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Acorn Class 12th-16th June 2023

UTW- Fossils

We continued our learning about dinosaurs this week and we asked the question how did we know what dinosaurs looked like? We learnt about the discovery of fossils and how scientists have learnt been able to work out what we think the dinosaurs looked like. We played a game where we matched fossils and skeletons to the dinosaur and then made our own fossils using salt dough. We rolled it into balls, flattened it with our hands and then pressed dinosaur skeletons into it to make a print.


This week was all about sharing! We learnt about how to group objects and to make sure that when we share, each group is equal. Mrs M thought the best way to practise our sharing skills was to use sweets- the Acorns took this very seriously! We shared it between 2 toys, 3 toys and 4 toys making sure it was equal each time! 

Forest Schools- Week 3

We had another sunny session at forest schools this week. We enjoyed making elderflower cordial and had a go at tie dying using beetroot and onion juice. We swung in the hammock and swing and climbed trees. Some of the Acorns worked together to make their own den and we spent lots of time drilling wood to make necklaces.