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Willow Class

Have a great summer holiday, Willow class!



Look at the pictures and videos below to see what we have been up to this week. 

Willow class have morphed into Elder class for the final week of term!

‘Welder’ had a fantastic time on Friday morning sharing books with Acorn class. We are hoping this will become a regular activity in September.

‘Welder’ had to be sneaky chefs this morning and made scones and cheesy biscuits for Mrs Schofield’s secret tea party. Great cooperation Welders!

‘Welders’ have done the most amazing self-portraits in the style of Romero Britto. Mrs Bigg and Mrs Kemp are super-impressed with them – what an amazing display they make!

‘Welder’ did some graffiti maths today. They were given a mathematical word and had to write/draw/show examples of what they knew to do with this concept. ‘Welders’ showed excellent understanding of some tricky concepts and a good grasp of mathematical vocabulary. Well done!

‘Welder’ became scientists with a twist today! Knowing the upper key stage 2 penchant for bottle flipping we decided to conduct an investigation to discover whether the amount of water in the bottle makes any difference to the success of a flip. We had to use our knowledge of forces to make a prediction and then we adapted the amount of water each time to observe the difference. We discovered Rocky is a bit of a flipping expert! Tomorrow we will collate all of our results and hopefully come up with an optimum amount of water to guarantee flipping success.


Wednesday afternoon saw Welder class trying out the playground games they had planned previously with Mr Sturgeon. They set up their group’s game and then explained it to the rest of the class before they had a turn at playing it. We had to make sure our games were age appropriate and safe to play. There was some great cooperation – well done.


They have been showing cooperation and stickability solving maths problems – how can we get those pesky frogs to the other river bank without falling off the lilypads?

Willow/Elder were very fortunate in having a double PE session with Tom.


We had an amazing Health and Fitness week, take a look at what we got up to-

On Wednesday we investigated healthy eating and made healthy wraps-


Look at our amazing costumes from the sponsored walk…

Picnic on the field followed by games-

Sports day-


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