Acorn Class 26th-30th September 2022


We have been learning about All Saints School Learning Behaviours. This week we focused on co-operation. We talked about what this means and how we can show this learning behaviour. We acted out some scenarios and decided what was the best thing to do. We focused on sharing and listening to one another and how to be a good team player. We decided to test out our co-operating skills by building a puzzle as a class. Each Acorn had their own puzzle piece and we worked together to build the puzzle. The Acorns impressed Mrs M by waiting their turns, helping each other spot when their piece was needed and cheering on their friends. We were very pleased with ourselves when we had completed the puzzle! 


This week, we have been learning about body parts. We sang a song called The Head to Toe Chant by Eric Carle. We really enjoyed being all the different animals shaking our different body parts. We talked about a few body parts we were not sure of and talked about why they are important. Did you know we have 78 body parts? We then drew around each other and worked in our team groups to match flashcards to the different body part. We ended our lesson with an epic game of ‘Simon Says’- the Acorns are VERY good at this game! 


We have been focusing on initial sounds this week in our Literacy lessons. We talked about how the initial sound is the first sound we hear when we say a word. We practised with our names and then played a game sorting objects from Mrs M’s magic bag to match with their corresponding phoneme. It was such a popular activity it continued into busy time with lots of the Acorns taking on the role of teacher!