Acorn Class 4th-7th May 2021


We have been learning about speech bubbles this week. We continued to look at the story of Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann and decided to make our own speech bubbles for the characters in the book. We picked a page, discussed what was happening and wrote a speech bubble for the character using our phonic knowledge. This led to lots of enthusiasm to write more speech bubbles in busy time so we used some pictures of popular characters to help us. 


We have been looking at spatial reasoning this week in Maths and talking about matching and rotating shapes. We played a shape game of ‘Odd One Out’ and tried discussed which shape is different and why. We then made shape pictures using pattern cards. We had to think carefully about the shape to use and rotate it to match the picture. We also enjoyed the cuisinaire rods where Mrs Marsden challenged us to make a staircase using all the rods. It took a bit of patience and comparing  especially as they kept falling over! 

Forest Schools

This week in Forest Schools we made a fire! We lit the cotton wool with the 2 metal sticks and put it into the fire. We then toasted apples over the fire- yum! We also did a spot of tight roping and a lot of digging for treasure!