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Acorn Class 22nd- 25th May 2023

EAD- Monoprinting

We experimented with monoprinting this week. We painted onto foil and then used our fingers and cotton buds to draw a bee. We had practised our bee drawings using a step by step guide on our whiteboards beforehand. We then placed the paper over the top and pressed down to print the image onto the paper. We were really pleased with the results! 

EAD- Music

This term in our music sessions, we learnt a song called Big Bear Funk. We learnt the lyrics and the actions and then practised a part where we had to copy the claps. Finally we had a go at using the glockenspiels to part of the song. We took turns to perform each part. 

Forest Schools

This week was our first every forest school session. We were so excited! We met our forest school leader Holly and then sat in a circle to learn the roles and share our animal names. We then got to explore. There was so much to do- we swung on the hammock swing, walked the tight rope, went minibeast hunting, moulded clay, pond dipped, made a mud slide and climbed a tree. We even made lemonade from scratch and enjoyed drinking it in the sunshine. What a afternoon!