Acorn Class 20th- 24th June 2022

Nepal Enrichment Day

We took part in a whole school enrichment day on Tuesday celebrating the country of Nepal. We were so excited to visit all the different classes and see the other teachers. We made the flag of Nepal and learnt some Nepalese language. We learnt about Mount Everest and had a competition to build our own mountain! We learnt about Kikar Tuhar which is a Nepalese festival celebrating dogs. We made flower garlands for our toy dogs and went on a parade. We also learnt a Nepalese folk dance and tried out Nepal’s national sport- volleyball! Lastly we tasted some traditional Nepalese food – Dah, rice, curry and some Nepalese dumplings momos. What a day! 


In Maths, we have been learning about halving and sharing. We have been learning how half means2 2 equal parts and we have been sharing groups of objects into sets, making sure they were equal each time. 


In Topic, we have been learning about bees! We have learnt lots of facts about bees which we then wrote about in our Literacy lessons. We did a science experiment to learn about pollination. We pretended we were bees and went around each flower to collect the pollen- we saw how the bees help the flowers grow by transporting the pollen! We even did the waggle dance to let other bees know where the nectar was!! We made our own bee hive by drawing bees and using bubble wrap to print onto hexagon shapes. We even made playdough bees and had a go with the beebots.