Elder Class

Welcome to Year 6, Elder Class.


Don’t forget our leavers’ concert at 6pm on Tuesday. Please can the children be in at 5.30pm.

The week ahead:

This week in maths we are learning to:

This week in English we are learning to: 

This week in science we are learning to:

Our week in class:

Well done to the Elder girls who have made their own leavers’ song based on 2002 by Anne Marie. I hope you enjoy it.

Elder class had their final dress rehearsal for the play tomorrow before showing the whole school this afternoon. Well done, Elders, you made Mrs Bigg and me super-proud!

Want to know how to floss? Elder class made some instructional videos to help you learn! Let’s see you floss like a boss!

Health and fitness week day 5: sports day! Elder class showed some fabulous motivation, stickability and cooperation during their races and while supporting others. Well done, Elders, I am proud of you all.

Health and fitness week day 4: We started the  day with a wake and shake session led by Miss Turner and the year 5s. It was great fun!

Elder class played ‘bulldog’ with a twist with Rhys this morning. There was some great tackling and swerving evident and some fantastic teamwork.

In the afternoon Elder class had a zumba session, which was awesome! There were some real movers in the class and there were lots of smiles and laughter too!

Health and fitness week day 3: Fancy dress sponsored walk time! Well done to those of you who dressed up – your costumes were awesome!

After lunch, Aiesha and Hollie gave us a fabulous demonstration of their majorette skills – we were so impressed! Then Bethany showed us why she is a black belt.

We enjoyed a whole school picnic on the field and then played some parachute games and a game of heads and tails with Willow class. Good times!

Health and fitness week day 2: A competitive rounders game against Willow class kicked off the day for Elder class.

Then it was a practice for sports day before a healthy eating session with Hollow Trees Farm.

Finally Elders enjoyed some archery!

Health and fitness week day 1 – Elder class completed a circuit of activities throughout the day including gymnastics, yoga, speed stacking, ball games, etc.

Well done to our cornet and baritone players for their performance in the church today as part of our end of year music concert. You were great!

In science we made ‘spud guns’ and tested whether the trajectory of the ‘missile’ changed the distance it travelled. We had a few teething problems with equipment but we got there in the end. We loved the popping sound we could hear when the potato flew out!

Year 6 have made some films about the school using imovie. I think we have some newsreaders of the future amongst us!


Elder class have all really embraced our topic of ‘plastic pollution’. We have researched plastic disposal and problems in other countries, written discussion texts on whether plastic packaging should be banned, designed information posters to persuade the public to use less plastic and written poems about the issue. We have some fantastic work on display in our class that we are all super-proud of.




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A video on finding percentages of amounts:

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