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Monday 2nd July 2018 – Visit to King Edwards School (All children must have their own packed lunches)

This week we are learning:

Literacy: Write precise of non-fiction texts.

Maths: Translate images across a grid/convert between different units of measurement. 

Science: Create experiments looking at potential energy

Take a look at what we have been up to this week:

This week in English we have been writing CVs and covering letters for our dream jobs. We had a whole range of ideas in the class from football managers to sweet shop owners, solar engineers to architects! They had brilliant fun reading some of the imaginary covering letters from people such as Cruel De Vile for a dog groomer to Harry Potter for the head of Hogwarts. They worked hard at making sure these were written formally and in the correct format.

In maths this week we’ve been focusing on reflection and symmetry. They have all no got this and are able to reflect on vertical, horizontal and diagonal mirror lines. On Thursday we had a go at mirroring some of the different flags seen during the World Cup. In history, we have been furthering our knowledge of the Anglo Saxons making our very own Anglo Saxon passports. In ICT we have been learning to write algorithms and debugging our programs in Scratch. We have lots of excellent technicians in this class!

Our science lesson this week was brilliant fun! We made our own rudder boats and investigated what we could measure as well as investigating how far a toy car would go depending on the size of the ramp. Here are some of the photos of our fun:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the glorious sunshine! See you all back on Monday for our trips to King Edwards.

Miss Turner


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Home learning resources:

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Reading Comprehension Questions  –  Attached is a copy of comprehension questions leading you through the different reading strategies that we will be focusing on in class.

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