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Acorn Class 20th-24th March 2023

UTW-London Landmarks

Our topic lesson this week was learning all about our capital city of London. We read a story about a cat who visits the Queen and all the places he visits along the way in London. We looked at a map and found where the landmarks are. We talked about the London tube and other modes of transport in London. We challenged the Acorns to pick a landmark to build or paint- putting their creativity to the test. All the Acorns took on the task in different ways and it was great to see so much variety! 

Art- Water colour mixing

This week in Art we used the water colour paints. We learnt how to use them by dipping our paint brushes into the water (very important just to dip!) and then brush over the paint. We recapped our knowledge on primary colours and secondary colours. Mrs M explained that we wanted to create a sunset picture of the London skyline. We looked at some pictures of sunsets and talked about the colours we would need to use to create the effect we want. We then had a go at painting the sunsets ourselves- some choosing red and blue and some choosing red and yellow. They looked great! 


This week we have been learning all about 3D shapes. We learnt their names and talked about their properties. We experimented with how they roll and stack and found real life objects that match these shapes. We investigated the faces of the 3D shapes by printing them into playdough.