welcome to Year 6, Elder Class.


Well  done, Elders. Your performance tonight was incredible – you are all awesome and we are so proud of each and every one of you. You are all stars.

The third instalment of £50 for Kingswood was due by this Friday, 2nd November.

The week ahead:

This week in maths we are learning to: add and subtract fractions including mixed numbers.

This week in English we are learning to:  understand the subjunctive; use colons and semi-colons to separate clauses; write a letter.

This week in science we are learning to: undertake an investigation into sound.

Our week in class:

Henry V was incredible – you all relished your moment of stardom! Well done to Fergus, who won the competition to design the cover for the programme – great creativity!

Elder class have done their tech run through in preparation for the final performance this evening. They are doing a great job! Elders, your patience is endless – well done.

Elder class showed off their brilliant knowledge of the Great War today when Captain Spiker came to visit. He put them through their paces with a quick drill activity and showed them how to salute an officer. Captain Spiker had tales of life in the trenches and equipment to show. Elder class had a great time – thank you, Captain.

I think our World War 1 art, poetry and poppies make a superb display.

Elder class worked together to find different ways of making a whole using fractions cubes. There was some fabulous cooperation and reasoning going on.

Elder class had a great hockey lesson with Jerry today. They practised dribbling and changing direction. There was lots of competition when it came to getting through as many ‘gates’ as possible in a minute! Superb skills, Elders.

Elder class had their final rehearsal with Annie today. She was really impressed with how their scenes were developing. Watching a professional performance of Henry V last week really helped the class to get into role. It’s looking great!


In art, Elders did pencil drawings depicting the battlefields of World War 1 in the style of Paul Nash. I think they did a great job.

Elder class had a great time at the theatre watching Henry V. They loved spotting their character and their lines as well as picking up some tips on how to portray their characters. Superb behaviour too, Elder class. Apologies for the dark photo – it was the best I could get!

In PE this half term we are doing gym with Tom. We had the equipment out today and had to make a sequence in groups of four. Finally we had to perform the routine to the rest of the class.


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