Horse Chestnut Class Updates

Horse Chestnut Class

Welcome to our class page.


  • P.E will be inside on a Tuesday and Friday.
  • Homework, a recap of calculating perimeter and using ‘is’ and ‘are’ correctly, is due on Monday 13th November.
  • Spellings will be tested on a Thursday.
  • Friday 9th November – World War One Enrichment Day.
  • Friday 17th November – Artist in Residence with Year 4 all day.

Our learning this week:

  • In Maths we are learning to: Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. 
  • In English we are learning to: Describe a setting, using prepositional phrases.
  • In Science we are learning to: Design an experiment to test how our ears are designed to help to hear effectively.

What we’ve been up to this week:

To help our understanding of multiplying and dividing by ten, we physically made a place value chart on the playground. Each of us took on a role in multiplying a number by ten, becoming the place value counters and place value headings.

In RE we have been looking at saviours. We looked at how Christians may describe Jesus as a superhero.

In science this week, we have looking again at how our ears help us hear. We tested our hearing by identifying where sounds have come from and looked at the ears of different animals. Based upon an image of an elephant, we explored whether the size of my ear effects how well we could hear. This involved creating large ears and rating the sound of a noise.


To develop our work into perimeter, we worked in groups to create shapes using squares of paper. We were challenged to create shapes with a certain perimeter, which took quite a bit of thinking!

We celebrated All Saints day by learning about the legend of Saint Edmund. We have created some sainted glass windows with motifs from the legend and enjoyed learning about the history of Bury St Edmunds.

In DT we have begin our project of designing and creating festive stockings. Safe to say there was a buzz around the classroom with Christmas already being mentioned. This week we were looking at lots examples of stockings, picking out what worked well in these designs and what made them visually appealing.

To help us understand perimeter, the distance around the edge of a shape, we calculated the perimeter of the field using our footsteps. Everyone got different answers because our strides were different, so we decided that standard units of measure would probably be more accurate.

The children have worked amazingly hard over the half term, finding out about different Roman inventions. I am really impressed at the effort that has gone into your homework this week!

Our new look, organised book corner will hopefully make diving into a new book a lot easier.



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