Horse Chestnut Class Updates

 Welcome to our class page!

This week in literacy we have been working on our topic of Aesop’s fables. We re-wrote the story of ‘Crow and Fox’ with our own characters. As part of this, we have revisited similes and adjectives.

Practising writing similes:

In maths we have been working on written and mental methods of addition. The main method of addition that we have been working on is the column method.

Trying to solve some tricky addition maths problems:

We had gardening for the first time this year and had plenty to do – the garden has certainly sprung up over the summer!

Trying the grapes – sweet or sour?

Next week we will be:

  • Starting a new topic on syllabic poetry (eg. Haikus and tankas).
  • Learning written and mental methods of subtracting.

If you missed the timetable or newsletter, they are both available at the bottom of this page.

Class Timetable:

Autumn Term Timetable


Autumn Term Newsletter

AMENDMENT – Gardening will be on Wednesday 20th September and 4th/18th of October

Other notices:
  • Children will need their PE kits on Mondays and Tuesdays.