Acorn 16th – 20th November 2020


This week, we celebrated Diwali. We learnt about how it is celebrated and the traditions that are followed. We then made our very own salt dough diva lamps. We exercised our finger muscles by mixing, moulding and forming the dough into a bowl shape. We are looking forward to them drying out so we can then paint them and more importantly glitter them!! We learnt about mehndi patterns and rangoli patterns and decorated our hands using pictures for inspiration. We even tried out some Diwali sweets- yum yum yum!


Wow, we had a rather exciting adventure in Literacy this week. We discovered some footprints on the path and it led us to a clue. We had to use our rhyming skills to match the clue to an animal. We then found the animals hidden around the playground and finally it led us to the discovery of The Gruffalo story book! We were SO excited! We read the story on the carpet and found a letter from the Gruffalo. He explained he was a bit scared at the moment and was hiding from the Big Bad Mouse. He challenged us to write some labels of him as he had heard we were very good at writing labels! We set about the morning looking for clues, writing letters and labelling the Gruffalo. It was a busy day but when we reached the end, we found another letter leading us to the wendy house. Guess who was in there? The Gruffalo!! 




This week, we have been learning about finding one more than a given number. We used our toy buses to help us. We set up a bus route and stopped at the bus stops to add one more passenger. We counted each time to see what one more was.