Willow Class Archive

Here you will find links to pictures, videos and other content from the class pages from earlier on in the school year…

Willow Class

Take a look at pictures from the previous weeks:


Enjoyed their art using different mediums. They used chalks to extend the patterns from a piece of fabric.

We have also enjoyed ourselves learning our harvest song ready for next weeks service in the church.

The class have worked really hard in science learning about the human eye and how we see things.


completed their  ‘Mayan style’ mural with the theme of ‘A Typical Day at All Saints Primary.’ which is now displayed in the classroom.

They have been working hard in all subjects and showed great stickability with their maths reasoning this week too.

The class have enjoyed learning about the Mayans and their religion and building on their time in French with asking each other questions relating to activities and at what time when they were done.


been learning the time in French and then practicing with a game of Quelle heure est-il Monsieur le Loup?


and in art the class started work on their ‘Mayan style’ mural with the theme of ‘A Typical Day at All Saints Primary.’



been learning about how the Mayan civilsation developed over time and looked at some of the artifacts that helped historians and archaeologists to discover this information.




been considering emotions involved with being in a new situation and how they impact on our own and others behaviour .


Worked hard tackling Roman Numeral problems.

In philosophy we created a Willow class web and discussed the importance of working together to enable each and everyone of us to be successful.

Createdposters for science, collating information from the previous class discussion. This activity was then followed by the children having to communicate a message to another child in their group – they could not use speech as the form of communication!


Welcome to Willow class, the children have been hard at it on their first day.