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Lime Class

Welcome to our class page!

English: In english this week Lime class will be looking at proofreading and editing.

Maths: In maths this week Lime class will be looking at Fractions with Mrs Parsons.

In Science we will be learning:  After learning all about the digestive system last week in science and trying Astronaut ice cream this week marks the end of our Biology topic.

Have a look at what we have been doing at school this week…

After writing their stories in English this week Lime class used the United Improvement method to proofread and edit them, working in groups of three to help each other.

Walking/running for Sports Relief

Our art lesson this week was inspired by another of Paul Klee’s pieces – The Castle and Sun which uses 2D shapes and colour to create effect.



Lime Class Timetable – Spring 2


Lime – Spring Term Newsletter

Lime Class

Welcome to our class page!

English: In english this week we will be finishing our topic on The Lighthouse by writing and editing stories.

Maths: In maths this week we will be finishing our measures topic by looking at the perimeter of shapes.

In Science we will be learning:  about health and drugs

Have a look at what we have been doing at school this week…

Some super costumes were worn on World Book Day!

Lime enjoyed their Lego We Do lesson

We had a fantastic day at Shimpling Park Farm on Thursday – we were so lucky that the rain stayed away for us.

Lime Class

Welcome to our class page!

English: In english this week we will be continuing with our Lighthouse topic, Lime class will be writing setting descriptions and story maps.

Maths: In maths this week we are going to be continuing with our lengths and measures topic, we will be comparing lengths and adding them.

In Science we will be learning:  about health and drugs

Have a look at what we have been doing at school this week…

Lime class had great fun in Maths measuring and comparing parts of their bodies.

In English Lime class carried out a hot seating activity to explore the main character of The Lighthouse.

On Friday Lime class looked at another of Paul Klee’s techniques. This time using oil pastels. They first filled a page with different colours, then went over it with black pastel. Lastly, they had to use a paperclip to scratch a design which revealed the colour underneath.


Lime Class

Welcome to our class page!

English: In english this week we will be revising the use of paragraphs and then we will be starting a topic based on The Lighthouse.

Maths: In maths this week we are going to be learning how to measure to the nearest mm as well as converting between cm and m.

In Science we will be learning:  about teeth and the skeleton.

Have a look at what we have been doing at school this week…

Some super homework was completed over half term – take a look at these great newspaper pages.

Lime Class had a great art lesson following the abstract styles of Paul Klee – taking a dot for a walk! This was our first class attempt…

Super science lesson looking at muscles – Lime class had a competition, girls v boys!


Homework and spellings were sent home on Friday.

Rugby- This takes place on Wednesdays.  It’s very muddy on the field so if the children have football boots it might be a good idea if they bring them in.

Learning this week (week commencing 5th February)

In Literacy we will be learning: Poetry and complete a big write.

In Maths we will be learning:   to divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers and investigating bar graphs.

In Science we will be learning:  about the link between heat rate and exercise.

Have a look at what we have been doing at school this week…

Cooperating to create a non-chronological report-

Enjoying French day!

Here’s a video from the french day-


January 2018

In art this week Lime class chose a small square of pattern and had to adapt and continue it onto a page – some great results so far.

Great homework from Thomas this week – the class had to listen to a piece of music and then draw or write about how it made them feel.

In maths the children ‘went shopping’ and worked out change…

Lots of children worked very hard on their homework this week, well done.  Here is an example of the great work…

We had another successful rugby session…


In Literacy we have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox. We worked with a partner to create a story map of the key moments in part of the story. Many of the pairs showed great cooperation as they worked together.

We had a great first session with the rugby coach-

Lime class had a fantastic day with Mrs Bennett on Friday. They had to design some clothing for a penguin that had lost its feathers! There was great cooperation and creativity evident throughout the day as well as motivation and stickability.

There was some super homework this week with your messages in a bottle. A special well done to Christian for an absolutely fantastic message that really entertained me – well done! Enjoy your Christmas homework!

Lime class ( and some nearly Lime class pupils) had a fabulous time in the stalls at the pantomime. We were near the front and even managed to get a bit wet! No one told us we were in the splash zone! Lime class did lots of shouting,  laughing and singing (as did the rest of the school)! A great time was had by all!

In English we are boxing up nursery rhymes to help us to use paragraphs. Sophia was an absolute star and wrote the most amazing version of Humpty Dumpty using paragraphs. Well done from Mrs Kemp.

In geography we have been finding out which countries are in the United Kingdom and locating these countries and their capital cities on a map. We have also been using our map skills to find other cities in the United Kingdom.



In science we learnt about concrete roads and why they have gaps in them and then made chemical worms!

In maths we practiced our times tables and used them to solve problems. The class showed great cooperation while working in their pairs.


Lime class were showing great cooperation matching single and multi-clause sentences. They looked for the number of verbs in each sentence and whether there were any conjunctions.

For homework we had some famous characters and had to use accurate speech punctuation to write what they were saying. Great use of inverted commas Lime class! Some of you even remembered to use closing speech punctuation and synonyms for ‘said’ – great job!

In maths we have been using estimation and inverses to check our addition and subtraction calculations. We used our bar models to support our understanding of which operation to use for checking the original number sentence given to us. We found it a bit tricky to start with but, after showing great stickability, we have nailed it now!

in PE with Tom, Lime class were planning sequences including balances and rolls. There was great cooperation evident.


November 2017

In science we created a soda snake, although ours was more like a worm mountain! We then discussed if we thought it was a reversible or irreversible reaction.

Our half term project was to research Stonehenge and present our findings to the class. We had Stonehenge cakes, Stonehenge made out of cheese and biscuits and some fabulous posters and models.

W/c 16/10/17 (last week of half term!)

This week we started to look at instructional writing and its features. We were looking at a new book called ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’. We focused on imperative verbs and their importance to instructional writing. We also looked at adverbs. The children then researched woolly mammoths and found out why it would be so difficult to wash a real mammoth! They will be using everything they have learnt to write their own set of instructions after half term!

Did someone say Let’s samba!? This week I was extremely proud of Lime class as they rehearsed and performed the Harvest Samba for the Harvest Celebration! They had the moves and the voices to get the church rocking away! Well done guys!

Treat day! Here are the ten children that won the sweet treat this half term for all of their hard work! It was very close but these guys just topped it and got to make their own hot chocolates, smarties cookies, come to school in non – uniform and play with their gadgets and watch Boss Baby! A fun time was had by all! Well done guys – very well deserved!

Finally, this week the children got to do some experimenting in Science! Here they are adding food colouring to milk and then adding a cotton bud which has been dipped into fairy liquid to see what happens. The reaction was fantastic and the children were amazed at what they observed! Alex said, ‘It looks like fireworks!’ A very messy but very enjoyable experiment!


W/C 2.10.17

In science Lime class learned about electro-plating and managed to copper plate a steel nail using a copper pin and copper sulphate solution.  We have also been practising writing step by step investigations. The children loved the experiment and were amazed at how the copper deposited on to the steel nail.

In Literacy this week we were looking at sentence structure. We looked at what makes a simple sentence and a compound sentence. We also revised nouns, adjectives and verbs. Here are the children playing a game of pairs where they had to match different words depending on their word class – verb, adjective or noun!

We continued to look at rhythmic gymnastics in our PE lessons and have been incorporating equipment such as balls and bean bags into our different gymnastic shapes that we have been practising ready to put together into a routine. We came up with some excellent ideas and our balance was very good when using the equipment.

Finally, it was our first enrichment day of the year this year – Diwali day. All of the children in all classes got the opportunity to learn all about Diwali. They got to experience Indian food, dance, Henna, create their own Mendhi patterns and also got to learn the traditional story of Diwali as well as make their own diva lamps and coconut sweets. They had an excellent day!

W/C 25.09.17

This week in Science we began to think about irreversible and reversible change. I demonstrated an experiment to the class and they were amazed by what they witnessed! First I dipped some paper into a colourless liquid (water) and asked them what would happen when I lit the paper. There were some excellent predictions and they were shocked to see the paper wouldn’t ignite. Next, I dipped a new piece of paper into a different colourless liquid (ethanol) and asked them to predict what might happen. Again, there were some brilliant predictions including, ‘that it would burn.’ I lit the second piece of paper and within seconds the paper had vanished into a ball of flames and all that was left was ashy remains. George told the class it had in fact ‘disintegrated!’ Finally, I did the best part… I pulled from my pocket a £10 note which I had borrowed from Poppy’s birthday money! The children were mortified and said, “No Mrs G, you can’t burn Poppy’s money!’ However, I went ahead with the experiment. I dipped the £10 note into a mixture containing both water and ethanol and got ready to light it…. The room was in silence! All of a sudden the £10 note lit up and an orange flame burned, engulfing the money. There were gasps and shouts! Then all of a sudden the flame went out and the £10 note that had been alight only seconds before was dry with no evidence of any burning! Amazing! This was a fantastic experiment which we then used in a fabulous discussion about irreversible and reversible change. The children were able to see from the experiment that the paper that had been dipped in the water was a reversible change as it could be dried and used again and they could also tell me that the paper that was dipped in the ethanol was an example of irreversible change as there was no way we were getting that paper back from the ashy remains that lie on the table! Finally, we concluded our discussion with explanations as to why the £10 note did not burn. I told the class the money had been put into a mixture of both water and ethanol and the children came up with some excellent ideas as to why this meant it did not burn when lit. I was very impressed!

In Maths, we have just finished our final week on place value. We have been really getting to grips with numbers, including ordering them, partitioning them and representing them in different ways. Here are some of the children in the class answering word problems involving everything they have learnt over the last few weeks.  Here, they had to represent numbers in different ways and also had to spot the mistakes of others which they really enjoyed!

In Literacy this week we finished our work on settings and looked at making our sentences better using comparatives. Here are a few examples of some of the excellent sentences the children created using comparatives.


W/C 18.09.17

In Science this week, the children were let loose to experiment themselves! The whole experiment focused on collecting data. The children had to see what happened to the volume of the polymers from the nappy every time they added 50ml of water. They were amazed to see how much the ‘powder’ from the nappies absorbed! They had lots of fun and were able to use their maths skills to help them with their data collection. I was very impressed!

In Literacy we were writing stories to incorporate the setting descriptions we did last week. We wrote some excellent first drafts and then took editing to a whole new level! We edited our work at different editing stations which focused on spelling, punctuation, description and other areas of the success criteria. We worked in learning partners so we could read each others’ stories and help each other with any improvements. We did extremely well considering this was our first attempt at this!

In Topic this week we continued to look at cave paintings as a way of communication in the Stone Age period. We planned our own designs based on things we should be thankful for from this period such as the invention of the wheel, the invention of fire, the domestication of animals and also making tools. Next we took these ideas and used pastels and charcoal to create our very own cave art. They looked amazing and will be going up on display! 

In PE we have been focussing on shape in gymnastics. However, this week we changed the lesson in order to practise team building and team skills. The children had to rely on eachother to win games and have good co-operation skills. We are back to gym next week.




W/C 11.09.17

This week in Maths we continued to look at place value. The children have really got to grips with this concept over the last couple of weeks and are shown in the pictures below playing a dice game where they had to roll the dice three times and make the biggest 3 digit number to win!

They thoroughly enjoyed this game whilst practising their mathematical skills.  

In our Science lessons we have been looking at chemical reactions and what this means. I demonstrated the ‘Green fire’ experiment to the children and they had to observe and think about how they knew a reaction had taken place. I added boric acid to methanol and then lit it with a splint to see what happened. The children made some fantastic observations and were able to tell me: that they could see a flame, the flame was giving off heat, they could smell a ‘burning smell’ and they could see smoke appearing. This was a great first experiment for the children to observe a reaction. Next week, the children are going to be let loose to experiment themselves with their own reactions!!!!

In PE, we have been looking at different body shapes such as tuck, straddle and pike. This week the children were set the challenge to perform some of these shapes in the air. As you can see below the children did very well and got great height with their jumps. They were reminded how to land safely and execute their jumps correctly. Next week, we are going to begin to create our own sequences!