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W/E – 29/03/18 – 

Well, as Ash Class were too cute, I couldn’t not record it. Here’s an extra preview just in case you want to watch it all over again! 🙂

To finish off our Kings and Queens topic, we had our own class coronation! It was great to see the children come and be knighted by ‘King Noonan’ and say what they wished to be called. A lovely way to end our Spring Term!

Easter Celebration time! We had our Easter egg hunt around the school field today, where children from Ash, Acorn and Oak all had a mission to find their object. We staged it so the children in Year 2 had to find green cubes on the school field (yes, Mr Noonan is mean!), but there was some great working together and focus going on. The children helped other children to find all of theirs and supported one another brilliantly!

Following this, we had to use our detective skills to find letters that spelt out our word. Ash had to find the word ‘Easter’, so hidden in some plastic eggs were the letters they needed. Some great work! 🙂

Congratulations to team Green who were our winners of the team treat this term! Also, a big well done to Joel who was the highest point scorer and also attended the treat!

We have had a fabulous time at Framlingham Castle. It was a busy day from start to finish, but I feel so proud of all of the children in Ash Class. Their behaviour and focus was fantastic. I hope they took away some valuable learning with them too.

We started off with a long journey on the bus, followed by a quick snack and a trip around the castle. We looked at the main gate, talking about some of the original and tudor features, also touching on the structure of how the castle once looked. The children were fascinated by the ‘semi-circuluar defence wall’ that used to stand. We also had a look at the prison tower, the dry ditch and the mere at to the rear of the castle. There were some slippery paths, but the children were very sensible and listened with interest.

We also got to role play being knights. The children went through a rigorous training program to become a knight. They learnt ‘ON GUARD!’, how to attack and the balance their body should have.

We also made some crowns in preparation for our coronation service.

Later that day, we visited the newly designed interactive museum where we got to learn more about the monarchs, King Henry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I, Lady Jane Grey and the Earl of Norfolk.

We finished our day with a scavenger hunt finding clues around the castle and answering questions. Thank you for a wonderful day, Ash Class!

Mr N 🙂 – 26/03/18



W/E – 23/03/18 – Well done to Ash Class for all of their effort in the Sports Relief ‘mile’. They all participated and gave everything a brilliant effort. They were rather funny, with some of the best comments being ‘I think my legs are going to fall off’, ‘I want to stop so I can sunbathe’ and ‘I think my body is going to burst!’. Nonetheless, they appeared to have a great time.

What better way to cool down than to read a story and chill out in a cool, dark(ish) room!

We had our rugby session this week which again focused on how to get possession of the ball and how to dodge around opposing players.

In Art this week, we finalised our printing. The children continued to carve into their tiles before painting them in preparation to print. The classroom looked like one massive snowstorm due to the amount of polystyrene on the floor, however, I was pleased to see the final results they achieved.

We made cupcakes this week. We all worked together which meant that we could complete our cooking together. The children later designed their cakes, trying to think of different ways that would please a King or Queen. The children are later going to be writing up their instructions using a variety of skills learnt through our English lessons.

During English, we looked at instructions and specifically how they are ordered. We spoke about the important features of instructions and why we should read them in a certain way. The children were provided with a range of different instructions and asked to order them in the way they think they should be completed. It was good to see all of their cooperative teamwork.

I was thrilled with their Maths learning this week. We have started fractions and the children’s learning attitude towards this is superb! Already, we are able to recognise and find 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and 3/4.

In Science, we brought our learning to a close around our topic of ‘germs’. Today, the children looked at creating their own 3D germs, continuing to deepen their understanding of how the germs will impact the body and how germs are absorbed by the body.

WE – 16/03/18 – Happy World Book Day! There were some amazing costumes to help celebrate the 18th World Book Day. The children enjoyed some paired reading with children in Horse Chestnut class as well as the theme of ‘Animal Poetry’, celebrating ‘Oi Goat!’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field.

Rugby this week saw the best one yet. The children were superbly motivated and focused so hard on their lesson. There was some great tackling and possession of the ball throughout. To celebrate this, we awarded ‘Man/Woman of the Match’ to Oliver, Joel and Indee!

Our Maths this week brought 3D shape to a close. We finalised by becoming fluent in our vertices of 3D shape, reasoning and problem solving before looking at sorting 3D shapes and recognising 3D patterns.

English this week looked at poetry. We had great fun looking at some old nursery rhymes, identifying rhyming words and couplets. We also had a go at writing our own and performing some. Mr Noonan and Miss Brook demonstrated one and the children went on to perform their own. A great effort!

See some performances below! Apologies that the sound quality isn’t very good. If you listen closely enough, you can just about make out what they are saying!

We continued some Gymnastics in our PE, exploring travelling through apparatus and along benches and springboards. I was thrilled to see such concentration, skill and agility from all of the children.

In our Science, we continued our learning of germs and looked specifically at how quickly germs can spread. We did a short experiment which involved glitter. The children put their hands in a tray of glitter and then had to find some other children who had glitter of different colours. We then shook hands with each other, observing how quickly we were picking up glitter from different people. We spoke about how this can link closely to germs and how quickly they can travel to different surfaces.

Following this, we washed all of our glitter/germs away. We found out that the best way to make sure our hands are really clean is to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice. Some of us, however, found that our hands still weren’t clean and we needed to spend more time washing them, even up to Happy Birthday four times!

We begun our printing tiles this week in Art. We sketched on the design we wished to have, based on a Tudor Rose, and then carved it out using a variety of tools. We even changed the layout of the classroom which saw a great attitude and focus to their learning.

WE – 09/03/18 – We’ve continued looking at 3D shapes in our Maths learning this week. So far, we have been looking at the faces and the edges of the 3D shapes, looking more at their properties. We have been sorting, and building, looking at patterns of shape too. A busy, yet successful time. The conversations between the children were great and they worked sensibly together in pairs.

In English, we have continued our work on Sentence Types. We refreshed our memories of each statement, command, exclamation and questions before applying these to a persuasive letter to Henry VIII. The children travelled back in time and had found out they had upset the King, in which they would be sentenced to execution. Their persuasive letters, encouraging Henry VIII to not execute them were superb. A great effort all round.

In Science, we looked at hygiene. We spoke about germ hotspots and identified the best way of keeping germs away. One of our main focuses was on how quickly germs spread and in particular, how far and quickly germs from a sneeze travels. As part of our experiment, we were able to make ‘snot’, imagining it was one particle. The children very quickly realised that they wouldn’t want to sneeze into their hands again.

To help us better understand the amount of sides on each 3D shape, we made some of our own using cocktails and gems. This enabled us to clearly identify the different amount of sides and vertices.

WE – 02/03/18 – SCHOOL CLOSED: 28/02/18, 01/03/18, 02/03/18 – Please stay warm and safe.

What a busy week… A 3 day snow day! I hope you have all managed to have fun, but kept yourself warm and safe. As you can well imagine, there isn’t a lot to share with you this week – but I can share what we covered on Monday and Tuesday! Next week we will be picking up a few extra Maths and English lessons so that we can bring ourselves back on schedule and maintain the fluency across these subjects.

On Wednesday morning, Mrs Lamb, Mrs Kemp and I ventured out into snowy Lawshall before it was decided the school was closed. The village looked so picturesque – just look at the school playground! Driving home was an experience – I’m sure Ash Class could think of many adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe how we left the village!

In Science (thank you VERY much for your kindly donated toilet or kitchen roll tubes), we made stethoscopes, focussing on our heartbeats. We reminded ourselves of the importance of the heart and what it does for our body, as well as considering why it may beat faster when we exercise. Following this, we had a discussion of what a stethoscope is and how they are helpful for doctors, nurses and surgeons. We all had a go at making some and then used these to listen to our partners heartbeats before and after exercise. Some superb co-operation!

We also looked at why it is important to warm-up the body before exercise… Have a look at some of their ‘stretchy band’ warm ups. (Also a great link to shape!)

In Maths, we started symmetry. What better way to identify a line of symmetry than actually folding the shapes? This really supported the children in identifying where a line of symmetry goes, reinforcing that both sides should be equal.

In Geography this week, we explored the UK in some more detail – however, this time, we focused on Castles around the country. The children used the iPads to find a castle they liked and then identified whereabouts it was in the UK, the country it was in, the length of time it would take to travel there (from Lawshall) and if it had any surrounding castles within a suitable proximity. The children are becoming much more confident in accessing accurate and safe information online, taking sensible factors into consideration and alerting Mr Noonan if they don’t feel comfortable using a website. 🙂


WE – 23/02/18 – The children all enjoyed their first Rugby session this week! I never quite realised how competitive we all were until we did this! The children were introduced to new games, holding the ball and thinking about how to work collaboratively together. It was good to see all of them listening and participating. We were also complimented on our behaviour too!

Our English this week has been busy with lots of application, understanding and some superb applying too. The children have been working hard, thinking about how they should apply the rule, what might happen to the word and identifying whether a word is correct or incorrect. There was some great discussion going on in the class and the children thought very carefully about how to improve their writing and understanding.

We have been busy in our Maths learning this week. We have begun learning about shape and initially, we are focussing on our 2D shapes. We started with some sorting, before eventually moving on to looking at counting sides, counting vertices (edges, corners) and problem solving about whether Mr Noonan was correct or not.

Later on in the week, we had a hands on session. We used pegboards, pegs and elastic bands to create different shapes. It was superb to see children over-lapping shapes and looking at how they can fit inside other shapes; we used the multi-link to create some of our own 2D shapes, carefully thinking about how we could create pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and octagons using the half-cubes and we also had a graffiti station where the children could draw their own 2D shapes. It was superb to see their creativity, focus and understanding in this lesson. On the drawing station, many children drew shapes inside other shapes and linked this to real life objects. Tabby drew a robot and was able to clearly speak about the shapes that built it up. Joel drew a house and spoke about the shapes that left the chimney and made the house, also acknowledging how they were different and Arthur created a range of different drawings which all demonstrated a selection of different shapes which he could speak about easily. Well done all!

Science looked at our body. We researched into what happened to our heart rate before and after exercise. We spoke about how different people’s heart-rates may be bigger or smaller than others, like Olympic Athletes. The concentration was awesome! We all understood that the heart is responsible for pumping the blood around our body and that it beats faster when we exercise so that the blood can reach all parts of our body sooner.

After our rough and ready rugby session, we spent our additional PE slot returning to Gymnastics. We focussed specifically in floor work this week, developing our balance and focussing on different moves. We all attempted some roly-poly’s, thinking about our start and finish positions.

For our Art, we are looking at printing. This week, we found out that we would be looking at the Tudor Rose. The children drew their design out this week, ready to apply it to our printing material. We will be using polystyrene and will be adding our own designs and textures to this by using sharp and blunt tools for effect. Watch this space!

In Geography, we used atlases to help us identify our countries in the UK and the seas that surround us.


WE – 09/02/18 – I am amazed at the level of co-operation, stickability and creativity that the children have shown in their recent dance sessions. Today, we did our final dance! It was too good to not show you. I feel very proud of them all – some great links to our seasons of the year!

We’ve been looking at e-Safety recently in Computing. We’ve explored some different ways of using the internet and computers safely and have identified some of the main features of staying safe online. The children were given a task to produce a poster aimed at a child in another year group. Lyra, in particular, took this challenge on well. She came up with some fantastic tips – see the video below!

Science was a fruity session! We began to look closely at the healthy eating and how different liquids and foods can affect our teeth. We completed an egg shell experiment, soaking an egg shell in a range of different liquids, including cola, lemonade, apple juice and a sugary energy drink. We are going to leave these soaking in the liquids for the whole half term and look closely at the impact this is going to have on them.

We first explored the egg shells…

Then we began our experiments!

We also made some fruit kebabs in Science. The children chose from some of their favourite fruits including strawberries, grapes, pineapple, mango, banana and more. They chose their own and built these. They were then able to think about what they thought was the most beneficial to the teeth and body before eating these as a healthy snack.

We also made some incredible shields – look at our finished products!

Our outdoor PE continued to look at hockey skills, developing some more invasion and passing. The children are getting closer to having a small game planned against one another.


Have a great February half term, Ash Class!

WE – 02/02/18 – This week in our English, we have had a focus on ‘Verbs and Adverbs’. We have linked this closely to the fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk and his castle in the sky. We thought specifically about the characters Jack, The Giant and the Cow. After looking closely at the way verbs and adverbs could be used in conjunction with one another, we applied these to our own writing. We paired some together physically as well so that we could look at how the verbs and adverbs were different. Following on from this, we then explored how to improve some of our writing. The children were then introduced to a thesaurus and how to use them effectively. Before we do our ‘Big Write’ we did some role play. We reminded ourselves of the story before splitting into groups to reenact what happened.

In our Maths, we have been looking at statistics. This week, we looked at interpreting and reading tally charts and how to read a pictogram. Our favourite activity was where we were able to create our own tally chart and question before asking everyone else in the class. I was particularly impressed with their teamwork and co-operation.

The King’s Knights are here! This week, the children finished their shields. I LOVE the detail, the focus and the effort they have put into these. A very well completed task. They all resemble a brave and protective outlook. I’m sure the King would definitely employ them!

In ICT, we continued our eSafety topic. This week, we explored looking at different websites around the same topic. The children then assessed the website using the traffic light and decided whether or not they think it is a good website for children. They were very honest and brought out some good points on each website.

The children in PSHE learning this week focused on Rules, Rights and Responsibilities. Initially, they focused on the type of people who help us, how we recognise them and how we can help each other. We then moved onto how we can use rules and responsibilities at school. It was good to see some outcomes being used from our class rules.

WE – 26/01/18 – We had a great time on our ‘Bird Watching’ day. The children were able to rotate around a a range of many different activities including Bird Watching, Bird Masks and Bird Feeders. The afternoon consisted of making nests in teams across Acorn to Ash. The children worked tremendously together and demonstrated some superb learning behaviours.

We looked at different compound words and contracted words this week. The children learnt about how the apostrophe is used and that it replaces either one or more letter. In our compound learning, we looked at which words could be matched together to make another word and which words couldn’t be. We also had a challenge to identify whether a word is a compound word or not. Some children had the challenge of using the compound word cards to try and create a new word, providing a definition for it too. It was great to see their creativity shine through.

The children began their shields this week, applying their own designs and using their own colours. They demonstrated a lot of skill, persistence and patience. Well done!

In our Science learning this week, we looked at ‘Fossils’ and how animals or other creatures become fossilised. There were some super opportunities to discuss this, before we moved on to making our own. The children got to choose either a dinosaur or a shell to imprint into their fossil. We then poured on the ‘Plaster of Paris’ mixture onto the top to secure and harden. Little did we realise, though, that we were supposed to remove the objects we put in before pouring in the mixture! Therefore, the children then had to chisel their objects out. Some managed to escape to freedom, whereas others didn’t! Never mind – although I’m pretty sure the carpet in the classroom feels differently about that!

We began our Maths learning, looking at division. The children ‘conquered’ this!

In PE, we are so close to finalising our dance routine! Some small little tweaks to do and then it’ll be ready. I’ll be excited and ready to share this with you!

WE – 19/01/18 – This week, I awarded 24 ‘Scientists of the Week’ due to the FANTASTIC level of work, effort, independence and curiosity the children demonstrated with their ‘Life Cycle’ learning. I was astounded by the videos, models, posters and hand-made written booklets containing information about a variety of different types of animals. I cannot wait to set more exciting tasks like these!

Have a look at some of the videos below that the children sent in.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly – Ethan:

Life Cycle of a Chicken – Joel:

Life Cycle of a Dolphin – Orla:

In our English learning this week, we spent the first part of the week revising ourselves of nouns and adjectives, looking at how to use these effectively and consistently. We also looked again at punctuation, specifically the comma, so that we could start to apply this creatively into our writing. Later on in the week, the children and I read ‘The Queen’s Hat’ story, and decided that we could do a really creative version of our own, based around our own storyline. The children planned out their own ideas and began writing their stories on Friday. What made it even more exciting was that we planned our story in the dark, thanks to our power cut! This made us even more creative and intrigued.

In PE this week, specifically hockey, we refined our dribbling skills in preparation for our next step: invasion. Tackling is a big part of hockey and in order for the children to avoid their ball being taken, we are building up our own skills. Some children have began this stage already, looking at effective ways of snatching a ball and trying to keep their own.

In Dance, we moved on to our next step – designing the dance to match our season. We focussed specifically on objects or hobbies linked to our season and incorporated those. We even realised just how quick we need to be in order to effective in our dance. A good effort all round.

We started our e-Safety topic in ICT this week, looking at ways of using the technology and thinking about how safe it is. The children then assessed the website and activity, deciding whether it was appropriate for school, home or not at all. We even looked at what could happen if you clicked on an unsafe message, which could bring viruses to our devices. There was some super reasoning about and the children thought creatively about how they could use this in a safe way.

We are beginning our Music topic, linking to us creating our own piece of music fit for a King or Queen. This week, we tested out some different instruments, considering sound, pitch and dynamics. As you can well imagine, it was a loud sound!


WE – 12/01/18 – Congratulations to our Mathematician of the Week, Arthur; our Writer of the Week, Ethan and our Scientist of the Week; Katherine. Such a fantastic effort all round from these three children. Well done!

Tesco! We had a fantastic time at Tesco this week. I was honoured to take the children there as they represented All Saints’ beautifully. Their behaviour was lovely and their attitudes to learning were outstanding. I felt very proud.

We had a busy day with lots of things to learn. Initially, we met Mel in the centre of the foyer in Tesco’s before she took us to our secret learning room. The children were able to decorate crowns and use these throughout the rest of their day. Following this, we went on a tour of the secret parts of Tesco. We saw the freezers, fridges, recycling area and the delivery bays. Kitty and Anouk were even fortunate enough to open the shutters using the special buttons.

The Maths and History elements meant that we went on a hunt around the store for types of foods linked to the types of meals King Henry, King George, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth ate. We had to use our problem solving skills and money knowledge to not go over budget. The children showed some fantastic teamwork and listened to their adults respectfully. One of the most popular activities was, of course, the food tasting. After hunting around the store, we were then able to eat all of our products. Yum Yum!









We’ve had a busy week in PE this week. On Monday’s, we do hockey outside. The children demonstrated some superb skills this week with their dribbling and control of the ball. They focused on changing direction and gaining the best grip they possibly could.

On Friday’s, we do Dance in the hall. We are currently dancing to a song called ‘The Seasons Song’ which the children were introduced to today. They were also able to see a video of Mr Noonan dancing to this from when he learnt it with his fellow teacher friends. The children have picked up the first section of their dance really well, showing focus and commitment to their performance. Great effort.

In Art we are continuing on our theme of ‘Kings and Queens’. The children are going to be designing their own shields from next week. Therefore, this week, they had to design what they wanted to do. Miss Brook spoke to the children about the type of approach they would use, thinking about what their design will also represent. There were some very interesting outcomes.


WE – 05/01/18 – In our Maths this week, we began our Money focus. The children have been quickly recognising the different coins they will be looking at over the next couple of weeks. The children have explored adding different values together, looking primarily at the pound and penny coins. They have been focusing carefully on making sure their additions are accurate. We have also compared different amounts, discussing how we know they are bigger or smaller.

With an exciting topic of Kings and Queens this term, we have quickly got ourselves involved in Art. This term, the children will be creating their own shield, detailing their own design whilst decorated with their own choice of colours. This week, the children looked at colour tones as well as colour mixing, adding white and black to make the colours stronger and darker or lighter and softer, or mixing primary colours together to look at different shades as well as creating new colours.

In Science this week, we started our new topic of ‘Our Living Earth’ – We started off by looking at life cycles, discussing what they meant and how the process worked. We discussed how different insects or mammals have slightly different cycles and identified some similarities and differences. The children designed their own life cycles, focusing on either ‘Butterflies’, ‘Frogs’ or ‘Sea Turtles’ – their designs helped them understand the process.

WE 15/12/17 – We love a Christmas show! We have finally performed our Christmas Nativity which was outstanding. The children have worked so hard over the past weeks to make this amazing – I must admit, they pulled it off tremendously. Here is a few photos of our showcase, just in case you weren’t able to see it. I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Bolton also, who was just as great as the children!

Who wants the Brussel Sprouts? – Christmas Dinner day on Thursday meant a big feast for all of the children. Even Mr Noonan sat in the hall at ate with them! It was great fun to eat and chat all Christmas topics. I must admit that the children all ate healthier than Mr Noonan. They all set a high expectation!

Science Time – Please note – this is CHOCOLATE – Milk Chocolate! 
To finish off our changing materials unit, we looked at melting as our focus. Following on from our previous experiment, which involved hot water and other materials, we had a discussion that demonstrated that our bodies themselves are very warm, with our hands being a particularly warm focus. Therefore, we used chocolate buttons and chocolate coins to see which one was more durable to cope with heat. We spoke about the reversible ad irreversible changes, but it was conclusive by the end that there was no getting these back! The children made a prediction and evaluated why they thought this happened. Some children were spot on with their timing too! We did notice that the latest time in which chocolate melted too 6 minutes and 57 seconds.

Following on our theme of poetry from the previous week, we looked at writing our own. The children kept to the theme of Christmas, creating their own and reading them out to the class. How amazingly creative!


WE – 08/12/17 – Christmas Jumper and Christmas Decoration day! We had great fun this week getting Christmas into full swing. What better way to start this off by a decoration event? It was great to see so many parents arrive and the spirit in the classroom was electric. Despite the glitter which has embedded the classroom carpet, you can’t dampen the Christmas feeling. As we were all looking our best (in which I’m sure you’ll agree), we decided to get a little class photo to commemorate a lovely Autumn Term. 

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week, Indee-Mai; our Mathematician of the Week, Ruby and our Scientist of the Week, Merryana! Such amazing improvement from all of you across the subjects. You’ve tried so hard and applied your learning superbly. Great job!

Look at how some of the children got on during the making activities. Glitter, glue and everything you could possibly imagine!

We love a Panto! ‘Oh yes we do!’ – On Friday 8th December, the whole school went to watch Dick Whittington at the Theatre Royal. What a fantastic event it was! The children were on top form and we all love a happy ending. Ash Class were so lucky to be at the very front, although we did all get a little wet! Fortunately, Mr Noonan was not summoned onto the stage too (much to the other teachers’ disappointment!)

Unfortunately, due to the craziness of the week, I haven’t been able to get many other photos! I’m sure we’ll have extras next week instead.


WE – 01/12/17 – Congratulations to our Writer of the Week, Orla; our Mathematician of the Week, Evie; and our Scientist of the Week, Katherine. A great effort from you this week as you’ve approached all your new learning types. Great determination and stickability!

This week, I gave out a particularly special award. In Ash Class, we’ve welcomed new children to our class and we all try to make sure they’re happy and help them when we can. Oliver, in particular, has gone above and beyond with helping the new children, always going to check on them, sitting with them at lunch and being a genuinely lovely person. How lucky Ash Class is! Keep up the amazing attitude and friendship Oliver.

We’ve had another busy week this week, but we were very lucky to welcome Chef Noonano who worked for Christopher Columbus. He came and visited us during our English lesson to help us with our instruction writing. Just take a look at some of the instructions we produced this week!!

This week, we made bread rolls and sweet potato parcels, food that Columbus discovered or would have consumed during his voyage to South America. The children worked really well with Mrs Hickford, gently and sensibly following the instructions and applying the correct ingredients. They all looked amazing and Ash Class enjoyed making them too!

Following the cooking, Ash Class have spent the week looking at instructions as a focus. We have been identifying features of instruction writing and improving them too by adding additional time conjunctions and adverbs. The children thought really carefully about the way the instructions were formatted and written. They made some fantastic improvements as well which improved their readability and fluency.

Of course, you can’t bake and then not eat! Therefore, on Wednesday we were writing up our own instructions of how to make bread, adding all of our own additional writing features. Half way through the lesson, we had a mini break and allowed the children to eat the produce they had made. Everyone was able to eat them and they all had a great go and trying new things. Safe to say, not everything was to their taste, but they all enjoyed the eating! How they managed to eat their lunch afterwards, I don’t know! Mrs Hickford also provided us with some ‘sea biscuits’ which were rations given to the sailors whilst aboard the boat. These had all of the necessary nutrients, fats and energy to keep them safe and healthy. Surprisingly, the children seemed to like these more than the bread themselves!

In our Maths learning this week, we looked at using arrays. This taught us that if we weren’t able to mentally calculate a multiplication sentence, we could use an array to help us. The children physically did this to begin with, using multilink to represent them. There were great efforts all round and some children had understood the method quickly and accurately, meaning they were able to move on to more challenging aspects and sentences.

Our Science looked at melting this week. As part of our experiment, we used hot water and a range of different materials that have melting factors within them. We used jelly, butter, chocolate, parafin wax and a bath bomb. We noticed that all of the materials melted apart from one; the bath bomb. When there was contact with water, the bath bomb dissolved. We spoke about which materials would have a reversible or irreversible effect, made predictions and had some amazing scientific language!

In light of the celebration of the Christingle this week, Ash spent some time using the iPads to research facts about Christingle. They independently researched ad were able to have some secure knowledge of why we celebrate the Christingle before heading to the service.