Acorn Class 13th-17th June 2022


This week has been all about doubling. We have been learning how double means ‘twice as many’ and have been doubling everything we possibly can from numicon, dinosaurs, pom poms and even children!! We have matched quantities to make doubles and made our own butterfly doubles through printing and pom pom matching. We have been really good at predicting what the double is before seeing it the other side! 

Rainbow Challenges

We have been setting the Acorns some independent challenges to have a go at over the week. If they manage to complete all 5 challenges by the end of the week, they get a reward. It has caused quite a stir in Acorn class and we have seen a lot of enthusiasm for the challenges set. We have been writing independent lists, answering take away number sentences, painting The Very Hungry Caterpillar, making bead bracelets and completing a obstacle course with a bean bag on our head! Well done Acorns! 

Theatre Performance

We were really lucky this week to watch a theatre performance through the Doorstep Festival organised by the Theatre Royal. The show was called ‘Party’ and was about a boy called Afonso who celebrated a party. The Acorns found it really interesting that there was no words in it, it was performed by mime and music. We found it very funny and absolutely loved the confetti canon at the end!