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Acorn Class 10th-14th July 2023

UTW- Pirates!

We have been learning all about pirates this week! We learnt how to talk like a pirate and learnt about some famous pirates from history. Our challenges this week were pirate themed. We practised our balancing skills by walking the plank and trying very hard not to get eaten by any sharks! We made our own pirate ships using the junk modelling. It was great to see how many of the Acorns are using their joining skills we have learnt over the year. We played a roll and cover pirate game where we had to roll the number and then cover it with a gold coin. We also exercised our fingers at the finger gym table by spooning gems into shells. We even made old paper by ripping the edges and painting it with tea bags!

Literacy- Pirates Love Underpants

On Wednesday we discovered a letter from the Pirates from the story of ‘Pirates Love Underpants’. They left us a treasure map to follow. We followed the map to find the clues which made a sentence. The sentence told us where the treasure was! We were so excited to discover a very big treasure chest full of real treasure. We enjoyed spending the morning exploring it! We decided to make some treasure maps for the pirates and planted some treasure for them to find-something they would really want…….UNDERPANTS!!! 

UTW- Floating and Sinking

The pirates had challenged us to test out their treasure to see if it would float or sink. We voted for each one using our whiteboards and then Mrs M put it in the tub of water to see what would happen.