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Notices and Reminders

2nd February – KS2 enrichment day

Next week in brief: 

Next week in maths we will be learning to: multiply numbers by 4-digits by 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers

Next week in literacy we will be learning to: correctly punctuate speech; write a newspaper report

Take a look at what we have been up to:

Welcome back Willow and…

I hope you have all had a wonderful time over the festive period; I’ve heard lots of stories already from all the children.

Although this is a relatively short term compared to the Autumn term we have lots of exciting things to fit in, which I will keep you all up-to-date about.

During this term we have some brilliant new topics that we will be focusing on:

Science: Human health and fitness – we will be looking into how to keep your bodies fit and healthy, and how our bodies work focusing on the lungs and heart.

Geography: Map reading and rivers – last half term we started to look at reading OS maps, which we will continue this term, as well as looking at the features and formation of rivers.

Art: Textiles and print making – this will be linked to geography and our rivers topic. We will be research artists famous for creating pictures inspired by water and create our own batik style canvases.

Although we have only been back for two days, Willow class has already hit the ground running. Today in maths we were busy testing our understanding of the different mathematical methods to answers various calculations. The class had to first try and answers the questions by them selves and then compare these in small groups. It was interesting to listen to their mathematical discussions and I am pleased to say that each group managed to come to the correct answers in a variety of different way.

In English and PSHE we have been review last terms progress in school and analysis how the children feel they progressed in various subjects. I feel it is really important to look at the many positives before progressing into the new term. They have all decided on a New Years resolution for the coming term and written these up and hung them onto ‘The Wishing Tree’. These have proved an interesting read!

PE will start as on next week so please make sure your child has all the necessary sport clothing. PE on a Tuesday will be with Tom playing Tchoukball and on a Wednesday afternoon with a rugby coach; both these sessions will be outside weather permitting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and will see you back bright and early on Monday morning.

Miss Turner

Notices and Reminders

Reminder: The class trip to Golden Woods is on Friday the 24th of November. Your child will need to be in warm clothing and have appropriate footwear for the trip.

Dates for the KS2 Christmas play are as follow:

Tuesday 5th December – 2:15pm and 6:00pm

Thursday 7th December – 6:00pm

A letter has been sent home with all children today outlining their costumes for the play. Could all costumes please be in school by Monday 27th November in a named carrier bag. Thank you very much for your support with this, and please do come and speak to me if you have any issues or questions.

Next week in brief: 

Next week in maths we will be learning to: recognise and used squared and cubed numbers.

Next week in literacy we will be learning to: use persuasive language for a cause in a letter and for a debate.

Take a look at what we have been up to:


Another busy week in Willow class. We started the week off by being treated to a performance by the year 6 of their play the Tempest. We were all amazed by the acting skills and the tricky lines that thy all knew by heart! I would like to say a very big well done to them all for their amazing performance at the Theatre Royal.

This week in maths we have been focusing on finding all the common factors of two numbers and then moving on to multiplying numbers by 10,100 and 1000. The children have really been able to put their times table knowledge to the test and I have been really impressed with how well they have all been getting on. This week we also all complete the Primary Maths Challenge exam paper. This is a national paper that many year 5 and year 6 classes take across the country. I would like to say a very big well done to Ryan, Joey and Lexi for achieving our top three results. Well done!

We’ve had the Story Tellers cape out again this week to practise our reading skills:

In literacy this week we have been tasked with a challenge from Ms Lamb! Ms Lamb came and had a chat with Willow class on Wednesday about the possibility of year 5 and 6 no longer having break time in the mornings, and instead continuing with their learning until lunch time. She had a long discussion with the children about her proposal and that she has seen it working very successfully in other schools. However, as Ms Lamb explained, she does not want to make the decision without first hearing what the children have to say. So this week we have been practising our persuasive skills. I challenged the children to persuade someone to get up off of their seat. This wasn’t any old seat, this was the last seat in the most beautiful park in the world! They surprised me with some of their persuasive tactics (I was nearly subjected to having a mustache draw on my face!). Here are some photos of Willow class in actions:

Next week we are going to be putting our persuasive skills to the test by writing letters to Ms Lamb and the governors, and then finally having a classroom debate. The responses and arguments so far have been very interesting, and their are lots of mixed feelings in the classroom as to whether or not we should no longer have break time.

We’ve got a busy week coming up, with lots of play practices as well as our trip to Golden Woods on Friday.

Miss Turner

This week in English we have been reading a vast selection of observational poems to inspire our own work. We have been using lots of different techniques and language structures to write these. First they created their own poems about the seasons using personification based the ‘Sir Autumn’ by Grace Nichols. This week we have been looking at various pieces of art work to inspire our writing. We used the structure and features of a poem called ‘Don’t be Scared’ to write our own poems about the wonders of the sky. Here is the poem we wrote and edited as a class, highlighting the different features:

I would like to say a huge well done to everyone in Willow class for their incredible reading review projects that they have completed. I was astounded by the quality and the time and effort that had gone into these. I was also impressed by the variety of text types used to write about. Have a look for yourself and some of the exceptional examples:

Lots are now up on our #WeAreReading display.

This week I have also been passing over the ‘Story Tellers Cloak’ to the children in the class. I use this as a confidence booster for reading out loud in the classroom. The wearer of the cloak becomes the authors and the story teller and only they are allowed to speak. The children loved this idea when I bought it in for the first time on transfer day all the way back in July! I was amazed by how many wanted a go at wearing the cape to read our current class book ‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’. Here are our first two ‘Story Tellers’:

In maths over the last two weeks we have been focusing on multiplication and division and lots of them have been able to use their brilliant times tables knowledge to help them in this. I have reminded them that they all need to be regularly practising at home as this will help them in a variety of different areas in maths.

The play rehearsals are well under way now and I’ve been impressed by how well some of Willow’s budding actors and actresses already know their lines! Please encourage them to practise as much as possible at home as well as learning the words to the songs.

Today the school as a whole attended a Remembrance Day service at the church and marked the two minute silence at 11:00am. I would like to say well done to Millie-Rose and Sonny who both assisted the Vicar in the service, lighting the candles to remember the fallen.

“Lest We Forget”

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday.

Miss Turner


Welcome back, and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful half term. From all the stories in class it sounds like everyone was very busy!

We are now underway with our play practice ready for our Christmas Production at the beginning of December. The children will be finding out their parts of Monday and bringing home scripts. I know that lots of the class have already been very busy practising the song lyrics at home.

In English this week we have been looking at a variety of observation poems and their specific features. The children have then been writing their own poems about the different seasons using personfication and similies to bring them to life. I have been amazed by the high quality and vivid imagery that has been created in some of the children’s work.

In Maths we have moved on from statistics, and we are now busy learning about multiplication and division. This week we have spent time digging a little deeper into multiplication and all the different ways of working it out and representing it so that they all have a concrete understanding. The class were all given a calculation and an A3 piece of paper and asked to represent the calculation in four different ways. This is a great activity to get them to really think carefully about the process of multiplication. Here are some of our mathematicians at work:

In science this week, we have been looking at irreversible chemical changes and the products made from different chemicals being heated up. I carried out an experiment that the children observed looking at what happens when a mixture of sodium hydrogen carbonate and icing sugar is heated. The carbon dioxide released when sodium hydrogen carbonate is heated causes an intense pressure and causes the icing sugar to caramalise and create ‘snakes’.

We then had a brilliant whole class discussion about what might happen if we altered different elements of the experiment. For example changing the size of the bowl and changing the quantity of alcohol added to the sand acting as a fuel for the fire. The class were able to use their understanding of chemical reactions to help them hypothesise.

I look forward to seeing and reading all the wonderful book reports on Monday.

Miss Turner

Willow Class

Notices and Reminders

The date for the class trip to Golden Woods has now moved to the 24th of November. More details will be published nearer the time. 

The book review project is due on the 6th of November.


Take a look at what we have been up to:


It has been a very busy last week of half term! I would like to say a huge congratulations to Willow class for their incredible performance at the school’s Harvest Festival with our song ‘Let It Grow’. I have since had lots of lovely comments from teachers and parents saying how wonderful it was. I would like to thank all those at home that helped their children learn the words! During the day on Thursday the children were all very lucky to be able to go and spend time cooking with some of the parents. The harvest festival feast after school was delicious (especially the carrot and courgette cakes – well done Willow Chefs!) I would also like to thank all those parents that were able to make parents evenings. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to meet lots of you for the first time and discuss your child’s successes so far this year.

In maths this week, we have been focusing on reading and answering questions about line graphs and different styles of tables. The class has been able to use their strong place value knowledge to help them work out and solve difficult multi-step questions as well as being able to really understand the different components of both line graphs and tables. In English we have been learning about Charles Dickens. On Monday we watch a video biography during which the class had to write down their own notes about what they felt was the important information. During the week we have then used this information in a variety of ways. We create a chronological time line, a non-chronologcal report in the format of a leaflet and on Thursday they class used their understanding of Charles Dickens to write a script imagining that they were interviewing Charles Dickens. Here are some of the photo’s of our budding actors and actresses acting out their interviews:

In science this week, we have been investigating reversible and irreversible changes and understanding the difference. Today in our science lesson we were looking at what happens when you light the gases released after calcium carbide is added to water.

The flammable gas (acetylene) once lit, lets of a very bright yellow flame. The class then carried out an experiment investigating the surface tension of milk. First, they had to carefully add droplets of different coloured food dye to the milk. The dye sits on tip of the milk due to the surface tension. Here are some photographs to show you:

The next step is when the magic happens! Carefully, using either a cotton bud, cocktail stick or other thin tipped object, you have to carefully dip it into washing up liquid and place it into the plate of milk. The reactions from the children when they carried out this step were brilliant and you can see why:

The washing up liquid destroys the surface tension causing the dye to spread at a rapid speed.

I hope you all have a wonderful and most importantly restful half term break, and look forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday.


Harvest Festival song lyrics 


Autumn Term Newsletter 


Autumn Term Timetable

Home learning resources:

Year 3 and 4 word list

Year 5 and 6 word list

Reading Comprehension Questions  –  Attached is a copy of comprehension questions leading you through the different reading strategies that we will be focusing on in class.