Ash Class Archive

Here you will find links to pictures, videos and other content from the class pages from earlier on in the school year…

We started our new science scheme this week and we had GREAT fun! We are learning about changing materials as our first focus and we explored Magic Snow. The children were amazed at the difference that was made just by adding water. We decided, however, to become more experimental and mixed the magic snow with other types of liquid. We used warm water, Apple Juice, Sprite and Coca-Cola. The children were brilliant at using the scientific terminology and everyone identified that the particles of magic snow had absorbed the water. The best reaction came from the Coca-Cola, (thank you Oliver for being my helper) which fizzed right to the top. We loved seeing the sugar, which couldn’t be absorbed, stick to the inside of the cup. We are all looking forward to next week’s lesson!

Punctuation has been a big focus in our English this week and it has been great to see the children becoming more confident when using it and recognising what wrong with a range of other sentences and sentence types. This week, we also learnt ‘Kung Fu Punctuation’ – I think it is fair to say we have some Kung Fu experts in Ash Class. We know all of the different moves and have applied this during our lesson inputs.

In Maths this week, we have continued to work with numbers up to 100. We are trying very hard at counting in our 2’s, 5’s and 10’s both forwards and backwards and we are now pretty confident at counting to 100! (You can test us at home if you like!) This week we have also learnt about how numbers can be represented through different mathematical manipulative’s. We really enjoyed using the rods and units and have even explored representing numbers in our own ways. We enjoyed challenging our friends to this too to see if they could identify which number we had made.

We have been learning about algorithms this week in our computing sessions. We now understand what algorithms are and why they are important for computers to operate. The children followed my algorithm first and we all agreed that it needed some work, therefore we edited and improved these together. The children were challenged to create their own algorithms and test these out on each other. We were glad to report that no algorithms needed debugging. Over the coming weeks, the children will be using different computing technology to test out more of their own algorithms.

This week in our gymnastics, we have been thinking about travelling and balancing in high and low positions. We have explored jumping in stars, pins and tucks as well as manipulating our legs and arms so that that lower parts of our body are higher. This week the children practised mirroring each other.  It worked brilliantly. The children will be planning these into routines as well as in using equipment to further their skills.


We have just had our first few days in Ash Class! It has been an exciting week getting to know each other and learning about our new responsibilities of being in Year 2. We welcome Iris to our class this year and we are looking forward to learning with you.

This week in our English, we have been creating Class Rules for the year. The children have worked very hard thinking of rules that they would like in Ash Class as well as considering which rules should be shown throughout the school.
We all agreed that we will show respect to our class as well as trying our hardest in all of our learning. The children came up with many more considerate rules too!



As part of Year 2 expectations, many of the children have been accessing the ‘Common Exception Word Bricks’ and have been applying them to their writing. All of them have been used in the correct context and made super additions to their writing. I have been particularly impressed with their amazing word choices which have been added to our ‘Word Wall’. As a result of this, many others in the class have been able to use these too.

In our Maths, the children have been showing off their counting skills. We have started by looking at numbers to 100, identifying ways we can count to 100. This is to support children learning their 2, 5 and 10 Times Tables.