Acorn Class 2nd-9th September 2022

First Day in Acorn class!

We spent our first full day in Acorn class on Friday. We enjoyed exploring our new classroom and all the new exciting resources we have to play and learn with. We played games to introduce each other and learned about our class rules, team groups and carpet spaces. We even experienced our first lunchtime in the school hall and our first school assembly. What superstars you are Acorns! 

Our first P.E lesson

We were a little nervous for our first P.E lesson but we soon realised that actually P.E is a lot of fun! This week we focused on balance and control so we tested this out by balancing a beanbag on our head and travelling around the field in different ways. The Acorns found this incredibly amusing and we had lots of fun! 

Our Self Portraits

We have been talking about how we are all different and unique inside and out. We looked at the mirror and talked about what we could see in our reflection. We then drew a picture of our face and painted it in, focusing on matching the colour tones. Look at our fantastic self portraits!