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Here you will find links to pictures, videos and other content from the class pages from earlier on in the school year…

WE – 10/11/17 – The long awaited continents video! We all knew the chorus really well (as you will find out), however, we weren’t too sure on the verse in-between. Nonetheless, we all learnt our seven continents! Have a little look…

Our science learning this week moved on to floating and sinking. We have been looking at absorbency and how we can make different materials waterproof most recently, therefore we have began to look at which materials we can manipulate effectively in order to float yet prevent any water from seeping in. We attempted the ‘Cartesian Diver’ experiment today, buy it appeared that the diver was choosing to stay on the surface of the water rather than take a dive. Nonetheless, we will trial this again next week!

As for the experiment, the children were exploring how they could use Plasticine and to identify ways of making it float. We started off with a ball of plasticine and made predictions about what we thought might happen to this. Having realised that it sank straight to the bottom, we experimented by making it into different shapes to see if we could balance the water pushing up from the bottom to the weight of the material on the top of the water. Our plasticine enjoyed spending more time on the bottom on the bowl instead of floating – therefore, we challenged ourselves to see which different materials would float that we could manipulate in different ways. We chose tin foil. As you will see from the pictures below, some of the results were much more interesting!

Tabby: ‘When I rolled the tin foil into a ball, it floated on top of the water but when I laid it flat – it sunk’.

Arthur: ‘The reason it is sinking is because the weight is too heavy’

It is clear to say we are developing some amazing scientists in Ash Class.

Our English has looked at suffixes this week. We refreshed ourselves with -ing, -ed, -er and -est, and the children have also explored words ending in -ment, -ful, -less, -ness, and -ly. They have accurately been considering different rules for when applying the suffixes and did so during a word hunt in the classroom. The children needed to find different words in the classroom and write down what they would be if there was a different suffix applied to it. We encouraged the children to look at the word and say it out loud before writing it to see if it made sense to them.

Well, we certainly had a challenging week in Maths which involved balancing equations and missing number problems. It was a real challenge for the children to get started with but their persistence and motivation to keep going was phenomenal. We completely stripped back our learning this week and made sure that the children were really involved with the process and understood what was going on and well as realising why it was happening. When creating balanced equations, both sides of the equals operation need to equal the same answer. For example, 5 x 3 = 10 + 5 – both sides equal 15, yet are represented in different number sentences. Therefore, the children were given an unanswered number sentence in the classroom which had the same answer as someone else in the room. The children had to use their mental maths calculations to work out what their answer was and then go and find their partner. This was hugely successful and was an ultimate stepping stone in working with balanced equations. 🙂

In PE, the children were wowing me with their overarm throwing skills. We looked at and explored the positioning of our bodies, hands and feet when throwing and observed how this made an improvement to our throw. The balls reached superb distances and the children were all confident at throwing to different lengths.
We also had a quick team building game of ‘over and under’ – this really demonstrated the skills and communication that was needed to make an impacting team. Considering the weather, the children did well.


WE: 03/11/17 – First week back at school – check! Well done to everyone for a good start to the week. I’m pleased to have you back.

We got straight into our learning this week. It has been brilliant to see that the children are applying the same methods that they learnt before the half term. These have been great in supporting their learning and embedding an understanding. The children have been exploring fact families between addition and subtraction number sentences. They were all able to think about the relationship between the numbers and how the sentence can be formed in different ways.

In our English, we have been using conjunctions to extend our sentences and improve our writing. We have explored both coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and recognised how they change the way our sentences sound. In one of our lessons, the children were able to use silly sentences to see how ‘because, if, when and that’ could be used in sentences and how our content would differ. The children were very creative and enjoyed thinking about different endings. We noticed that not all conjunctions can be applied differently – therefore, we would need to change to content and consider the tense it was written in (as the photos show).

We have the singing spirit in Ash at the moment! We have started to look at mapwork in geography and have been exploring the 7 continents of the world. What better way to learn them than through a song? Don’t you agree? Video to come!!

In PE, we have continued using balls and have looked at improving our accuracy. We used different rolling techniques to see if we were able to control the way the ball moved so that it would knock off the other ball in the middle. It was very successful and the children focussed carefully on making sure that they rolled with precision.



WE: 20/10/17 – It’s been 6 weeks since 18 children started in Year 2 and it has been a super half term! I feel very lucky to have a very enthusiastic class! I hope you all enjoy your very well earned rest.

Each half term, the children across KS1 and EY, who have been organised into different groups,  are rewarded with a treat based on their learning behaviour and attitudes. In Ash Class, we use ClassDojo which enables the children to build up points each week as a reflection of their work and effort. This half term, the pink team won and were able to receive their treat. Congratulations Pink team!

I am particularly impressed with the children’s learning attitudes this half term and as a result, the class collectively scored 501 points! Amazing! 🙂

This week in Science, we used paper boats and looked at the absorption rate of how quickly water passed through the paper, giving it a soggy base. We all agreed that we wouldn’t want to sail the seas in a paper boat! However, we used wax crayons and coloured the base of a new boat. This meant that the water did not pass through the base as quickly, making it a more sturdy and robust material. We recognised that wax crayons are waterproof and prevented the water from getting in immediately. The children really enjoyed experimenting with their boats in the water.

In PE, we are looking at ball skills. So far, we have worked on our underarm passing, predominantly using larger balls. The children practised different techniques of passing and using the balls. We further explored this with different equipment and on different levels.

The children worked very hard this week on their Maths learning. We looked at the inverse approach which can be a very hard concept to grasp. However, the children proved that they were more than able to understand this.

WE: 13/10/17 – Congratulations to our Writer of the Week – Kitty, our Mathematician of the Week – Oliver and our Scientist of the Week – Iris. Well done for all of your hard work this week.

We had great fun in English this week. We have been exploring nouns: common and proper. We have been thinking about how we can identify them in different ways and what makes them different. We have also explored how to improve sentences by adding precision to the sentences and how to develop our sentences by proof-reading them to ensure they make sense. A successful week in English. As part of our noun learning, the children went on a noun hunt around the school. They worked in pairs and using iPads, they explored the school ground taking photos of what different nouns they could see. Nex week we are going to be looking at applying our noun, adjectives and punctuation skills to apply this all together.

In our Maths learning this week, we looked at using the subtraction method. Fortunately, the children applied their skills from their addition accurately which enabled them to gain a strong awareness of how the number line works. The children have been using manipulatives to identify whether answers were represented correctly.

In our Science learning this week, we have continued to look at Bouncability. Following our water beads experiment, in which we explored how the water absorbs into the beads and to what impact this has on their bouncability, we looked at a range of different shaped and sized balls and tested them against one another. The children led their own learning this week and had to make predictions as to what they thought would happen. The children took the different balls and dropped them from 100cm. This was so that we could track our results fairly and to continue the importance of having a fair test. The children used some fantastic scientific vocabulary to express their reasons as to how and why this happened.

Whilst half the class worked on their experiment with Mr Noonan outside, the other half worked with Mrs Hickford inside before we swapped over. The children explored how different balls of different materials made different shapes when landing on a soft surface. The children used a range of different balls, from rugby balls to tennis balls and dropped them into a box of sand. The terminology the children used was brilliant. They all explored the drop test and discussed what would happen if it was dropped with more force or from different heights.


We moved onto a new topic in our PE which involves us using different skills when using PE balls. Today, we focused on passing to one another in an under-arm pass. This enabled us to develop our skills and precision when passing to one another. We also explored what a sensible pass would be and how we would recognise a sensible one. The children worked very well together. There was lots of teamwork and communication skills on display and some very well co-ordinated passing.

We moved on to stage 2 of our Art project this week and began to paint our 3D planets. They are looking superb. The children used the plans that they had designed in previous sessions to make sure that they had added in the extra details that they wanted to have on them. They concentrated really carefully and thought about how they should look. We have lots of happy children who are looking forward to the finishing stage!

In our RE learning this week, Mrs Hickford has been teaching the children about ‘The Good Samaritan’. The children learnt about the story and spoke about the morals in extra detail. The children were all able to share experiences of when they had done good things. Following this, the children worked together to roll play some different scenarios to show what they had learnt. We have some very good actors and actresses in our class!


WE: 06/10/17 – We welcome a new child to our class this week! We hope you have settled and enjoyed your first week. It has been lovely welcoming you to All Saints’.

Warning – Messy Classroom alert! We have begun our Art project! We, in Ash Class, are making our own planets our of papier mache. Today was Step 1, we began by tearing newspaper into strips and gluing them on one side. We then laid them inside a bowl template to support our spherical structure. We all used many strips of newspaper and were proud of our results. We are looking forward to painting them next week when they have dried.

Following our efforts and abilities in Gymnastics, this week we got out the larger apparatus and challenged ourselves to travelling up and down in different ways. I was amazed at the confidence of some of the children and their enthusiasm to keep going. I was thrilled with all of the skills they displayed. We even had some children climb the rope! A fantastic skill to have in Year 2.

This week in Maths, we started to look at addition. We started by looking at concrete objects that the children could move and manipulate so that they could solve problems. We looked at some together before enabling the children to go and trial for themselves. Mr Noonan had written some number sentences incorrectly and the children were able to identify what was wrong with them and then correct them.

WE: 29/09/17 – Congratulations to our Mathematician of the Week – Fredi, our Writer of the Week – Nate and our Scientist of the Week – Ethan. Fantastic learning and learning behaviours shown throughout the week. Superb!

It has been another interesting Science lesson this week. We have been continuing to look at absorption, and we used water beads for this experiment. We were surprised at how the reaction was not as fast as the Magic Snow, but the gradual difference was worth the wait. We started by adding a small amount of water to see how they changed from their original state. The children all shared some fantastic discussion points, terminology and predictions. Following this, we moved on to half a cup and an eventual full cup. Fortunately, Mr Noonan had made some a few weeks prior, so we were able to see just what they might look like. We explored these, bounced them and dropped them from different heights. Have a look at some of our learning. We are going to leave them soaked in water over the weekend to see what other reactions take place.

IMG_5942 IMG_5943

We have some very creative children in Ash Class. We have mapped out our storyboard for our interpretation of Chris’ dream and have also begun to write our first paragraph. I’ve been thrilled with the ideas that they have come up with and just how unique they are to one another. I look forward to sharing these with you near our completion!

I have been amazed at our Maths this week. Our task of partitioning numbers using the part-whole method was very successful. All children were able to confidently partition a 2-digit number and 3-digit number. Some of the children also challenged themselves to partition a 4-digit number. I’m sure this will come in much use as they progress through the years.

We have continued looking at number lines this week and discussing ways of using them in our learning. The children have located some key points and numbers on them and can use these as a baseline when estimating where other numbers may go. Initially, we started by looking at multiples of 2, 5 and 10. However, the children were so confident at this that we looked in more depth at random numbers. This encouraged them to think carefully about where they needed to go. Furthermore, the children built on their reasoning and problem solving, providing verbal answers as to why they’d placed that number there.

We have started our storyboard based on our interpretation of Chris’ dream. The children’s ideas have been very imaginative and I can see that they’re going to make great pieces of writing. The children were really focussed and had a clear idea of where they wanted their dream to go. Additionally, the children have thought of fantastic adjectives to match their short descriptions and annotations.

We have started our Maths learning this week by focusing on number lines. The children have begun to identify where numbers should go on the number line as well as estimating what numbers they might be. After going outside and making a man-made number line, the children were able to apply their learning much more accurately. We will be making much more progress towards this over the week.

WE: 22/09/17 – This week, the children led their own learning in Science. With our focus on changing materials, the children were each provided with an ice cube in the shape of a penguin. It was the children’s mission to save the penguin as much as they could and they used a range of different materials to do so. This included cotton, wool, tin foil, paper towels, bubble wrap and cotton wool. The children explored new terminology such as insulation, reversible, irreversible and and insulator. We used one penguin without any insulation, learning about why to have a control.

In our Music lessons this week, we explored different genres of music. We listened to them and the children were taught about Graphic Notations. Following each piece of music, the children represented this as a graphic notation. Each of them were able to say which type was their favourite and why as well as showing a clear difference between music types based on their sound and genre.

In RE, Mrs Hickford was teaching the children about ‘The Lost Shepard and his Sheep’. The children explored the story and created their own characters to rolled play the story.

We have also been focussing on a text called ‘The Darkest Dark’ by Astronaut Chris Hadfield. We’ve been focussing on the character, Chris, and just how his character changes throughout the story. We were fortunate enough to find a short clip which allowed us to discover more about Chris. The children were mesmerised! Following this, their character descriptions were phenomenal.

We have been exploring adjectives this week in our Emglish, building up our awareness of how we can use them effectively. The children explored a range of different objects, describing them with exciting adjectives. We moved on to smaller groups and created mind maps of everyone’s adjective choices. I was amazed with the examples they came up with!

I’ve been particularly impressed with the children’s ability in Maths. We have been focussing on representing numbers. The children have been using problem solving skills to identify some ‘imposter numbers’ who had been saying that they were which they were not. The children applied strong mathematical reasoning and were able to explain what had gone wrong and why. As an additional activity, the children re-presented what it should have looked like in the first place. Super skills!

The children have been working really hard in their PE this week. We have uplevelled our skills and introduced the larger frame so that we can challenge ourselves to balance and travel safely and different heights. The children have been considering their start and end positions, as well as refining their balance with pointed fingers and toes.

WE: 15/09/17 – We started our new science scheme this week and we had GREAT fun! We are learning about changing materials as our first focus and we explored Magic Snow. The children were amazed at the difference that was made just by adding water. We decided, however, to become more experimental and mixed the magic snow with other types of liquid. We used warm water, Apple Juice, Sprite and Coca-Cola. The children were brilliant at using the scientific terminology and everyone identified that the particles of magic snow had absorbed the water. The best reaction came from the Coca-Cola, (thank you Oliver for being my helper) which fizzed right to the top. We loved seeing the sugar, which couldn’t be absorbed, stick to the inside of the cup. We are all looking forward to next week’s lesson!

Punctuation has been a big focus in our English this week and it has been great to see the children becoming more confident when using it and recognising what wrong with a range of other sentences and sentence types. This week, we also learnt ‘Kung Fu Punctuation’ – I think it is fair to say we have some Kung Fu experts in Ash Class. We know all of the different moves and have applied this during our lesson inputs.

In Maths this week, we have continued to work with numbers up to 100. We are trying very hard at counting in our 2’s, 5’s and 10’s both forwards and backwards and we are now pretty confident at counting to 100! (You can test us at home if you like!) This week we have also learnt about how numbers can be represented through different mathematical manipulative’s. We really enjoyed using the rods and units and have even explored representing numbers in our own ways. We enjoyed challenging our friends to this too to see if they could identify which number we had made.

We have been learning about algorithms this week in our computing sessions. We now understand what algorithms are and why they are important for computers to operate. The children followed my algorithm first and we all agreed that it needed some work, therefore we edited and improved these together. The children were challenged to create their own algorithms and test these out on each other. We were glad to report that no algorithms needed debugging. Over the coming weeks, the children will be using different computing technology to test out more of their own algorithms.

This week in our gymnastics, we have been thinking about travelling and balancing in high and low positions. We have explored jumping in stars, pins and tucks as well as manipulating our legs and arms so that that lower parts of our body are higher. This week the children practised mirroring each other.  It worked brilliantly. The children will be planning these into routines as well as in using equipment to further their skills.

WE: 08/09/17 – We have just had our first few days in Ash Class! It has been an exciting week getting to know each other and learning about our new responsibilities of being in Year 2. We welcome Iris to our class this year and we are looking forward to learning with you.

This week in our English, we have been creating Class Rules for the year. The children have worked very hard thinking of rules that they would like in Ash Class as well as considering which rules should be shown throughout the school.
We all agreed that we will show respect to our class as well as trying our hardest in all of our learning. The children came up with many more considerate rules too!


As part of Year 2 expectations, many of the children have been accessing the ‘Common Exception Word Bricks’ and have been applying them to their writing. All of them have been used in the correct context and made super additions to their writing. I have been particularly impressed with their amazing word choices which have been added to our ‘Word Wall’. As a result of this, many others in the class have been able to use these too.

In our Maths, the children have been showing off their counting skills. We have started by looking at numbers to 100, identifying ways we can count to 100. This is to support children learning their 2, 5 and 10 Times Tables.