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Acorn Class 18th-21st April 2023


This week we have been learning about growing and plants. We talked about the different parts of a plant and learnt some new words including root, shoot, stem and petal. We talked about what things a plant needs to grow. We watched a time lapse video of a bean growing from seed to beanstalk. We were mesmerised looking at the roots and shoots getting bigger and bigger! Mrs Marsden demonstrated how to plant a bean seed and then we each ha a go at planting our own. We are going to observe over the next few weeks to see how big our beanstalks will grow. 


Our P.E focus for this half term is ball skills. This week, we focused on rolling balls around obstacles. We had to use our hands to roll the ball around the cone, keeping it controlled and close to our bodies.

EAD- Art

In Art this week, we learnt about natural collages. We decided to make a sunflower as we had been learning about parts of a flower. We used sunflower seeds, lentils and pasta shapes. We painted a flower shape with PVA glue and then poured the seeds, lentils and pasta onto the parts we wanted. It really tested our pouring, gluing and creative skills but we were very pleased with the end result.