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Don’t forget that homework is due in on Wednesdays.

Learning this week (week commencing  20th November)…

In Literacy we will be learning: to understand single and multi-clause sentences and use conjunctions appropriately.

In Maths we will be learning:   To solve multiplication and division questions.

In Science we will be learning:  understand reversible and irreversible reactions and to use simple equipment to that measurements.

Have a look at what we have been doing at school this week…

In science we learnt about rusting and investigated the reactions between iron and water and iron and vinegar.  Mrs Simpson was really impressed with how well the class worked together.

In maths we practiced our times tables and used them to solve problems. The class showed great cooperation while working in their pairs.


Lime class were showing great cooperation matching single and multi-clause sentences. They looked for the number of verbs in each sentence and whether there were any conjunctions.



For homework we had some famous characters and had to use accurate speech punctuation to write what they were saying. Great use of inverted commas Lime class! Some of you even remembered to use closing speech punctuation and synonyms for ‘said’ – great job!

In maths we have been using estimation and inverses to check our addition and subtraction calculations. We used our bar models to support our understanding of which operation to use for checking the original number sentence given to us. We found it a bit tricky to start with but, after showing great stickability, we have nailed it now!

in PE with Tom, Lime class were planning sequences including balances and rolls. There was great cooperation evident.



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