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Horse Chestnut 1st-

Next week’s learning:

Maths – position and direction
English – Writing our narratives


This week we have been exploring coordinates. We looked at plotting them and looked at creating 2D shapes. 

Ancient Egyptian Day:

This week, we had our Egyptian day! We had lots of fun creating Tutenkhamun’s stuffed peppers and mummy jam tarts. We also printed on to our tie dyed fabrics. 


This week we explored the digestive system. We looked at the journey of food from the top all the way to the bottom! We explored the jobs of the digestive system and created a model using a banana, water and vinegar! We mashed the banana with a masher to represent the teeth chewing the food. Then we used some water to act as the saliva. We poured the mixture into a zip log bag representing the stomach. We added vinegar as the stomach acid and mashed this up further. We then poured into some tights, acting as the intestines!