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Welcome to our class page!

Thank you for the response to help with the school gardens, it is greatly appreciated!


Have a little look at a few photo’s from last week to see what we have been upto….

Learning this week…

In Literacy we will be learning: To write our own stories incorporating setting descriptions. 

In Maths we will be learning:  To count in different sequences including 50’s.

Find 10 or 100 more or less than a given number.

In Science we will be learning:  Chemical change and how we know a chemical reaction has taken place. 

This week in Maths we continued to look at place value. The children have really got to grips with this concept over the last couple of weeks and are shown in the pictures below playing a dice game where they had to roll the dice three times and make the biggest 3 digit number to win!

They thoroughly enjoyed this game whilst practising their mathematical skills.  

In our Science lessons we have been looking at chemical reactions and what this means. I demonstrated the ‘Green fire’ experiment to the children and they had to observe and think about how they knew a reaction had taken place. I added boric acid to methanol and then lit it with a splint to see what happened. The children made some fantastic observations and were able to tell me: that they could see a flame, the flame was giving off heat, they could smell a ‘burning smell’ and they could see smoke appearing. This was a great first experiment for the children to observe a reaction. Next week, the children are going to be let loose to experiment themselves with their own reactions!!!!

In PE, we have been looking at different body shapes such as tuck, straddle and pike. This week the children were set the challenge to perform some of these shapes in the air. As you can see below the children did very well and got great height with their jumps. They were reminded how to land safely and execute their jumps correctly. Next week, we are going to begin to create our own sequences!


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