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World Book Day – Monday 12th March 

Open books in classrooms – Monday 19th March 

Sybil Andrew’s enrichment morning – Tuesday 20th March 

Class photos – Wednesday 21st March 

Sports Relief Day – Thursday 22nd March


Take a look at what we have been up to this week:

What a busy two weeks Willow class has had! Last week, Willow Class went on their first enrichment trip to Sybil Andrew’s Secondary School to partake in drama and music activities. We were very lucky to have so many of the year 7 students helping us, some of whom the children knew as they were old students of All Saints. The children’s main objective was to create a piece of mime accompanied by music. Some chose to pretend it was a noisy classroom and one group acted out a naughty child who wouldn’t go to sleep. Here are some photographs from our busy day: 

Last week was then cut rather short with our three days of snow! I have heard lots of wonderful stories from all the children about what you all got up to.

This week has been  very busy week catching up on everything. In English we have planned, written and edited our versions of the fable the Girl and The Fox based on the short silent film. The writing has been outstanding, and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have during open books. We have used editing stations to help add and change elements of the stories, and to check that we have included everything that’s needed:

Willow class has been very lucky this week to have a class trip to Shimpling Park Farm. Although it was rather wet, very windy and extremely muddy we all had a brilliant day at the children returned with massive grins. They all show such a great enthusiasm for learning as much as possible, and Alice (the farm owner) was incredibly impressed with their behaviour, as was I! We were able to learn all about the variety of farms and their different rolls and where our food comes from and that many farms may be needed to make one item (such as a pizza).

Alice also taught the children all about what they grow on her farm and that they are an all organic farm and what this meant. Through out the day children had to create a map of the farm and think carefully about the information they would need to gather in order to make their leaflets in English next week. Here are some general photographs of the day:

Lots of happy and smiling faces after a brilliant day at the farm!

I wish all Mummys a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend all and look forward to seeing all the children’s costumes on Monday.

Miss Turner

Next week in brief: 

Next week in maths we will be learning to: Multiply fractions and mixed numbers

Next week in literacy we will be learning to: Write a non-fiction leaflet, advertising Shimpling Park Farm.

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Reading Comprehension Questions  –  Attached is a copy of comprehension questions leading you through the different reading strategies that we will be focusing on in class.

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