Acorn Class 3rd-7th October 2022


This week, we have been comparing objects by length and height. We talked about how to measure length by making sure we measure from the same place. We decided to compare the length of our footprints by drawing round them, cutting them out and then putting them in order according to their length. Some of the Acorns chose some interesting ways to draw around their feet!! 


This week in our Topic lesson, we have been learning about real life superheroes! We read the story ‘A Superhero like You’ by Dr Ranj and was inspired by all the different jobs we could do to help people. We discussed other jobs adults do in our community and how they help others. We linked this back to our history lesson about when we were a baby. We had learnt this was called the ‘past’. We then thought about the future and what we would like to do as a job when we grow up. We drew pictures of what we would like to be when we are older and even dressed up as some of them! 

Harvest Church Service

The Acorns were very excited to visit the church for the first time! We went with Oak class and Ash class for the Harvest Service. We met Reverend Lawson and his helper Pam. We sang Harvest themed songs and made a Harvest recipe. Some of the Acorns even volunteered themselves to help at the front!