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Acorn Class 15th-19th May 2023

UTW- Snails

We have been have been learning about snails this week. We focused on our class pets Turbo and Speedy who are Giant African Land Snails. We learnt about parts of a snail and what they like to eat. We then had a go at holding the snails- some Acorns were more keen than others and we ended up with some very slimy hands!! 

We also had some snail themed challenges this week. The most popular was the snail obstacle course. They had to put a weighted backpack on their back and travel like a snail over several obstacles!!! The Acorns found this VERY amusing!! 


We have been focusing on the storybook Supertato by Sue Hendra over the past few weeks. This week we had a go at hot seating and role playing characters. We played a game of ‘Phone a friend’ where the Acorns pretended to be different characters from the story. Mrs M called them all the phone and they had to describe what was happening. We then challenged the Acorns to work in teams to make freeze frames of their favourite parts of the story. They were amazing!!! 

We then had a rather unexpected surprise one morning- Supertato had managed to trap 3 Evil Peas but there was still one on the loose! We made traps for them and scouted the school to see if we could spot them. We even made wanted signs to let the rest of the school know who they were looking for! Finally we managed to find the final Evil Pea and put them safely back in the freezer where they belong- phew!!