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Acorn Class 4th-6th January 2023


This week we have been focused on practising our segmenting skills. We practised segmenting using our phoneme fingers and then matched the phonemes to the graphemes using our sound mats. Some of the Acorns chose to write the words and others chose to spell them using magnetic letters. This even inspired some segmenting practise in our busy time with a game of ‘What’s in the Jar?’. 


We have been subitising this week!! We played lots of games recognising dots patterns. One of our favourite games was this one. We took turns to roll the dice and put our cube on the corresponding number card. We tried to recognise the dice pattern and say the number without needing to count them. The game got harder as we kept rolling the dice but there wasn’t any cards of that number to cover! Lot’s of chanting was heard “Roll a six, Roll a six!”


The theme for this week was to learn about Winter. We compared winter to the other seasons and discussed what to look for when looking for signs of winter. We learnt about hibernation and migration too. We went for a walk around the school grounds to see if we could spot signs of winter. It was actually quite a warm day so we didn’t see any ice or frost but we did find berries, catkins and a holly. We studied the same tree we had looked at on our autumn walk last term and talked about the differences we can see now!