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Acorn Class 8th-12th July 2024

Next week, we are learning....

Literacy– Next week, we will be writing about our trip to the beach. We will be recounting what happened and writing about our best bits!

Maths– Next week, we will be focusing position and direction. We will be looking at maps and mazes and considering how to make a map ourselves using different resources.

Phonics– Next week, we will be completing our end of year Phonics assessments ready to pass on for the new school year.


Topic/UTW– Our theme this week will focusing on ‘The Beach’. We will be linking this to our class trip to the beach last week and taking part in a variety of seaside themed activities. 

This week, we have been learning....

Rainbow Challenges

This week, our rainbow challenges have been linked to the theme of pirates. We had a selection of activities to do involving walking the plank, counting treasure, writing words in a treasure chest and building our own pirate ships. 

Literacy- Pirate Adventures

We discovered a letter and a treasure map with clues that led us around the classroom. We finally found some real life treasure, a book called ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ and a letter from the Pirates of the Black Bloomer challenging us to leave them some treasure and make treasure maps of our own. Obviously their favourite treasure would be underpants so we decided to hide some in the classroom. The Acorns were then tasked with making our own treasure maps, writing clues, drawing pictures and even making the paper look old and tatty! We were very proud of them and put them in the treasure chest so that the pirates would be able to find them.

Forest School

We were lucky enough to have an extra forest school session this week. We enjoyed drilling, whittling, swinging on the hammock, mud pie making, fruit juice making and diving down the mud slide!! 

Our Class Trip to the Beach

On Thursday, we went to Walton on the Naze with Oak and Ash class for a day at the beach! We had such a great time digging, finding shells, building sand castles and paddling in the sea. We also enjoyed a picnic lunch and some yummy ice lollies too! Well done Acorns- you were amazing!