Acorn Class 19th-23rd September 2022

Recycling Week!

This week, we have been celebrating recycling week! Acorn class read a story called the Messy Magpie which told the story about a magpie who liked to collect litter but by doing so made his environment messy and littered. We talked about the effect of this on animals and their homes and decided we want to be better at picking up litter. The Acorns were challenged to be on the look out for litter and make our own environment litter free. 

This then led to us thinking about what we could do with litter. We learnt about recycling and what happens to recyclable materials. Acorn class were very keen to tell Mrs Marsden all about Rocky the Recycle Pup from Paw Patrol. We decided to this like Rocky and help Mrs M with her recycling. We sorted it into plastic, metals, paper and cardboard. It was super to see such good team work! 


In Maths this week, we have been moving on from matching to sorting! We have been sorting champions from sorting socks, animals, dinosaurs, vehicles and bears! We talked about different ways to sort. We sorted by colour, size and type. 

Junk Modelling

After learning about recycling, this led to how we could reuse the items that we would usually throw away. We put lots of junk modelling out on the creative table and the Acorns have been using their creativity to make their own models. It has been very popular! 

We then made our very own Recycle Robots using items we found in the creative area- they looked great!