Ash Class Updates

Ash Class

Welcome to our Class Page!

Our Teacher is Mr Noonan.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hickford.

Notices & Reminders:

We have PE on a Friday and a Monday. Please make sure that all kits are in for these times.

Spellings – Please make sure your child has their spelling book in school every Tuesday.
Homework – Due back each Thursday (at the latest).

We have started rehearsing for our KS1 Christmas play ‘A Midwife Crisis’. The children know what their parts in the play are, and we will let you know all the details by letter shortly. We have lots of the costumes in school already.

The dates for our KS1 Christmas play: Wednesday 13th December at 2pm and Thursday 14th December at 6pm.

This week we are learning to…

Maths:  Multiplication focus.

Literacy: Past and Present tense – extended writing using learnt features.

Science: Identify and compare the suitability of everyday materials.

Take a look at what we have been up to:

Congratulations to this week’s Writer or the Week: Lyra, Mathematician of the Week: Ines and our Scientist of the Week, Pippa. Amazing efforts all round. I’ve been particularly inspired by your hard work and dedication to learning.

Congratulations to last week’s Writer of the Week: Callum, Mathematician of the Week: Tabby and our Scientist of the Week: Joel. Well done for all of your hard work and effort throughout your learning. Keep it up!

In light of ‘Kindness Week’ this week, the children all wrote a post-it note about what they liked about the children in Ash Class. They were each given a post-it note with another child’s name on it and had to write down what they liked about them. What a lovely start to the week!

In our Maths learning, we finally got there with our balanced equations! The children worked exceptionally hard with all of their learning and their attitudes and motivation was phenomenal. Ethan and Scarlett worked really well matching number sentences together that totalled the same answer.

In our English this week, we have been learning about sentence types. The children explored Statements, Commands, Exclamations and Questions. We started by organising the strips in to different groups, identifying the different types and looking at how they are written. This was then beautifully presented in a grid which they completed themselves. The children could all recognise, write and apply a sentence type in the correct context.

The children have worked hard with their Maths this week, especially as we approach our final week of addition and subtraction. From identifying shape values, from number bonds to 100 and sequences. They have been consolidating their learning well.

Some more of our sentence type learning introduced us to role play. Over the week, Mr Noonan had secretly recorded a conversation between Miss Turner and himself which happened to have all of the relevant sentence types. Questions, commands, statements and exclamations. The children were all able to pick out what sentence types were used in the script and how the punctuation would be applied. They then had a go and creating their own versions too. The children performed to one another and created some lovely peer assessments.

We continued our ball skills in PE this week, challenging the children to some different skills when moving. The children applied their learning into a range of activities, including dribbling, ball shooting and passing. The children worked very well and all made progress continually as they worked through the activities.

Our Science learning this week looked at Stretchiness. Therefore, we explored using and making out own catapults and tested the firing different materials around the room. We looked at what the difference would be if we changed the height of the catapult and whether or not it flew further if it had an increased or decreased ‘ping’. Have a look at them in action.


Autumn Term Newsletter 


Autumn Term Timetable 

Additional Home Resources

Common Exception Words – Year 2

As part of Year 2 expectations, children should (by the end of the year) be able to read and write these words. Please find attached a copy for you to use at your leisure at home. We will be working towards these in our spelling sessions too.