Acorn 2nd-6th November 2020


This week, we learnt how to segment sounds to spell a word. Mrs Marsden introduced us to phoneme fingers and phoneme frames to help us. We had to talk a bit like a robot to break the sounds up and then match each sound with a letter to spell the word. We practised all week and have become really good at it- go team Acorn! 


Our new topic this half term is ‘Let’s Celebrate!’. We started out celebrating Bonfire night. We heard the story of the Gunpowder Plot and watched some videos of fireworks. We acted out the story using small world toys and made firework biscuits. We then made a bonfire collage and printed firework patterns using dish scourers and cardboard tubes! We had lots of fun! 



We have been comparing and finding different representations of numbers this week! We noticed that numbers can be found everywhere! We found dominoes, picture cards, numberblocks, numicon, dot patterns, dice and numicon. We even made our own picture cards for the number 3!