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Acorn Class 9th-13th January 2023

UTW- The Ice Experiment

We have been learning about ice and snow so decided to be scientists this week. We were each given an ice cube. We talked about how to make a ice cube and how it has changed from water into ice. Mrs Marsden gave us a challenge to melt our ice cubes by the end of the afternoon. We all had different tactics. Some of us poured in hot water, some put it on the radiator and some put it outside. We lined them up every time someones ice cube melted. We discovered the quickest way to melt a ice cube is to put hot water on it.

UTW- The Polar Regions

We have been learning about the polar regions. We located them on our world map and talked about the climate in these areas of the world. We learned about the animals that live there and how not many people can live in these regions due to the extreme cold! We have had lots of themed activities in our provision to enjoy and it is been great to see the Acorns really show what they have learnt in their play. We had two small world areas- one for the Arctic and one for the Antarctic and the Acorns were very strict about the penguins staying in Antarctica!! 

EAD- Penguin Art

We made our very own penguins! We practised our scissor skills by drawing out a body and tummy shape and then cutting them out. We then added details like flippers, eyes and beak. We assembled using glue. 

The Acorns did this completely independently and were so enthusiastic about this task- Mrs Marsden was so proud of them.

Look at our amazing colony of penguins- all completely unique!