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Horse Chestnut Class

Next week’s learning:

English – We will be writing our suspense piece before moving onto Non-chronological Reports.

Maths- We are looking at hundredths as decimals and putting them in a place value chart. 

Big question-


In English, we have been looking at the final elements to create a good piece suspense writing. We looked at direct speech and reminded ourselves of the rules. We also created our own giant and thought about what their obsession was. We also considered what would motivate our giants to do the bad things. We took inspiration from villains we’ve seen in movies. 



We began our new topic on decimals, focusing on tenths. We looked at them as a fraction, using base 10, bar models and number lines to support. We then moved onto looking at tenths as decimals. We found that we were technically dividing the numerator by 10. So, 7 tenths as a decimal is 0.7. This prepares us for our learning next week looking at hundredths.

Forest Schools:



Science Enrichment Day:

This week we had a wonderful day celebrating Science Enrichment day for British Science Week. It was all about connections. Children looked at finger prints with Mrs Marsden, egg parachutes with Mrs Bolton, mixing colours with Mr Noonan, seismometers with Miss Brill, ecosystems with myself, a yeast balloon experiment and elephant toothpaste with Mrs Millyard and sound with Mrs Kemp. The children had such a fun-packed day and it was great to experience these activists.