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Acorn Class 5th-9th June 2023

Forest Schools - Week 2

In our second forest school session the sun shone for us. We built a campfire and learnt how to light it. It was hard work but we used stickability to light it and helped each other to do it. We whittled sticks and then used them to toast marshmallows and apple slices. We also took turns to swing in the hammock, did lots of drilling and investigated animal skeletons. Fun was had by all! 

Rainbow Challenges

Every week, the Acorns have to complete 5 colour challenges that are set out in the continuous provision. We encourage them to complete these challenges independently and we focus on them consolidating and practising learning and skills we have learnt previously. This week, we made dinosaur skeletons, made a list from our shake and see jars, made a tap tap art picture, counted out dinosaurs to match a numeral and practised our bean bag throwing skills. 

Topic- Discovering dinosaur eggs!

We discovered some dinosaur eggs in the tuff tray and wrote predictions of what dinosaur we think they could be. We examined the eggs to give us clues! Once we made our predictions, we decided to be scientists and got to work excavating them to find out what was inside. We soaked them and then used hammers, chisels and brushes to open them up. It was messy work! Once we had discovered the dinosaurs, we matched them to our fact cards to know what they were.