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Acorn Class 13th-17th March 2023


In Drawing Club this week, we decided not to look at a book but to watch a cartoon. It was a cartoon from the past- we talked about how we know it is different from cartoons we watch nowadays. We watched an episode of Pink Panther- the Acorns loved it! Our ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ vocabulary was comical, furious, oblivious and clumsy and we enjoyed putting the words to the actions in the cartoon. We each drew our own Pink Panther and wrote a description of him using the common exception word ‘he’. 

Topic- A visit from a motorbike AND a tractor!

On Tuesday, Walt’s daddy brought in his motorbike to show the Acorns. We had been learning about vehicles and so it was very exciting to see one in real life. We learnt about how to look after it and what we would have to wear to be safe. Walt’s daddy showed us how it turns on and we watched the lights and indicators work. Finally, Walt demonstrated how to make it go ‘vrooooommmm’- it made up jump!! 

On Thursday, Eddie’s Grandad brought in his tractor. The Acorns were amazed by the size of it! We asked lots of questions and learnt about how it works. We looked under the bonnet to see the engine and how it attachs machinery on the back. We then each had a go at sitting in the drivers seat. We loved it! 

Science Enrichment Day

To celebrate British Science Week, Acorn class took part in a science enrichment day with the rest of the school. We enjoyed taking part in lots of different science experiments and learnt how to predict and evaluate our findings!