Summer reading challenge

Summer reading mission 2018!

Week 3:

Well done to Aleshia for being our first reader  in a den; Aleshia read ‘A very fishy battle ‘ in the rabbit den.

Ruby read her book in a great-looking den. Mission accomplished, Ruby.

Bobbie and Jack built dens under their beds in their caravan holiday-home in Cornwall. Mission accomplished!

Annabel read her book, ‘Poppy Muddlepup’s Daring Rescue’, to her dog, Rosie, in a den she found on her dog walk. Mission accomplished!

Kitty read in a beautiful shady den she made on a beach in Thailand. Mission accomplished!

Sophie and Sam read in a den in their kitchen. Mission accomplished!

Millie Rose and Indee Mai read their books to some ducks. Mission accomplished!

Aurora read her book in a lovely teepee den to her baby cousin. Mission accomplished!

Chloe built a den on a rainy day in her holiday home. She is reading ‘The 1000-year old Boy’. Mission accomplished.

Evie read a map in her den at High Lodge. Mission accomplished!

Sienna spent ages balancing the cushions to make her den – great stickability. She is reading “Sugarlump and the Unicorn” by Julia Donaldson. Mission accomplished!

We have had so many den-readers! Dens in Majorca, the back of a car, inflatable dens and brilliant ‘architect-designed’ dens. I am super-impressed!

Week 2:

Ruby and Harry read in their garden (and very comfortable they look too!) Harry was reading ‘Ants in your pants’ and Ruby was reading ‘Midnight Gang’. Well done for being the first to accomplish the second week’s reading challenge.

Whilst we have been basking in super-hot, sunny weather in England, Cassius got caught in a tropical rainstorm in Thailand. Still, he used his time wisely whilst sheltering from the rain to enjoy a book  during his visit to a gibbon rescue centre in the jungle!

Sophia read to the animals at Tostock Farm, which meant she was both reading to someone new and reading outside – great job! Mission accomplished.

Sienna read ‘Magic Molly’ outside by the splash pool in Majorca – mission two accomplished!

Leo read his book during a firework display at Hemsby – mission two accomplished!

Chloe read ‘The 1000 year old boy’ whilst standing on the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. It is 30 metres above the sea. Mission accomplished, Chloe!

Cameron read The Person Controller on the beach in Dubai. Mission accomplished, Cameron!

Evie met two challenges in one go by reading to a storyteller at Attleborough fair. Mission accomplished, Evie!

Sophie and Annabel read next to their swimming teacher’s pool. Mission accomplished, girls.

Elliott and Isaac enjoyed reading outdoors while camping. Mission accomplished boys – well done!

Imogen found a lovely shady spot at High Lodge to read ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl . Mission accomplished, Imogen.

Kitty managed to complete two challenges in one go by reading ‘Bad Mermaids On the Rocks’ by Sibeal Pounder to two orphaned elephants in a sanctuary in the Thai jungle. She also fed them, gave them a mud spa and scrubbed them in a gigantic shower! Missions accomplished, Kitty!

Cordelia read ‘Wait for me, little tiger’ and Tabitha read ‘Matilda’ while sitting at the top of the baby slide. Mission accomplished!

Jessica and George found a spot to sit and read whilst at the camping shop. Jessica’s reading ‘The Secret Garden’ (her mum’s favourite) and George is reading ‘The Mouse Who Ate The Moon’. Mission accomplished.

Oliver is reading his book, ‘Dave pigeon racer’ and Isla is reading hers, ‘What the lady bird heard’ while sitting outside on a tank! Mission accomplished!

Ethan read his comic in his new, blue boat – mission accomplished!

Bobbie read his book, ‘Jack and the Giants’, while his brother, Jack, had his riding lesson. Mission accomplished!

Fredi read her book balancing on rocks at the seaside. Mission accomplished, Fredi.

Week 1:

Congratulations to Sophie Bolton who has completed my first week reading challenge. Sophie read to her tiger and Granny. Mission accomplished, Sophie!

Well done to Ruby Wise for reading Bright Stanley to her brother, Harry, and cousin, Eden. Mission accomplished, Ruby!

Well done to Oliver and Isla Bivins, who read to each other – The Jolly Postman is a great book, Isla! Mission accomplished Oliver and Isla – well done!

Ruby-Mae read her book to Memphis. Mission accomplished, Ruby-Mae – well done!

Jack Seager read his school book ‘In the Garden’ to his nanny’s dogs, Ruby and Bessie, while enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Mission accomplished, Jack – well done!

Grace read her book to her cat, Mogs, who looks totally engrossed in the story. Mission accomplished, Grace!

Bobbie read to a sheep near Newcastle. Unfortunately the real one wouldn’t stand still long enough to listen properly! Mission accomplished, Bobbie!

Sebastian read to his bees – now that is an unusual audience! Well done – mission accomplished, Sebastian!

Emma read her book, Candy by Lavie Tidhar, to Goldie, her flamingo! Mission accomplished, Emma – well done.

Imogen read her book, Daisy and the Trouble with Coconuts by Kes Gray, to her Granny, who has been poorly in hospital. It really helped to cheer Imogen’s Granny up. Mission accomplished, Imogen.

Harry read his book to his best buddy, Phoebe. Mission accomplished, Harry!

Cameron read to a new friend, Mohammed, while on holiday in the desert in Dubai.

Evie read ‘Room on the Broom’ to the rhinos and zebras at Africa Alive while on holiday. Mission accomplished, Evie!

Sienna is reading her book ‘Magic Molly’ to her French bulldog, Binky. Mission one accomplished, Sienna.

Pippin is a very lucky rabbit as she had two stories today! Jessica read her ‘My Swordhand is missing’ and then George read her a whole book –  ‘Dog Blue’. Mission accomplished Jessica and George!

Lola read ‘Alfir goes camping’ to her cousin, Bene (who looks like she is really enjoying the story). Scarlett read ‘Alfie and the birthday surprise’ to her Nanny.  Nate read ‘Daisy and the trouble with giants’ to his Grandad and Finn read ‘Blood of Olympus’ to his cousin, Lola. Mission one accomplished!

Annabel read ‘The Tickle Book’ to her brother, who was so engrossed in the story that he needed refreshments!

Leo read ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ to his dog. Mission accomplished, Leo.

Chloe read to alpacas, Snowdrop and Muffin, in Stranraer, Scotland. Mission accomplished Chloe.