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Week commencing 5th June 2017

This week it was lovely to see all the effort put in by the children for their optional half term Science homework. They had to study the importance of Bees in our world and could present it however they wished. There were some amazing ideas from presentations, bunting, reports, Imovies, cakes and much more! I was very impressed!

In their ICT lessons the children have been working on programming. They have been using lego to create models and then used the laptops to programme them to work.


The children have been thoroughly enjoying their rugby coaching! They love the competitiveness! Here they are in the warm up session where they need to stop their opponent getting up. They also had to work together to stand up to understand the importance of team work! Great fun and great learning had by all!


This week saw our first tag rugby session! It was fantastic and the children learnt lots! Here they are enjoying their warm up session and then practising the skills they need to play a game. This week they were concentrating on passing the ball, moving around and communicating. It was a great session and we are looking forward to the next one!

In Maths we looked at multiplication using the grid method. It was quite tricky at the beginning of the week, however we were getting the hang of it by Friday.  Below is Sam and Josh showing the rest of the class how to use the grid method to work out a multiplication question! Well done boys!

In Science this week we started our new topic which is Plants and Photosynthesis. We had great fun using the microscopes and learning how to use them ready for the coming weeks. We were amazed at what we saw through them. We explored our skin, clothes, leaves and other objects around the classroom. It was great fun and now we are ready to use them in our other lessons.

Finally this week, we got to enjoy some more reports that the children did for their Easter homework. We learnt about butterflies, rock climbing and facts about the world. They all worked so hard on them. Mrs Goodchild is going to make a display in the classroom  to showcase them all so you can enjoy reading them as much as she did! Well done Lime class!

wc 19.4.17

We began to read the story of The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. We looked at the character of Bertie and thought about what he was like as a character. We worked in groups to pull all of our ideas together and then all wrote an independent character description.

I was amazed at the effort the children put into their homework over Easter. They created some fantastic reports and  began to show each other what they had produced this week. We will continue to look at more next week! Well done Lime class!


In History we have started to look at our new topic of Ancient Greece. Over the next half term the children will be creating their own Greek vases. This week the children were very lucky to see an actual Greek plate bought into school by Olivia and Aneira. They thought it was fantastic and they cannot wait to begin making their own Greek pottery.


In Maths this week the focus was shapes and their properties. Here the children are investigating types of line: Vertical, horizontal, perpendicular and parallel.

W/c 6.3.17

This week saw Year 3 and 4s’ Garden Enrichment day. We learnt so much and had so much fun tidying, weeding and cultivating the garden area. We found out about friends and foes of the garden and also different careers in the gardening sector. We also learnt about which products are biodegradable and are good for the compost heap! Next, we got to create our own ornamental gardens from general recyclables and think these look beautiful in the beds outside Horse chestnut class. We are very grateful to Mrs Norris, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Jackson for all their planning and hard work! We had such a great day!

In Maths we looked at capacity and had the opportunity to measure water to different ml. Some of us measured the water and self assessed ourselves by taking photographs on the iPad when we thought we had done this accurately.

In Science we continued to look at the speed of reactions. We conducted a scientific investigation (using rhubarb!) into the effect of surface area on the speed of a chemical reaction. We discovered that the larger the surface area, the faster the reaction.

W/C 27.2.17

Last week was World Book Day. We came dressed as our favourite book characters! Don’t we look fantastic?

We participated in various book themed activities including a book hunt and guess the character game.

We paraded around the playground to show the rest of the school our costumes.

In Science this week we looked at the different speeds of chemical reactions and ranked them from fast to slow. They were very exciting!

Week beginning 20.2.17

I was absolutely amazed at the effort Lime class put into their research homework over the half term. We had cupcakes, cakes, gingerbread, presentations, quizzes, Top Trumps, iMovies, posters and much more, all showing information about different rivers and mountains. Brook even went to London and got a picture of him crossing the river Thames on a ferry!

Well done Lime class, I am extremely proud of you!

This week in Literacy we have started to look at poetry. We began the week by practising reading poems to an audience and thinking of which success criteria we would have to follow in order to give a good performance. We decided you need to use a clear voice, look at your audience and convey emotion through your facial expression and voice. We worked in groups and did some excellent performances to the rest of the class.

We then began to look at the language used in the poems we had read and did some work on emotive language and why the poet had decided to use specific words. We researched synonyms in the Thesaurus to see which words  evoked the strongest emotions e.g. cry or wail.

In Maths we started to look at the column method for addition. We started out by adding simple 2 digit numbers and by the end of the week we were adding 3 digit numbers and carrying tens!

Finally in Science this week we were learning all about endothermic and exothermic chemical reactions. Can you remember what this meant? We all had the opportunity to feel the effects of an endothermic reaction and then tested our own chemicals to see if the reactions were endothermic or exothermic using a thermometer to monitor this. (Temperature went up or down).

Last week the children began to create their own imovies on the iPad about the rivers they have been researching in geography. Once shown how to use the software, the children were allowed to create a movie to inform the rest of the class about some of the facts they have found out. Some children were able to add music, pictures and voice overs to their movies (in just one lesson!) I was very impressed! We will be finishing these next week.

On Friday it was the NSPCC Number Day. The children got to participate in a range of maths activities in the classroom to help raise money for the cause. The first activity was a problem solving challenge. The children had to guess how many squares they could see! There was a range of guesses from 15 right up to 29. Finally, they were able to agree that they could in fact see 27 squares! This really got them thinking!

Next, it was all about the cake making for the bake sale at the end of the school day. The children had to work out how much of the ingredients they would need to make the cakes and then come and weigh these out accurately. All of the class got to participate by whisking, mixing and decorating and made some fantastic Oreo cheesecakes, rice krispie tray bakes and muffins to sell! Yummy!

The children finished the day by learning about the mathematical artist known as Escher and his tessellations. We looked at his work and discussed what tessellations were. They then got to create their own which looked fantastic! They were harder to do then they thought!

Overall, number day was a fun filled day of mathematical learning!

W/C 30.1.17

Last week we had lots of fun on our Chinese new year enrichment day. The class got to try different Chinese foods,  write in Chinese, act out the Chinese new year story and make lanterns. We all had such a great day and learnt lots!

W/C 23.1.17

Take a look at what we got up to last week…

In Maths we were looking at multiplication and division. We focused on the three times table and looked for patterns as well as the inverse for each number sentence we had written. We found out a rule about the 3 times table. Can you remember it?

We then progressed to using formal written methods for division. We learnt how to use the bus stop method. This was very exciting! Next week, we are going to continue this but look at remainders too!

We have been looking at collage in Art and been focusing on the artist Paul Klee. We used his painting ‘highways and byways’ as inspiration for our own pictures. Don’t they look fantastic?

In science we were testing the speed of diffusion of different oils – sandalwood, orange blossom and lavender. We had to find out how long it took for the smell of different scented oils  to reach our noses!  We worked in pairs and collected data in a table. We had one very smelly classroom at the end of the day!

W/C 16.1.17

In Geography, we continued to look at the UK. The focus this week was the hills and mountains in the United Kingdom. We looked at a topographical map so we could identify where the hilly and mountainous areas were. We then used these maps to plot these areas ourselves on an empty map.

In Maths we were focusing on data handling. The children had to decide which data they wanted to collect from the rest of the class. We had favourite drinks, food, pets, and much more. We then had to create our own frequency table and interpret the data we had collected. Mrs G thought we showed great co-operation and motivation in these lessons!

Science saw the ‘whoosh bottle’ experiment! This was very exciting! Mrs G showed the class how we could change the state of particles. She used methylated spirit and poured this into the bottle. We all identified that this was a liquid. She then used kinetic energy (movement) to try and ‘break up’ the particles so that gas was being created. Next, she poured the remaining liquid out of the bottle and lit a splint. We weren’t sure what was going to happen as we didn’t think there was anything left in the bottle! However, something very exciting happened indeed! When Mrs G put the lit splint into the top of the bottle, there was a huge whoosh and a bright yellow glow. We discussed what had happened and learnt that the lit splint had burnt the gas (vapours) which had been left in the bottle from when Mrs G was vigorously moving  the liquid around! We were able to tell that a reaction had taken place because we observed a yellow glow, we heard a whoosh and we also felt the heat on the side of the bottle. Finally we discussed what had happened to the particles when they changed state. We will be using this knowledge next week when we conduct our own experiment!

Over Christmas, the children were set a homework task where they had to create their own Christmas games! I was amazed at the effort that they put into this and they all got to share and play their games this week which they thoroughly enjoyed. We had quizzes, board games, Top Trumps, card games, throwing games, Twister and so much more! Well done Lime Class!

W/C  5/1/17 spring term

We may have only been back in school 2 days but we have been exceptionally busy! Here is a few photos from last week…

In Literacy we began to look at using adverbs in our writing to make our sentences more exciting to read. We played charades where the children had to guess what each other were doing and then give an adverb to describe how they were doing it e.g. slowly, happily and angrily. It was very amusing!

In Geography we have started to look at maps. This week, we looked at a map of the United Kingdom  and began to discuss both the capital cities within the UK and other cities too.  We also discussed where we thought Lawshall would be on a map of England. There were a lot of guesses but Cassius was the closest!

Here are Lime class using the atlases to look at a map of the United Kingdom in order to plot the cities correctly.

In Science we have started our new Chemistry topic which is particle theory and looking at different states of matter.  This week we learnt all about what a particle is and how they differ in a solid, liquid and gas. We had great fun being particles together! This enabled us to behave like a particle and begin to understand how they behave in  different states of matter.  We then drew the particles in liquids, solids and gases like real Scientists.

The children learnt that in solids the particles are very close together and can’t move because they are all touching  each other. In liquids the particles are still very close together but there is room for them to move about. In gas they learnt that the particles have lots of room to move about but can bump into other gas particles. They did this by using the hoops to help them see what it would feel like to be a particle!

W/C 12/12/16

We have had an exceptionally busy week this week! Homework for over Christmas will be sent home on Monday (19.12.16). Spellings and times tables will resume in the new year. Take a look at just some of the things we got upto this last week…

Some of the class did a spot of cooking this week for earning the most marbles this term. They made some Christmas biscuit pops and also a very yummy rocky road! All of the marbles have now gone back to zero so let’s see who can get win next term!

img_1532 img_1533 img_1534 img_1535 img_1536 img_1537 img_1538 img_1540 img_1541 img_1544 img_1545 img_1546 img_1549 img_1551 img_1552 img_1553 img_1555 img_1556

We were put into groups and took part in a class Christmas quiz. It was very exciting and we all were very knowledgeable on all things Christmas! In the end it was the Percy Pigs who won by just 3 points! Well done guys!

img_1561 img_1562 img_1563 img_1564 img_1565 img_1567 img_1568 img_1569 img_1570

img_1572 img_1573 img_1574 img_1575 img_1576 img_1577 img_1578 img_1583 img_1588 img_1596 img_1605 img_1612

W/C 21.11.16

Last week we were all things fractions in Lime class. We began the week by looking at fractions of shape. We investigated quarters, fifths, thirds and even eighths. We were given different shapes and we had to find the different fractions. Once we had got the hang of this we moved onto finding fractions of number. This was more tricky but after lots of practise and talking about pizza, everyone began to make progress and could soon find fractions of larger numbers such as 2/5 of 25 and 4/6 of 36 etc. Next week we are continuing with our fractions work and are going to begin to add fractions together.

img_0356 img_0357 img_0358 img_0359 img_0360

In Literacy we have been learning about paragraphing. We took well known nursery rhymes and made them into stories focusing on how we could structure them into paragraphs. This was a lot of fun! Next week we are going to read the story of I will take you to Mrs Cole and re write the story with our own ideas using paragraphs. We will also be focusing on proof reading our work and editing to improve.

W/c 14.11.16

Last week we started to look at multiplying 2 digit numbers. We were using the method of partitioning to help us.  The children were practising on whiteboards and will be practising more next week! 

img_0348 img_0349

img_0350 img_0351

In Science, we looked at the force upthrust. Mrs G added vinegar and sodium bicarbonate into the container. We then had to predict what would happen when she blew bubbles over the mixture. There were lots of great predictions including explosions and  the whole thing going ‘ka boom!’ Finally, once we had written our predictions, Mrs G blew the bubbles over the top of the container and we were shocked to see the bubbles kept floating above the surface! We talked about why this happened. I wonder if anyone can remember why?


w/c 07.11.16

The children all handed in their research homework on Stonehenge! I was extremely impressed with the effort that was made. Here is just a few of the models that were made:

img_7630 img_7631 img_7632 img_7633 img_7638 img_7639 img_7641

In Science we started too look at air resistance and the children were given a mission to make a parachute for Mr Spaceman (aka an egg). They were given the equipment they had to use and they were asked about the different variables they could change in their experiment. They were then let loose to experiment! We ended up with lots of different size and shape parachutes and some children even decided to add extra padding into the basket where the egg would sit. Then the testing began! Mrs G dropped everyone’s eggs from the top of a ladder to see which group had made the best parachute. We all discovered that the parachute with the biggest surface area worked the best. We will be writing about parts of our experiment in Literacy next week! (Pictures to follow next week!)

W/C 10/10/16

In Science this week we were looking at levers and pulleys and why they are useful! Lime class, Willow class and Elder class all came together to see Mrs Miliyard lift a bench! First of all she tried to do it without any help! She found it was very heavy! Therefore, she decided to use a pulley to help her! The children learnt that the pulley helped because it meant Mrs Miliyard had to use less effort (force) to lift the table! Sophie then had a go! It was all very exciting! We discovered that two pulleys halved the force needed to lift the bench.

img_2358 img_2355 img_2353

We had a fantastic time at Grimes Graves on Wednesday!


We have been learning how to tell the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences and using different conjunctions to improve our writing.

Writing a recount of our trip to Grimes Graves.

We also have daily Grammar and Spelling sessions.


September 2016:

On Tuesday afternoon we tended to the garden and tried some of the vegetables we have been growing.

img_0602 img_0603 img_0604 img_0605 img_0613 img_0614 img_0615 img_0620 img_0621 img_0622 img_0627 img_0638 img_0641 img_0642 img_0644 img_0655 img_0659 img_0660 img_0664 img_0669 img_0675 img_0676

In PE we are learning a dance based on the painting ‘umbrellas’ by Renoir. Here the children are with their partners putting together a sequence based on umbrella movements such as spin, wrap, open and close.

img_0716 img_0717 img_0718 img_0719 img_0720 img_0721 img_0722 img_0723 img_0724 img_0725 img_0726 img_0727 img_0728

Next week the children will be carrying out their own investigations using effervescent tablets and different liquids to see what happens!

img_0736 img_0737 img_0739 img_0744 img_0749 img_0754 img_0757 img_0761 img_0762 img_0767 img_0773 img_0775 img_0778 img_0785 img_0788 img_0790 img_0794 img_0796 img_0798 img_0801 img_0804 img_0807 img_0809 img_0813 img_0815 img_0816 img_0817 img_0819 img_0821 img_0825 img_0827 img_0828 img_0830



Week beginning 12.09.16:

In English we have been learning about adjectives and similes and using them to write a story setting.

In Maths we have been partitioning numbers.

In Science, Mrs Goodchild asked us to design a car that has to be powered by a balloon!

img_0593 img_0595 img_0596 img_0597 img_0598 img_0599 img_0600 img_0601

We had a great day on Roald Dahl Day!

img_1994 img_1995 img_1998 img_1999 img_2002 img_2004 img_2005

We made rocky road with Horse Chestnut class!


A few of the things we got up to on Transfer Day in July …….

IMG_1944 IMG_1971 IMG_1947IMG_1953

On Tuesday afternoon we were in the garden……


img_0356 img_0358 img_0359 img_0361 img_0364 img_0365 img_0366 img_0379 img_0389 img_0391

img_0369 img_0374 img_0375 img_0385 img_0377

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