Extreme Reading Challenge

Extreme reading 2017!

Well done to Finley Adams our first extreme reader. Finley got some reading in while exploring the deadly plague village of Eyam. He even kept reading when in the stocks and attached to the bull/bear baiting ring.

High up at a restaurant on Alonnisos, Greece, Nathaniel began reading Warrior Cats and Christian commenced Dragon Throne.

The reading went on long into the night……

Ethan was enjoying The Gruffalo (don’t look behind you, Ethan!!).

Ethan read next to a piece of the moon and under the Thor Rocket’s thruster at the National Space Centre.

Sam tried reading on a comfy tree stump at Sandringham but finally settled for a piggy-back read on a squirrel!

Alfie chose to be half-way up a tree to get some reading in during his visit to Sandringham. Good to see he didn’t let go of his stick either!

Well done, Finley you’re still reading – even in a swimming pool. Superb effort – a double extreme reader!

Here is Jessica Dack reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the top of Bodiam Castle, East Sussex.

Kitty Cooper read whilst being a mermaid on a unicorn! That is extreme!

Cassius Cooper managed to get some reading in while fishing. I hope the fish is listening carefully.

Poppy and Thomas did some extreme reading (Poppy read Kid Normal by Greg James and Chris Smith and Thomas read The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson) in the cockpit of an Airbus A320 with Katie McWilliams, the youngest female Airline Captain in the world.

Nate and Fin managed to get some reading in at the airport. Fin was on the luggage carousel and Nate found a handy seat to stand on. Enjoy your reading boys!

Sophie Bolton has been very busy reading at every available opportunity whilst at The Needles on the Isle of Wight.

Finley Adams, Sophia Plume and Leo Durell managed to do some extreme reading together whilst on a camping holiday in North Norfolk.

Chloe Haynes did some extreme reading during the holidays (with a couple of familiar spectators!)

Joshua certainly did go to extremes when reading – look at him! Wow!