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Acorn Class 3rd-7th July 2023

EAD- Split Pin Join

This week we have been learning another way to join. We recapped all the different joins and attachments we have learnt over the year and then Mrs M introduced the split pin join. Mrs M demonstrated how to use a hole punch to make the hole, match up the holes and then put the split pin in. The Acorns watched carefully and then had a go themselves. We made eggs hatching and then afterwards, we drew pictures of animals that lived in our eggs. The Acorns really enjoyed this task and loved opening up their eggs! 


This week’s drawing club was based on the book Tiddler. We learnt some new vocabulary to put on our vocabulary wall and then spotted them in as we shared the story. After listening to the story, we discussed in pairs what adventures Tiddler went on. We imagined we were Tiddler and role played what we would say to our friends when we finally returned from our adventure. We drew Tiddler and then wrote our own speech bubbles of Tiddler telling his friends who he saw! We remembered to use our Super Writer’s Toolkit to remind us to include capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

UTW- Under the Sea

This week’s theme has been creatures that live under the sea. We have absolutely loved this and have been reading lots of non-fiction books to find out facts about different sea creatures. We watched live cameras of an aquarium and enjoyed spotting the sea animals, particularly the sharks. We sorted animals by habitats and talked about the different oceans around the world. We played a game of ‘Guess Who?’ where the Acorns had to listen to clues about a sea creature and then guess what it is. We were very good at it and decided to make our own version of the game by writing clues and reading them to the rest of the class to guess what sea creature we were talking about.