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Acorn Class 20th- 24th February 2023

Acorn Pancake Cafe!

On Tuesday,  we learnt about pancake day and opened up our very own Acorn Pancake Cafe. We wrote down our orders for the pancake cafe and then took it in turns to make our friends pancake order. We then served it at the ‘eating table’ using our knives and forks. Yum, yum, yum! We finished the morning with a pancake flipping competition- Mrs Marsden was definitely the winner!! 

UTW- Space and the planets

Our theme this week was Space. We were really excited to discover our new role play area- a Space Station complete with our very own Space rocket. The Acorns have loved acting out space missions. We decided we wanted to learn more about the planets. We talked about how many planets there are in the Solar system and what else can be found there. We used an information book to help us put our very own inflatable planets in order from the sun, looking at their size and colours to help us. We then added the planets to our role play area. 

EAD- DT Slot Joins

We have really been enjoying learning different joins that we can use in our creative area. This week, we learnt how to make a slot join and talked about when we could use this join. Mrs Marsden demonstrated how to make one using cardboard, scissors and a pencil and then we challenged the Acorns all to have a go themselves. They showed really great stickability as it was quite tricky to cut the cardboard but all managed to make their own slot join. Some used two pieces of cardboard and some wanted to experiment with more!