Acorn Class 10th-14th October 2022


This week we have been continuing to practice our comparing skills by measuring objects by weight and mass. We introduced the Acorns to the balance scales and challenged them to find items around the classroom that was heavier and lighter than Mickey Mouse and Gilly the Giraffe! The Acorns understood that if the balance scales went down, it meant it was heavier. Later on in the week, we had a go at measuring mass by experimenting with the capacity of different containers. We learnt the vocabulary full, half full and empty and showed our understanding by pouring water into the different containers. It did get rather wet inside Acorn classroom that day! It has been great to see the Acorns exploring our maths learning independently during busy time too!


This week we have focused on colour mixing! We read a really fun story called ‘Mix It Up’ which explores what happens when we mix different colours. Mrs Marsden challenged the Acorns to explore what happens when they mix the colours yellow, red and blue. She wanted to see if she could make her favourite colour- purple! The Acorns each had a turn at mixing and exploring and we found that we could also make orange and green too! 


The Acorns have been exploring different ways to travel in our P.E session this week. We really enjoyed showing Tom, our sports coach have we can move around the field! We had to think about how to travel safely and navigate our way around without bumping into our friends.