Acorn Class 13th-17th September 2021


This week we have been learning about matching. We have matched shapes, animals, buttons and even socks! We have talked about how matching means that they are the same. This can be by shape, size or colour. We set the Acorns a challenge to build a tower using the 3D shape. It had to match the grown-ups tower. The Acorns loved this- lots of concentration involved! 


Our focus this week has been our names! We have been going on name hunts, ordering our names, playing lots of name games and practising writing our names. Here we are making our own name trains. 


Our Topic this term is ‘Who Am I?’ and this week we have been focusing on ourselves. In Art, we decided to draw our own self-portraits. We focused on our facial features and talked about the shapes needed to draw our eyes, nose, mouth and hair. We used a mirror to help us as we drew.