Ash Class Archive

Here you will find links to pictures, videos and other content from the class pages from earlier on in the school year…

Week Commencing – 10th September 2018.


In our English lessons this week, we’ve been looking at adjectives (describing words) and expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun) to improve our writing and add extra detail. The children have explored these through their senses having four different stations: taste, touch, smell and sight. The children recorded their observations and worked together to identify new adjectives.

We also reinforced our knowledge of punctuation. In doing so, we enjoyed some ‘Kung Fu Punctuation’ – a new way of remembering the different pieces of punctuation and what they look like. Some very loud and well-crafted movements.


Our main focus in Maths this week has been place value. The children thought really carefully this week when reading the number in both numerals and through a representation. I’ve been particularly impressed with their reasoning skills, providing clear and accurate answers as to how they solved it. Awesome Ash Class!


Mrs Goodchild loved teaching Ash Class on Thursday this week. The children began their topic of plants and went on a walk around the school grounds to explore and identify.


We got round to using our paint skills today and began our pointilism leaves. The children focused really carefully and they look STUNNING! I can’t wait for them to dry so that we can display them in the classroom.


Following on from our travelling lesson last week, we combined this with apparatus, looking at different ways of travelling to a destination. We saw some creative ways and were astounded by the cartwheel travel!


In history this week, we began looking at our topic of Explorers. We identified different jobs we would be exploring and thought carefully about how their additions to history have helped to shape our future. The children explored different items that would be closely associated to the job before answering questions carefully to extend their learning.


We had great fun this week using Google Earth and exploring places around the world using the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ tab. I was amazed with the children’s abilities when using the laptops and the skills they developed over the lesson.


We had our first session with Tom on Monday with our main focus being on ball skills. The children were paired up and had to look at which skills were required to make a successful throw using a tennis ball. The children remembered some facts very well since moving up from Oak class.

Week Commencing – 3rd September 2018.

First day of Ash Class complete!

Well done to all of the children who worked really hard today. I’ve been amazed by their efforts and enthusiasm (especially with homework!). We got straight into our English and Maths work today, getting ahead with numbers to 100 and summer holiday recounts. It sounds as though they had great experiences.

We got moving in our PE lesson, starting our Gymnastic topic. We focused on travelling in ways that aren’t used in daily life and will be incorporating these into routines with equipment. We look forward to developing this next week.

We began our Art topic looking at pointilism. I’ve been so impressed with their focus, concentration and precision. We will begin applying our paint next week.

After some great fun on our Transfer Day, (back in July), I am looking forward to welcoming all of you to Ash Class on Friday. I hope your child is looking forward to being a part of Team Year 2!

Here is to a good year! I look forward to working with all of you.