Acorn Class 31st October-4th November 2022

Understanding of the World

This week, we have been learning about Bonfire Night. We learnt about the story of Guy Fawkes and used the ‘Remember, remember’ rhyme to help us remember the date. We talked about how this happened in the past and the traditions we have when we celebrate it every year. We then watched a firework display and talked about the patterns and colours we saw. We made our own firework pictures by printing cardboard tubes, straws and cotton buds. We added the all important finishing touch….glitter!!! It was messy but worth it! 


Our new R.E question is ‘Why do Christians perform nativities at Christmas?’. In our first lesson for this new question, we engaged with the idea of recognising someone by what they do. We talked about the importance that it is not how they look but what they say and do that is important. We played charades with ‘people who help us’ characters. In pairs, the Acorns decided who they would be and then acted their job role out for the rest of us to guess. Mrs M was very impressed with the Acorns acting skills! 

Bee Enrichment Day

On Friday, the whole school took part in a enrichment day all about bees. The children took part in 7 different activities throughout the day led by all the teachers. What a day! We learnt about why bees are important and Mr Noonan dressed up in a bee keeping suit whilst Mrs Millyard explained what bee keepers do. We then made bottle bees, felt bees, baked honey flapjacks, learnt about what we need to do to look after the bees, learnt the waggle dance and created a bee hotel in our gardening area. In Mrs Marsden’s activity, we read the story book called ‘Omar, the bees and me’ which gave us an idea to make seed envelopes to deliver to our friends and family to create our own All Saints bee corridor. We finished the session enjoying some rather yummy honey cake taken from the recipe in the story. 

What a day! We were very proud of all the children! Please look at each class page to see the different activities. Here is some from Mrs Marsdens below: