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Acorn Class 23rd-27th January 2023

EAD- Music

This week we were focusing on listening to and copying rhythms. We read the story ‘Tanka,Tanka, Skunk’ which is a fun book all about clapping out rhythm’s to animal names. This led to us exploring our own names and clapping to the syllables. We then explored our classroom musical instruments. We enjoyed listening to Mrs Marsden’s rhythms using the instruments and then we took turns to copy them. We managed to get up to 4 instruments at a time!!  


We had another week of Drawing club due to the popularity of it last week! This week, our story was ‘The Odd Egg’ by Emily Gravett. We practised 4 ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ vocabulary words and learnt the means. Our words were cherish, emerge, incubate and demolish. We then read the story however Mrs Marsden stopped just before the end. This led to lots of intrigue…..what is in the odd egg!?! We drew pictures and wrote a sentence of our predictions, remembering to use full stops at the end. 

We were so excited to discover our own real live odd egg and kept watch over it for several days. Finally the egg cracked and inside was….. a baby crocodile! We were so excited! We then drew pictures of a new home for the crocodile and wrote a description of our designs.

RSPB's Big Schools Birdwatch Enrichment Morning

On Friday morning, we learnt all about birds! We looked at pictures of birds that we may see on our birdwatch and discussed what they looked like. We listened to different bird calls too. We then worked as teams to make nests on the field- we had to think about structure and comfort for our bird friends. We then did a carousel of activities where we went bird watching around the school grounds, made our very own bird masks and then made some yummy bird feeders for our outside area.