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Welcome to our Class Page!

Our Teacher is Mr Noonan.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hickford.

Notices & Reminders:

We have PE on a Friday and a Monday. Please make sure that all kits are in for these times.

We will be making a conscious effort as a class to make sure we take home all of our belongings! Please do let me know if your child has left anything at home.

This is the first week we have issued spellings and homework.

Spellings – Please make sure your child has their spelling book in school every Tuesday.
Homework – Due back each Wednesday. 

This week we are learning to…

Maths:  Comparing Numbers and place value.

Literacy:  Using adjectives and expanded noun phrases to recreate our own interpretation of Chris’ dream.

Science: Use new vocabulary and observe changes made. (Child-led)

Take a look at what we have been up to:

This week, the children led their own learning in Science. With our focus on changing materials, the children were each provided with an ice cube in the shape of a penguin. It was the children’s mission to save the penguin as much as they could and they used a range of different materials to do so. This included cotton, wool, tin foil, paper towels, bubble wrap and cotton wool. The children explored new terminology such as insulation, reversible, irreversible and and insulator. We used one penguin without any insulation, learning about why to have a control.

In our Music lessons this week, we explored different genres of music. We listened to them and the children were taught about Graphic Notations. Following each piece of music, the children represented this as a graphic notation. Each of them were able to say which type was their favourite and why as well as showing a clear difference between music types based on their sound and genre.

In RE, Mrs Hickford was teaching the children about ‘The Lost Shepard and his Sheep’. The children explored the story and created their own characters to rolled play the story.

We have also been focussing on a text called ‘The Darkest Dark’ by Astronaut Chris Hadfield. We’ve been focussing on the character, Chris, and just how his character changes throughout the story. We were fortunate enough to find a short clip which allowed us to discover more about Chris. The children were mesmerised! Following this, their character descriptions were phenomenal.

We have been exploring adjectives this week in our Emglish, building up our awareness of how we can use them effectively. The children explored a range of different objects, describing them with exciting adjectives. We moved on to smaller groups and created mind maps of everyone’s adjective choices. I was amazed with the examples they came up with!

I’ve been particularly impressed with the children’s ability in Maths. We have been focussing on representing numbers. The children have been using problem solving skills to identify some ‘imposter numbers’ who had been saying that they were which they were not. The children applied strong mathematical reasoning and were able to explain what had gone wrong and why. As an additional activity, the children re-presented what it should have looked like in the first place. Super skills!

The children have been working really hard in their PE this week. We have uplevelled our skills and introduced the larger frame so that we can challenge ourselves to balance and travel safely and different heights. The children have been considering their start and end positions, as well as refining their balance with pointed fingers and toes.



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Additional Home Resources

Common Exception Words – Year 2

As part of Year 2 expectations, children should (by the end of the year) be able to read and write these words. Please find attached a copy for you to use at your leisure at home. We will be working towards these in our spelling sessions too.