Acorn Class 17th-20th October 2022

Topic- Our Autumn Walk

We have been learning all about the change of seasons this week and focusing on Autumn. We discussed what changes we can see to know it is Autumn and learnt about what animals do during this season. We were so excited to go and spot signs of Autumn around the school grounds. We put on our welly boots, loaded ourselves with clipboards, checklists and pencils and went searching for Autumn items around the school field. We found a bare tree, yellow leaves, orange leaves, brown leaves, berries and lots and lots of conkers! We were a little disappointed we didn’t find a squirrel but agreed we probably were a little too noisy! 


This week’s maths focus has been repeating patterns. We used Autumn objects we had collected on our Autumn walk to create our own ABAB repeating patterns. We even challenged ourselves to make trickier patterns by adding extra objects. 

Baking Bread

Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on the story of the Little Red Hen. We have been learning how to retell the story using the story maps we made and have been writing lists this week of the ingredients and tools we would need to make our own bread. We decided to make some hedgehog shaped bread rolls. We worked in teams to mix the ingredients in a bowl, create a dough, knead the dough and shape the dough into hedgehog shaped. We used scissors to snip the dough and make prickles and used raisins for the eyes. The classroom smelt amazing as they baked and we were very, very excited to taste them at the end of the day!