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 *We are currently in the process of moving over to a new website. This week’s class updates are coming soon- please bear us!  (6th November)

Welcome to Acorn class page!

Teacher: Mrs Marsden

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Beeton and Mrs Jackson

Notices & Reminders

You will find important information, reminders and upcoming dates in this section.

  • P.E is on Tuesdays. Please can your child come to school in their P.E kit on this day.
  • Show & Tell this week- Maisie,  George,  Jack, Teddy & Harper.

We are learning this week….

Phonics- We will moving onto Phase 3 and beginning this Phase by learning the sounds j, v, w and x. We will be learning to recognise these sounds using Jolly Phonics sound and actions and reading words containing these sounds.

Literacy- This week we are going to focus on segmenting to spell. We will be using our phoneme fingers to break down the sounds in a word and then match to the letter shape to spell.

Maths- This week’s focus will be learning to recognise, represent and compare the numbers 1,2 and 3. We will be using a variety of different compositions of these numbers and sorting and organising them into groups.

Topic- This term’s topic is  ‘Let’s Celebrate’. This week we will learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. We will watch a firework video and role play going to a Bonfire Night. We will make firework pictures using a variety of different materials and colours.

Autumn 1

Here are some pictures from our first half term in Acorn Class:

w/b 19th October:

We started our week going on a Autumn walk around the school grounds. We talked about signs of Autumn and then went searching around the school field and in the forest school area! We collected leaves, conkers and acorns in our bags that we found interesting- we are planning to use these later in the week for an Art project. We found bare trees, berries, mushrooms and even a hedgehog house. We were a bit disappointed not to see a squirrel especially as we usually spot one in our outside area every day- we are keeping our eyes peeled for the rest of the week!

Later on this week, we used our collections from our Autumn walk to make some hedgehog pictures. We selected the leaves that looked the most prickly and glued them onto the hedgehog template.

w/b 12th October:

Acorn class have been learning about All Saints’ Learning Behaviours and this week’s theme was ‘Creativity’. We read the story of ‘Stanley’s Stick’ by John Hegley about a little boy who uses his imagination to play with a stick. It inspired the Acorns to think of ways to use sticks and here are some of the ideas they came up with…..

In Literacy, we have been using our phonic knowledge to blend! We have been blending machines and practising all day every day!! One of the activities we did was we had to read Ziggy’s list of what he needed to pack for his holiday. We found the item, ticked it off the list and put it in the suitcase. Ziggy was very grateful for the help!

In Topic, we discussed our community. We looked at pictures of the village of Lawshall and also went on Google Street View to try and find some of the Acorns houses. Mrs M was very impressed by their directions!

We decided to make our own dream village. We had a variety of places in our village including a library, a pub, a race track, a theatre and a few Macdonalds!

w/b 5th October

In Maths, we are continuing to compare amounts so we thought we would use a very trusty resource at this time of year…. CONKERS! We went on a visit to the front of the school to the big Horse Chestnut tree and Mrs Marsden challenged us to see how many conkers we could collect in 2 minutes. We returned to the classroom and compared the different amounts we found.

We then played ‘1,2, 3 GRAB!’ and picked up a handful of conkers. We compared them with our team mates and decided who had ‘more’ or ‘fewer’.

It’s Harvest week at All Saints and in Acorn class we decided to bake some bread rolls. We mixed the ingredients, kneaded the dough and then moulded them into a hedgehog shape. We used scissors to make the prickles and raisins for the eyes.

We talked about harvest fruit and vegetables and described their shapes and patterns. We experimented with printing using the different vegetables.

We also enjoyed a Harvest theme collective worship led by Mrs Lamb via zoom. We were very excited we could see all the other classes and enjoyed the story of ‘Stone Soup’.

W/b 28th September:

This week in Literacy, we have been story tellers! We used the Pie Corbett actions to learn how to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs. We were particularly very good at the Big Bad Wolf!! This led to lots of imaginative play in our busy time including building houses to blow down and a theatre show!

In R.E, we read the story about how God created the world. We acted it up out using small world toys and this inspired more play during busy time.

In Topic, we talked about friendships! We talked about how to be a good friend and read the story ‘Have you filled your bucket?’. We decided to do acts of kindness and Mrs Marsden challenged us to see if we could fill up our friends buckets with kindness just like the story. If we do 50 acts of kindness we will get a class treat! We also made some friendship paper dolls.

w/b 21st September:

Our second week at big school has been just as busy as our first! In Maths, we have been showing off our sorting skills. We have sorted dinosaurs, counters, buttons, vehicles, number cards and dot patterns! We are sorting machines!!

We have been talking about our families this week in our Topic session. We drew some family portraits- look at how amazing they are!

In P.E, we were practising our ball rolling skills. We had to roll the ball into our opponents goal to score a point.

w/b 14th September:

Our first full week in Acorn class has been a busy one! Mrs Marsden is very proud of the Acorns for how well they have settled in and have taken on board all the new routines.

We enjoyed our first ever P.E session with Tom the P.E Coach. We listened carefully to the instructions and then enjoyed a variety of stations where different activities were set up.

Mrs Marsden invited us to join her Dough Gym. Membership cards were issued and we all got our own piece of special dough. We put the disco ball on and some dance tunes and off we went. Our dough disco moves are epic!!

We have been focusing on self portraits in Art and this week we had a go at making self portraits with natural resources. We used some fantastic creativity! Here a few from the class:

Finally, we have been enjoying the sunshine and spending lots of time in our outside area.

It’s been an exciting first few days in Acorn class with our transition visits. We have been enjoying exploring the new classroom and learning our class routines.

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