Acorn Class 16th-20th May 2022

Forest School

The sun shined for us this week at Forest School- it was beautiful! We started our session wearing blind folds and listening to the sounds around us. We heard birds, the wind and the trees. It was very peaceful! We shared what we had heard in the log circle and then headed off to explore the activities set out by Holly. We enjoyed climbing the rope ladder and swinging on the hammock. We made our own tie dye using beetroot juice. We used the drills to drill holes into shells and wood slices and then made our own necklaces with them. We hammered nails into the logs and we explored nests and minibeasts. 


We were inspired by the artwork of Guiseppe Arcimboldo and decided to make our own portraits using fruit and vegetables. We thought about which vegetables and fruit matched the shape of our facial features and then placed them in a way to represent the face. We found this activity very funny!! 

Topic- Dinosaurs!

We made a exciting discovery this week- a dinosaur egg had appeared in Acorn class! We followed the instructions left in a card to keep the egg in water and we have kept watch all week. We wrote predictions of what we thought was in the egg. We learnt about what makes a dinosaur and how we know that dinosaurs existed. We read dinosaur information books and played with dinosaur small world. Our finger gym challenge was to rescue the poor dinosaurs from the elastic bands! We were so excited when the egg finally hatched. We researched what kind of dinosaur it was and let’s just say, the adults in Acorn class were rather relieved it is a herbivore, not a carnivore! 

We learnt about Mary Anning, a very famous fossil hunter who discovered the first complete fossil of Ichthyosaurus! We decided to be Palaeontologists and went searching for dinosaur bones. We put them together, deciding what each part was. We mixed up our own salt dough and then made our own fossils.