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This week in literacy we have been learning to use fronted adverbials to add information about time, place or manner to the front of a sentence. We also learnt that they often need a comma, depending on how you would like the sentence to be read.

In maths we have been continuing our work on decimals, learning to use both hundredths and tenths confidently and making up whole fractions from part fractions in relation to decimals. Eg. 37/100 + 63/100 = 1 or 0.37 + 0.63 = 1

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to get a place at the Suffolk Schools Farm & Country Fair. We had an amazing time and beautiful weather. We got to hold chicks, see a sheep being clipped, taste lots of local home grown foods, see a Suffolk air ambulance up close, learn about our local agricultural industries, as well as take part in lots of other activities!

A huge thank you to all of our parent helpers for coming with us – it wouldn’t have been possible without you all!

We also had the privilege of a gorgeous day for gardening this week – we planted new seeds ready for the summer, added compost to our potatoes, kept everything watered and started to set out our seedlings that we started growing before Easter:

We have had some beautiful posters handed in this week as part of our homework, with lots of fascinating research on the Egyptians. We all got to look at each others homework as well, voting for the ones we should put up on display:


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