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Acorn Class 30th Jan- 3rd Feb 2023


In Maths, we have been learning about making pairs. We know that a pair is a set of two and have played lots of games like snap and make a match to help us put things into pairs. We then gave the Acorns a set of objects and challenged them to put them into pairs. We explored which numbers can be put in pairs and which numbers leave us with a odd one out. 


We have been learning about how to use finger spaces in our writing this week. We made our own finger spacers and then during our Drawing Club sessions we used them to help us remember our spaces in between our words. Our Drawing Club focus book was ‘Bringing the Rain to Kapati Plain’ and we concentrated on a character from the story- the eagle. We thought about the details a eagle would have and drew our own. We then wrote a sentence to describe it complete with full stop and finger spaces!! 

Caribbean Enrichment Day

On Friday, we joined the whole school to take part in a Caribbean enrichment day. We split into groups which included our friends in the other classes and worked our way around the school to take part in a variety of activities. We learnt about the languages used in the Caribbean Islands and played flag bingo! We learnt a Caribbean song and dance and we learnt about the sea creatures found in the Caribbean and how important it is to take care of them. We learnt about Caribbean Carnivals and made a neck piece as part of a carnival costume. We tasted some fruits from the Caribbean such as papaya and dragonfruit and we made some special coconut treats to enjoy. 

Such a fantastic day and the Acorns were buzzing to get back to Acorn classroom to tell us all about their adventures!