Acorn Class 12th-16th September 2022


In Maths this week, we have been learning about matching. We talked about what the ‘same’ means and how if we match two things together that are the same, it makes a pair. We matched buttons and animals first and then we tried matching towers. We had to select and built the tower exactly the same as the teachers! We even had to sort out poor Mrs Marsden’s washing basket, as all of her socks were mixed up. We enjoyed matching them into pairs! 


In our circle time, we talked about feelings and emotions. We went through some different feelings we might have and why we might feel this way. We discussed how when you are feeling a certain way, we show it through our body and face. We played a game of ‘Guess the Feeling’ by picking a card and acting out that emotion. Can you guess our feeling?

Topic- History

This week in Topic, we were talking about our history. We introduced the word ‘past’ to the Acorns and talked about in our past we were babies. We showed the Acorns their baby photos and had a fun game guessing who was who! We discussed how we had changed from then to now, the present. We ordered pictures of the stages of growth and linked our family members to different stages.