Acorn Class 14th- 18th December 2020


On Monday, we celebrated Christingle. We learnt about the meaning of Christingle and what each part means. We watched a special live Christingle Service at Ely Cathedral- we were excited to see our school emblem on the artwork! We then made our own Christingles.

Our Christmas Pantomime!

We came into the classroom on Wednesday morning to a rather exciting set up. The classroom had turned into a theatre ready to watch our special virtual Christmas pantomime. We were so excited! We each took it in turns to collect our tickets and snacks and hand them in to the ticket office- Mrs Beeton enjoyed this role immensely! We then entered the darkened theatre to find our seats ready for the show to start. Acorn class loved watching the pantomime so much- we laughed and we danced and Mrs Marsden even did a magic tricky! 

Reindeer Dust

On Thursday, we recieved a letter from Father Christmas asking us for some help. He needed us to make some reindeer dust to help guide the reindeer to our houses on Christmas eve. Acorn class were definitely up for the task! We followed the instructions and remembered to make a wish as we shook our bags. We can’t wait to sprinkle them on Christmas eve! 

We're Going on a Baby Hunt

We decided to tell our nativity story a little differently this year….. we went on a baby hunt instead. We dressed up as the different characters from the story and we told the story for our families. Mrs Marsden filmed it and we sent it to our families to enjoy!  What superstars! 

Our Christmas Lunch

We pulled crackers, put on our Christmas hats and played Christmas music as we ate our lovely Christmas lunch in the classroom. What a fun day! 

Christmas Treasure Hunt

As we had completed the 50 acts of kindness challenge Mrs Marsden had set at the beginning of term, we had a special Christmas treasure hunt. We had to listen to the clues and guess what Christmas item it was referring too. We then had to go and find the picture and read the next clue. It ended with a very yummy surprise!! 

Father Christmas came to visit (virtually!)

A surprise video appeared on Mrs M’s laptop from…… FATHER CHRISTMAS! The Acorns were really surprised because he knew all about our Phonics and even knew what a digraph was! We were amazed! He had left us some presents in our Santa sack. Thank you!