Acorn Class 4th – 8th July 2022


This week we learnt all about even and odd numbers. We practised our sharing skills from last week by placing sets of objects into pairs. If there was an odd one out, we learnt that this means it is a odd number. We had fun organising ourselves into pairs and working out if the number of the group went in the odd box or the even box. We used the numicon to help us work out which numbers were odd and could confidently sort and explain why we felt each number was either odd and even. 


In our topic lesson this week, we learnt about snails. We learnt some facts about snails by reading a information book together. We then used what we had learnt to study our class pets- two giant african land snails called Turbo and Speedy. We looked closely at their features and some of us even were brave enough to hold them! 


Our focus artist for this half term is Henri Matisse. We studied some of his earlier paintings and then discovered his later artwork .We learnt how he would cut shapes out and then stick them on top of each other for a collage effect. We looked at his artwork called ‘The Snail’ and had a great discussion of what we could see. We decided to make our own versions of Matisse’s ‘The Snail’. All the acorns were so focused- we were really impressed with our pieces of art we created!! .