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Acorn Class 8th-12th May 2023

EAD- Loose Parts Minibeasts

The Acorns were challenged with using the natural loose parts to create their own minibeast pictures. They had to think about shapes and sizes and where to put each part. We were so impressed with the creativity used for this challenge- some really imaginative minibeasts! 

DT- Scissor Skills

Over the year we have been learning different joins that can help us enhance our creations in the creative area. This week we introduced the tab join. We demonstrated how to carefully cut the slots along the card and then fold them in alternative directions. The challenge was to get the card to stand up. The Acorns gave this a good go and was very successful- they remembered how to handle scissors safely and with control. 

UTW- Minibeasts

This week we have been learning about minibeasts. We have been learning about different types of minibeasts and how to identify them. We talked about the different habitats they live in and why they choose to live there. We went on a minibeast hunt in the outside area. We searched under logs, in webs, amongst plants and in the mud. We took care to handle them gently and talked about the importance of looking after living things.