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Acorn Class 19th-23rd June 2023

Seed to Tree- Walk to Golden Wood

This week was Acorn’s first part of All Saints Seed to Tree Programme. We were introduced to the history of Golden Wood and it’s importance to the village of Lawshall by Elizabeth, the Seed to Tree leader. We then took a walk through the village to Golden Wood. We saw the yew tree that was planted 30 years ago and planted by a visitor from Papua New Guinea. We walked around the woods and saw lots of different trees, flowers and butterflies. We stopped a few times on the way for a snack and a visit to the special wooden hut. We really loved running up and down the hill! We made it back to school in time for lunch- what a wonderful morning! 

Forest School

This week was our last forest school session. We played a game with Holly to see if we could hear the sound of a pebble, leaf, feather and speck of dust. We then went off to explore and discovered lots of amazing things to do. We had a rope ladder, a tight rope, sawing, hammering, leaf printing, clay moulding and of course, our favourite- tree climbing!!

Theatre Visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from a touring theatre group this week as part of the Theatre Royal’s Doorstep Festival. The performance was a mixture of puppetry, music and dance called The Tap Dancing Mermaid. Acorn class loved it and was completely enthralled! We particularly liked the funny lampshade puppet and being able to explore the conch shells. We had a discussion when we returned to the classroom about what we enjoyed and the characters in the story.